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SpongeBob has always been weird and happy-go-lucky; his fun-loving and goofy personality is something we love about him. He seemingly enjoys doing anything fun, and his child-like wonder just makes you smile from ear to ear.

Could you ever imagine SpongeBob acting like a boring, responsible adult? Well, I couldn’t! Not until the episode, Not Normal. Weirdly, the episode wasn’t a refreshing sight—SpongeBob being normal is rather unusual. However, it also changed my perspective on how we label and perceive things.

According to the episode, you need to be perfect without freckles and craters to be normal. That’s why Smooth SpongeBob was born! Want to know more about Smooth SpongeBob? In this blog, let’s explore the detailed summary of the plot and the character. And, of course, I’ll share some of my favorite trivia facts and memes at the end of the blog.

spongebob not normal

Bottom Line Up Front

Smooth SpongeBob is a fan-made term for SpongeBob’s appearance in the episode “Not Normal.” It’s a long-standing meme that highlights SpongeBob’s normal look.

In the episode, SpongeBob tries to be normal because Squidward makes him realize that he isn’t normal. He watched a videotape entitled “How to Be Normal for Beginners” and implemented everything a normal person would do. Eventually, he turned into an individual as described in the video—without craters and freckles, aka Smooth SpongeBob.

What Is the “Smooth SpongeBob” in SpongeBob SquarePants?

Smooth SpongeBob is a version or alter-ego of SpongeBob who became normal because of Squidward’s insistence. In the episode “Not Normal”, SpongeBob didn’t undergo any facial or body enhancement surgery to change his look.

Instead, he watched a videotape and religiously followed Mr. Normal’s routine. He started printing Krabby Patties instead of doing his famous patty fry and toss moves. He also did everything according to the video, even changing the exterior of his house; he changed his boisterous laughter and child-like wonder with boring adult conversations.

After three weeks, he completely transformed and started to act dull and boring, even for Patrick, his best friend, who is easily pleased with anything. Because of his normality, he lost his passion for his job, which got him fired. His relationship with his best friend also suffered.

Smooth SpongeBob has become a trend on the internet and is a huge part of the early meme culture. Many fans took different interpretations of this alter-ego; they even have unique memes not only for smooth, normal SpongeBob but also for Squidward as well.

smooth spongebob listening to mr krabbs

Plot: Smooth SpongeBob (a.k.a. Not Normal)

Smooth SpongeBob is an iconic alter ego and a popular meme across the internet. That’s why it’s equally important to learn how this cartoon icon came about! Let’s explore the scenes in the episode “Not Normal.”

The episode opens with a peaceful view of Conch Street.

As the night turns into day, you clearly hear the birds chirping; everything seems to look merry and peaceful except SpongeBob’s boisterous laughter.

Squidward seems extremely bothered by SpongeBob that he revoltingly jumps in annoyance, hitting his head through the bed’s ceiling. Because he can’t contain his disdain for SpongeBob’s noisy morning antics, he storms out of his house and kicks the door wide open.

An unbothered SpongeBob seems to be having the best time of his life.

He starts circling his house, chanting, “La, la, la.” But not for long; Squidward screams and for him to stop. He angrily asks SpongeBob, “What could you possibly be trying to do this time?” To which SpongeBob responds that he’s just having a decent morning.

Squidward is annoyed at SpongeBob’s antics.

Squidward is truly unimpressed with his answer that it even made him angrier! He points out that nothing is decent when you’re running around and screaming like a banshee early in the morning.

SpongeBob scoffs and tries to tell Squidward that there’s no way he screams like a banshee while impersonating a banshee scream. Squidward grabs him by the mouth and stops his screaming.

squidward grabs spongebob by the mouth

Matter-of-factly, Squidward elaborates on the two types of people.

Interestingly, he explains that there are two kinds of people: normal people and SpongeBob. This statement seemed to bother SpongeBob; he looked distraught. Squidward suggests that he tries to act more normal while walking away to go to his house.

SpongeBob makes an effort to be normal and asks Squidward, “how does one become normal?” while sitting on top of Squidward in his bed. Squidward thinks hard and says, “Well, how about you start by…” I genuinely believed that Squidward would give SpongeBob a healthy response. Instead, he acts like he always does! He kicks SpongeBob through the roof and shouts, “getting away from me, you little creature!”

