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Who’s your favorite character in SpongeBob Squarepants? Probably, it’s the goofy and fun-loving main character, SpongeBob, or his equally quirky and interesting best friend, Patrick. 

For many reasons, Squidward isn’t the most well-loved character in the show. He seemingly hates everyone, just like the Grinch. 

More than that, his grumpy, old face isn’t an appealing sight. Growing up, I disliked Squidward; he sounded sarcastic and nihilistic— his aura screams lack of life. 

However, my fascination for his character grew as I aged. I haven’t stopped watching the show, especially since it’s also my little sister’s favorite cartoon. 

Handsome Squidward is exceptionally pivotal for his character. It’s pretty fascinating how Squidward got all the attention he craved from others. The storytelling unravels Squidward’s relatable side and SpongeBob’s maniacally violent tendencies. 

But the funny and goofy personalities and hilarious storylines aren’t the only things that make it such a hit among new and old generations. Fans love how memeable the show is. If you spend any time on social media, you have probably seen some of the most hilarious Handsome Squidward memes. 

If you’re interested in more details about Handsome Squidward, read on as I share a detailed plot summary. You’ll also get to learn some trivia facts and popular memes at the end of the blog. Warning: Spoilers Alert!

Bottom Line Up Front

Handsome Squidward is a fan-made term for Squidward’s look in an episode, “The Two Faces of Squidward.” It has been one of the most popular memes focusing on Squidward’s appearance rather than his grumpy and sarcastic attitude. 

The episode starts with SpongeBob and Patrick testing Squidward’s patience at Krusty Krab by constantly singing an off-key song. Consequently, Squidward rushed to open the kitchen door to deal with these idiots but instead, he got hit straight into the face by the door. This incident broke his face, and he had to get surgery. 

Squidward was bombarded with Bikini Bottom residents who were mesmerized by his personable appearance. His look attracted a huge crowd, which is surprising considering that Squidward isn’t really that popular because of his looks. 

He asked for help from SpongeBob, who tried to fix his face by smashing him against the door, but it made him prettier. But this didn’t last long because he got his old face back from crashing into a pillar.

Key Information

  • Name: Handsome Squidward
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Overnight Celebrity 
  • Residence: In Everyone’s Heart
  • Appearance: Season 5 Episode 9

What is the “Handsome Squidward”?

Handsome Squidward

Handsome Squidward is a version of Squidward who became unnaturally attractive because SpongeBob hit his face incessantly on the door.

However, he became more attractive, this time sexier, sporting a brown dress and a belt. This clip suddenly became a cult classic! Even non-SpongeBob fans have probably seen Handsome Squidward being remixed in a couple of memes. 

Squidward’s tripping/falling motion has become popular on YouTube. Many fans even cosplayed and impersonated his alter-ego. Because of its popularity, the meme is featured on Nickelodeon’s social media accounts. More than anything, Handsome Squidward even became a toy figure part of the Masterpiece Memes toy line.

Handsome Squidward Physical Appearance

Now let’s talk about the physical appearance of the most handsome Octopus in all seven seas; I never thought I would say that. When it comes to Handsome Squidward, there are two versions that I am going to address. The first one is the standard Handsome Squidward, formed after Squidward got face surgery to fix his broken face. 

This one is mainly categorized with a sharp jawline and wide, muscular cheeks. Other than that, most of the other features resemble the same as Ugly, oh sorry, normal Squidward. The second version of Handsome Squidward was made after his face was slammed multiple times with a metal door. 

This Squidward, as I like to call him, Handsome Squidward ultra pro max, is seen with an extra sharp jawline that can probably cut tomatoes at the Krusty Krab. Another feature of this form was an elegant double chin and small oval-shaped eyes. Squidward Ultra Pro Max also has a muscular body that can shame even Larry the Lobster. How can I forget that hairy stash on his chest?

Events The Lead Up To Squidward’s Handsome Face (a.k.a. Two Faces of Squidward)

While the famous Handsome Squidward meme is all over the internet, it’s equally necessary to remember how this famous cartoon icon became a phenomenon in the SpongeBob fan circuit and outside the fan base. Let’s recall the scenes in the “Two Faces of Squidward,” shall we? 

The Annoying Sounds That Somehow Lead To Handsome Squidward

Annoyed Squidward 

Inside the Krusty Krabs Restaurant, Patrick and Spongebob loudly chant, “Squidward had a Krabby Patty.” Squidward and some other customers looked annoyed and uncomfortable overhearing the loud sounds.

SpongeBob and Patrick seemed to be unbothered as they continued to chant merrily. On the other hand, Squidward is not delighted about the whole fiasco. I love how the scene pans to him as he breaks the fourth wall by saying his line, “Welcome to Krusty Krabs, where it’s almost as if the evolutionary clock ticks backward.”

His expression says it all; the usually angry, fun police Squidward peeks his head to the kitchen window while mustering all the strength to scold SpongeBob and Squidward.

Annoyed, Squidward Profusely Emphasizes Proper Work Etiquette  

Squidward sarcastically tells them to work at a fast food restaurant. SpongeBob seemingly agrees without thinking that he, indeed, works in a fast food restaurant which Patrick points out.

Who would have thought that a starfish had a brain? Clearly, not me. SpongeBob and Patrick were quite happy with the realization. Squidward warns SpongeBob to stop bringing neighbors to work. 

He further said one of the funniest lines, “Remind me to fire my therapist,” which had me let out an ugly laugh. Not to mention, Squidward’s humor is immaculate; soon, his face will be too.

Actual Service Industry Scenes Ensue 

Without skipping a beat, Patrick emphasizes that their relationship with SpongeBob is beyond just being neighbors. Annoyed, Squidward shouts and returns to a queue of customers waiting to be served. 

It’s funny how this scene can play out in real life—an angry and strict crew just shuts down all the fun you’re having while at work and gets back to the customers, all smiles, as if nothing happened.

Squidward Injured His Face when SpongeBob Unintentionally Slammed the Door 

SpongeBob and Patrick paid no heed to Squidward’s pleas; they continued to mock him merrily and chant the words “Krabby Patty” until Squidward could no longer take it. He’s about to enter the kitchen to scold the duo once more.

However, SpongeBob hit Squidward’s face when he was about to open the door. He can’t hide his hurt and annoyed expression despite covering the entirety of his face. Squidward screams loudly at SpongeBob, exclaiming that SpongeBob broke his face.

The Scene Cuts to the Hospital  

Worried SpongeBob walks back and forth while munching on inedible crew hats. As the emergency door opens, he hurriedly hugs the doctor while speaking in an anxious tone. The doctor tries to tell him the situation, yet he keeps interrupting the doctor every chance he gets. 

Deep down, his guilt was telling him that Squidward didn’t survive. He wasn’t letting the doctor say anything because he said he couldn’t bear the pain if it were sad news. Finally, the doctor tells him they’ll know the results and effectiveness of Squidward’s treatment in two weeks.

SpongeBob Keeps Visiting Squidward at the Hospital, Bringing Flowers and Treats 

Always so thoughtful and kind, he gives a blue flower to Patient Mabel, who suffers from amnesia. Squidward’s face could be seen covered in bandages, and when he heard SpongeBob’s voice, he started yelling. I didn’t understand what he was trying to say, but I am sure he doesn’t want SpongeBob anywhere near him. 

The doctor told SpongeBob that he couldn’t be here as Squidward made him swear to keep SpongeBob far away from him. But considering SpongeBob’s stubborn personality, he didn’t follow the doctor’s orders.

The Doctor tries to Remove Squidward’s Bandages, but… 

Doctor tries to Remove Squidward’s Bandages

The doctor slowly snips the bandages out of Squidward’s face, but SpongeBob stops the doctor and speaks indistinctly. Apparently, SpongeBob’s heart isn’t ready to take it. 

The following scenes made me believe he should have stayed out of Squidward’s room. This time, the doctor looks irritated, irked to a degree because of SpongeBob’s presence.

SpongeBob lets the doctor proceed, yet he seems alarmed that a “brain meter” is all wrong, so he wants to postpone the operation. The vexed doctor informs him, knowingly, that the monitor is just a TV for Squidward’s enjoyment. 

SpongeBob Continues To Interfere With The Doctor 

SpongeBob’s presence in this critical time is truly unhelpful—watching him butt heads with an expert while funny can be pretty irritating to watch. 

This time, he turns on the TV and watches a medical drama while the doctor tries to operate on Squidward. The doctor immediately shuts the TV and begins to remove the bandages, only to be interrupted by SpongeBob’s apology.