SpongeBob tries to fit in by watching a videotape.

In Squidward’s front yard, SpongeBob begins to introspect about his personality. The scene shifts to him watching a videotape entitled “How to Be Normal for Beginners” The video asks three questions: (1) Are you tired of being called a freak? (2) Do people throw you out of their homes? (3) Well, do they?

Undoubtedly, SpongeBob fits the bill as he answers “yes” to all the questions. The video then explains the journey to normality. It continues to describe an average Joe and how boring and normal it looks. It highlights how his face is nice and smooth without craters and freckles to be seen. SpongeBob touches his face and wonders why he has craters and freckles everywhere.

  1. Normal does normal things based on the video.

As seen on TV, Mr. Normal works steadily and monotonously, just like everybody else. SpongeBob is transfixed by the explainer video and tries to absorb every information he can get from the way so-called normals communicate, live, and work. When the video ends, he looks satisfied with his newfound knowledge.

SpongeBob tries to be normal.

The scene cuts to a seemingly regular workday at the Krusty Krabs. Squidward tends the till while taking orders from the customers. He then sends the order to SpongeBob in the kitchen. Surprisingly, SpongeBob doesn’t have any annoying blurbs and antics for Squidward.

When Squidward enters the kitchen, you can see a drastic change in the layout. There’s a water dispenser in the middle of the kitchen, and SpongeBob is on his computer, pretending to type something.

Shocked by SpongeBob’s rather unusual behavior, Squidward asked SpongeBob about the newly implemented changes. SpongeBob exclaims that he took Squidward’s advice and is now “normal”.

SpongeBob starts some small talk which catches Squidward by surprise. Instead of being happy with this change, Squidward is ultimately bothered. He scratches his head, trying to wrap around the idea of a “normal” SpongeBob.

spongebob tries to be normal

SpongeBob prints Krabby Patties instead of making them the usual way.

As Squidward walks away from him, Mr. Krabs hurriedly enters the scene. He looks quite confused why SpongeBob isn’t cooking any Krabby Patty. SpongeBob then tells Mr. Krabs that he’s preparing them in a “normal” way. He starts typing the order, and the Krabby Patty comes out from his invention looking deliciously fresh. He orders SpongeBob to make more, and voila, tons of Krabby Patties come out from the machine.

From the Pineapple House, SpongeBob lives in a normal house with a roof.

Squidward is cycling home, still wondering how weird his interaction with SpongeBob was as he enters Conch Street, his neighborhood. A new typical home can be seen. Out of sheer curiosity, he then asks himself who the owner could be. Well, it’s SpongeBob! This information is highly shocking for him that he slapped himself.

Squidward mentions he loves the normal SpongeBob.

The next day, he walks into the kitchen all smiles to greet SpongeBob. Just like yesterday, they had a pretty normal conversation. Squidward is delighted with SpongeBob’s new attitude, saying that “he could get used to it.”

As usual, he tends the till and asks for orders from the customers, and SpongeBob makes them through his computer machine. Everyone is happy about everything, with no complaints whatsoever.

Squidward mentions he loves the normal SpongeBob

SpongeBob’s freckles slowly fade by doing normal things.

Three weeks later, SpongeBob has noticeably changed how he looks—smooth and freckles less. Unfortunately, something weird has happened in how he prepares the Krabby Patty. A customer mentions how it didn’t taste right; because of this, he’ll not be spending another dime on Krusty Krabs. Mr. Krabs is alarmed upon hearing this. More and more customers walk out in protest of the “paper-made Krabby Patties.”

The Krabby Patties taste stale and cardboard-like.

Mr. Krabs goes to SpongeBob, bringing the flimsy paper Krabby Patty. SpongeBob looks confused and slightly embarrassed, saying that the machine might need more ink and paper. To respond, Mr. Krabs expresses that Krabby Patties should be prepared best when you put your heart into it rather than printing it through a machine.

Mr. Krabs tries to convince SpongeBob to make Krabby Patties the old way and for him to stop acting so dull. In an emotionless voice, he chimes, “what you call dull, I call normal.” Mr. Krabs looks annoyed by this statement and fires SpongeBob because he doesn’t intend to make Krabby Patties the way he always has.