Squidward has an Angular Face 

Squidward has an Angular Face 

Finally, the doctor removes the bandages, and a light shines through his face. He looks pretty surprised with the results and faints upon seeing Squidward’s face. SpongeBob’s eyes dilate while seeing Squidward.

The nurse brings in Squidward’s medicine only to be welcomed by a “good-looking” Squidward. She dropped the tray she was holding, her eyes expanded, and out of excitement, she said “Mr. Handsome” instead of “Mr. Squidward.” But I am still seated and keenly waiting for the reveal. 

Still skeptical, Squidward asks SpongeBob to hand him the mirror. Now the reveal: a chiseled jawline, symmetrical cheekbones, and a visible chin combine to create a striking yet refined face. The best thing about this scene is when Squidward realizes he is now handsome.

But what resonated with his happiness was when SpongeBob added that he is not beautiful but a hunk. For the first time throughout this episode, SpongeBob’s comment made me happy, and I am going to forgive him for what he previously did to Squidward.

Every Bikini Bottom Resident Loves his New Look 

Everyone seems to notice how gorgeous he is; the crippled woman in the wheelchair starts walking to chase him. The blind can even see how good-looking he is! Every girl, guy, driver, salesman, granny, and everyone was amazed by his beauty. 

What made me happier about this scene was the massive smile on Squidward’s face, which we rarely see in this show. My guy was having his moment.

Miracles after miracles every time handsome Squidward passes. Ridiculous as it sounds, a woman even asked for his autograph written on her retainers. After the accident, Squidward became an instant VIP! He’s riding limousines and driving to places like an actual celebrity. 

A herd of people flocks the limousine when they arrive at his home. They were instantaneously screaming in delight to see Squidward—this is probably the first time I saw that everyone was delighted by his presence. Flashes of lights swarm Squidward as people take pictures of him before he enters his home.

People are Obsessively Swooning over Squidward 

Even at night, Bikini Bottom residents continued to swarm his place. They were screaming about how “handsome” he was throughout the night. The crowd even grew bigger in the morning. As he greeted everyone, they tried to grab him and tore his shirt. He was pretty shocked by such a weird reception. 

Squidward gets inside his house, forcing the door to close. He thinks of a novel way to show his appreciation and presence to the residents by playing the clarinet. An eager fan scaled and climbed his house using a rope just to get the clarinet. Unfortunately, the fan was also swarmed by the fanatics; they tore his shirt while grabbing the clarinet out of his hands.

Squidward Loves the Attention  

Handsome Squidward

Loving the attention, Squidward isn’t bothered by the stalking and swarming of residents. He prepares a bath for himself. However, another fan grabbed the bottle as he poured his bath soap. Of course, narcissistic Squidward loves how people treat him.

He even tells himself, “Well, no one ever said it’d be easy being so handsome, Squiddy. You’ll just start getting used to it.”—this statement is an admission that Squidward craves and loves attention. He is pleasant and carefree despite everyone breaking his boundaries and entering his private residence. 

Squidward Starts Feeling Bothered 

Over time he becomes bothered by the constant attention and boundary-breaking. He decides to hop out of his bathroom window and run to SpongeBob’s house. He cries that the experience is overwhelming and tells SpongeBob that he wants his old life back. SpongeBob comes up with an ingenious plan; they run away from the wave of residents and go straight to Krusty Krabs.

SpongeBob “Tries” to Fix Squidward’s Face  

Mr. Krabs asks Squidward what’s happening, but instead of being worried, he is ecstatic to see a herd of customers flocking through his restaurant.

Before Mr. Krabs opens the door, Squidward pleads with SpongeBob to hurt his face with the door. SpongeBob hesitates, saying that he can’t hurt Squidward on purpose. However, he slams the door on Squidward’s face several times—nothing seems to be happening.

Handsome Squidward Ultra Pro Max!

Handsome Squidward

After a couple of slams, Squidward’s face transformed into an even more handsome version of himself— he has perfect glowing skin, full lips, fantastic bone structure, and a well-sculpted ripped body. He looks sexy and flawless; he wears a brown unitard with a black belt to cinch his waist. 

With Short-Lived Handsomeness, Squidward Returns to his old OG Look 

SpongeBob thinks hard about how to fix the situation, but a shoe falls onto a hole in the roof and almost hits Squidward. SpongeBob pushed him away, so he tripped and hit a wooden column—this made Squidward’s face return to its original look.

Everybody was so disappointed to see this that they walked away from the restaurant. Mr. Krabs is also quite saddened as he lost all the customers and can’t make money from Squidward. That’s why he slammed Squidward’s face on the door, only to cause redness and bruising.

My Thoughts About The Episode

If I were to give this episode a general evaluation, I’d say it’s flawless and unforgettable. How can you disregard something that is frequently referenced in meme culture? I’ve personally seen a boatload of meme pages using that famously attractive Squidward’s face as a reference on social media.

But the aspect of this episode that I loved the most was its superb plot. More specifically, how it educated us that we are ideal in our current state. Furthermore, I had always envisioned myself as incredibly famous before viewing this episode.

Still, it completely altered my view of fame. Now, I consider fame to be a curse. Still, I could be incorrect because I am not renowned enough to have directly experienced it.

Jokes aside, I still feel Squidward was the victim throughout the episode, even though he received all the attention and had a lovely face, etc. He did nothing to deserve the slams on his face or the breach of his privacy, and the author undoubtedly mistreated him. It didn’t matter, though, because I still found most of these situations funny.

Who are the Characters in the Episode?

While the episode highlights Squidward as the main character, it also has several supporting and background characters that were never before seen in the show. This is among the episodes which showcase over 70 incidentals. Here’s a list of the characters in the episode: 

  • Squidward Tentacles / Handsome Squidward (debut, leading character)
  • Patrick Star (supporting character)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (supporting character)
  • Mr. Krabs (minor character)
  • Purple Teen Fish (debut, minor character)
  • Scallops and Clams (minor character)
  • Incidentals: Just like the episode “That’s not a Lady,” many incidentals were seen in this episode. Many Bikini Bottom residents swarmed Squidward’s house and followed him everywhere he went. Nurse Rechid (Incidental 49), Incidental 116, and Fred are among the most popular and reprised incidentals featured in the episode. 

It’s Time for Meme Review: Top Handsome Squidward Memes

SpongeBob SquarePants and memes definitely go hand in hand. The most popular memes I’ve seen before were SpongeBob’s back cracking or him gesturing his famous hand wave while saying, “imagination.”

It’s no surprise that the show is heavily ingrained in pop culture. And Squidward’s no exception; his debut as Handsome Squidward has definitely produced tons of memes and YouTube video remixes over the years. Here are some of my top picks:

Source: https://www.memedroid.com/memes/tag/handsome+squidward

There are several iterations of this meme—but as a SpongeBob fanatic, this is my favorite. I had a few laughs looking at this meme. It’s extremely funny because both pictures are just Squidward’s face, so how are you different from her crush, then? Well, maybe most girls like angular faces. I don’t know. Maybe send it to your SO and ask her instead. 

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/memes/comments/rtnpsc/the_rock_handsome_squidward/

The Rock is among the comedians/actors I love. He has a unique sense of humor, and having him compared to the nihilistic Handsome Squidward just hits my funny bone. I’m pretty sure you also had a few chuckles just watching the uncanny resemblance between The Rock and Handsome Squidward.

Source: https://imgflip.com/tag/handsome+squidward?sort=top-2020&page=2

For over four seasons, never did I expect to see Squidward as a gorgeous and sexy character. Not until the Two Faces of Squidward. I rate this 2012 out of 10. This meme was viral ten years ago. I found this meme funny before, but it’s been an overrated meme formula that Handsome Squidward won’t be impressed with anymore.

Source: https://funvizeo.com/media/images/bbLfBIux4egCIEu.ab4xUA2pzMdk72TwWnD1m_jX3rXw,EF.jpg

Do you ever look in the mirror and tell yourself you look fantastic? Well, don’t deny it; I’m sure you do. That’s why I chose this meme as my top favorite for Handsome Squidward. It’s undeniably relatable, and it happens to the best of us! Overall score, 5/10. The meme might be too generic, but it speaks the truth!

Source: https://memezila.com/1/Handsome-Squidward-Falling-Memes-11105

Before owning Bluetooth headphones, my earphone wires get tangled everywhere imaginable. Seeing this just brings back the moments where I struggle too. Squidward’s expression is simply something I’d imagine would also happen to me. For the dramatic effect, I give this an 8/10.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/memes/comments/kdh3oh/handsome_squidward_good/v

KonMari is a popular method of tidying up that has been a hit with millennials. Marie Kondo quickly became an icon among our generation! It’s pretty funny to see how Handsome Squidward and Marie Kondo had a meme crossover. I definitely want to keep Handsome Squidward over the regular Squidward, Like many SpongeBob Squarepants fanatics.

Fun Facts about Handsome Squidward in SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Handsome Squidward was the inspiration behind the 2012 movie Prometheus: Aliens Prequel.
  • Another freak accident is the only way to revert to Squidward’s original face. 
  • Patrick did not appear in the episode after Squidward turned to Handsome Squidward. 
  • When SpongeBob is watching TV in the patient room, Fred plays the doctor. 
  • The chant “Squidward Had a Krabby Patty” is a reference to a children’s song, “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”
  • The episode had several cultural references, from its title referencing a 1957 film, The Three Faces of Eve, to the name Nurse Rechid, which relates to the Nurse Ratched in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
  • The episode title has been loosely translated: 
    • “Adorable Carlo” in the French dub.
    • “Fluch der Schönheit,” in the German dub which translates to “Curse of Beauty”
    • “Второе лицо Сквидварда” in Russian meaning “Squidward’s Second Face.” 
  • SpongeBob tried to stop the doctor from cutting the bandages four times.
  • Only four main characters appeared in the episode, but with over 70 incidentals. 
  • Handsome Squidward is also known as Sexy Squidward on the internet.  

Sister Episode: The SpongeHenge


This episode comes with a sister episode name “SpongeHenge.” It is about the day when strange ocean breezes began to appear, whistling SpongeBob’s pores. However, this whistle soon began drawing jellyfish. But it became an issue when the breeze persisted, and more jellyfish began to follow him because of the whistle. 

He fled to the caverns to hide from them and began building his giant statues to frighten the jellyfish away. However, he didn’t address this issue until it was too late, and when he returned, everything was coated in sand. This event marked a significant and was later studied by generations.


Question: What Season did Handsome Squidward Debut?

Answer: Handsome Squidward debuted on Season 5, episode 99a entitled, “The Two Faces of Squidward.” The episode was only 10 minutes and 45 seconds long. 

Question: Which Diseases Did SpongeBob Assume Squidward Had?

Answer: When the doctor was about to remove Squidward’s bandages, SpongeBob asked him if the patient had a disease somehow pronounced like “Athahamensara.” It sounded like a made-up word, and the doctor had no idea what he was talking about. Considering the context, he was just trying to delay the reveal of Squidward’s face; it was probably a made-up disease.

Question: What Offer Did Mr. Krabs Make To Waiting For Handsome Squidward?

Answer: Mr. Krab was going to charge $14.98 per person for touching Squidward, and he was additionally going to charge $3 for a soft drink. But he couldn’t earn anything in the end as Squidward returned to normal.

Question: Did Handsome Squidward Return to the Show?

Answer: Yes, in the form of a painting. In a recent Valentine’s episode, Squidward has an entire wall of his portraits displaying a massive image of Handsome Squidward. There are dozens of pictures on the wall except the famous Bold and Brash. 
Gary is seen staring at the painting longingly, as he should—because Handsome Squidward is indeed irresistibly beautiful.

Question: Who Wrote and Directed the Episode?

Answer: The Two Faces of Squidward was the only episode written and directed by Charlie Bean. He wrote it together with Aaron Springer and Steven Banks. The storyboard was also created in partnership with Aaron Springer.

Question: What Is a Handsome Squidward Filter?

Answer: The Handsome Squidward filter is extremely popular on different social media platforms. This involves employing a face filter that makes the jaw appear rigid and diamond-shaped, just like Handsome Squidward. Check out this filter here.

Handsome Squidward is a Crowd-Favorite! 

The Two Faces of Squidward is actually Handsome Squidward’s debut in the SpongeBob Squarepants universe. It’s interesting to see how Squidward reacts when he has got all the eyes and attention on him. 

I love how the episode explores Squidward’s personality and limits. Usually, he is easily annoyed with others. But because of his newfound fame, he seems to tolerate all the annoying things other Bikini Bottom residents do to him. 

Undoubtedly, the episode is my favorite Squidward-centric episode in the whole show. It just fills my mind with curiosity and eagerness to see this side of Squidward. How about you? What do you like about Handsome Squidward? 

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