Smooth SpongeBob loses his job, and Patrick doesn’t want to hang out with him.

Dejected, SpongeBob walks away from Krusty Krabs. He waits at the bus stop with Patrick, who isn’t as welcoming and warm as his best friend. He looks confused and asks SpongeBob what happened to him, and SpongeBob responds that he got normal.

Patrick suggests that they charge into the Jellyfish Fields nets ablaze. On the other hand, SpongeBob proposes that they do something normal like window shopping. Patrick does a weird thing contorting his body, but SpongeBob passes on the opportunity. He then asks Patrick if he can help defragment his hard drive. With his head still out of his stomach, Patrick sighs and tells SpongeBob that whenever he does something fun, he knows where to find Patrick.

SpongeBob proposes that they do something normal

He knocks on Squidward’s door to make small talk.

While Squidward is dusting his portraits, his doorbell rings, and he goes straight to his door to find SpongeBob on the other side. He invites SpongeBob to his house for a cup of tea. They have a nice, polite conversation about the weather. Squidward casually mentions that today is dusting day for his 483 self-portraits.

SpongeBob thinks Squidward isn’t normal.

SpongeBob highlights that this isn’t something you see in an average house. In his defense, Squidward retorts that being a little bit different is okay. I find this weirdly comforting to hear from Squidward. However, SpongeBob is so fixated on being normal that he mentions how abnormal Squidward’s nose is—bulbous and flappy.

He begins to describe every odd-looking feature on Squidward’s face and body. He tries to fix it and shows Squidward the mirror, and he even mentions how Squidward doesn’t wear pants. All his intrusive comments annoyed SpongeBob that he kicked him out of his house.

Squidward is annoyed with SpongeBob’s unnecessary but truthful comments.

Squidward slams the door on his way in and stares at himself in the mirror. He feels conscious about how he looks, touching his flappy nose. SpongeBob is confused that being normal is so life-changing. He lost his best friend and job, and he even thinks he’s too normal for Squidward.

SpongeBob tries to return to his usual self by doing some weird antics.

SpongeBob wants his old life back; to do it, he must re-weird himself. He focused on making some mental adjustments, but all it did was pop his eyes out. So he thought the best way to get weird was to see a professional.

The scene cuts to Patrick twisting his tongue while SpongeBob tries to convince him to make him abnormal again. He kneels while begging Patrick to teach him the arcane art of the weird. Convinced, Patrick says he’ll help SpongeBob, but it won’t be easy.

According to Patrick, the first step is for SpongeBob to remove his trousers and get a garden hose and flatbed truck. Wearing only his white undies, SpongeBob feels self-conscious, with all the Bikini Bottom residents laughing at him. Patrick tells him to concentrate as both of them are sliding on the water slide that leads to a ramp on a flatbed truck, launching them into the Bikini Bottom Zoo.

spongebob removed his trousers

One by one, SpongeBob’s craters and freckles are returning.

While inside the water cage in Bikini Bottom Zoo, some residents noticed them and called them undesirables. Patrick exclaims that the weird therapy is working since SpongeBob’s craters are returning. They’re doing stranger things: catching a jellyfish while horseback riding on Patrick’s back, licking sand, and standing on their hands. Slowly, SpongeBob’s craters are coming back. His nose grows back to its usual size.

They went to Patrick’s home and ate the Secret Krabby Sauce with their feet. This resulted in SpongeBob’s tooth gap returning. Then SpongeBob lit up as if the final transformation was happening, only for him to return to his smooth and freckle-less look. Patrick is highly disappointed, and they both cry, fearing that SpongeBob will be normal forever.

Normal Squidward’s appearance shocked Normal SpongeBob, and he returned to his usual self.

While crying, they heard a knock on Patrick’s home. It’s Squidward. He looks smooth and normal, wearing a shirt and pants. This alarmed and scared SpongeBob; he began shouting, which prompted him to return to his square-shaped form. Till the end of the episode, Squidward looks rather normal. SpongeBob and Patrick start laughing out loud.

spongebob got back to be square-shaped

Who Are the Characters in the Episode?

Like most SpongeBob episodes, the “Not Normal” episode showcases SpongeBob and Squidward’s usual banter. It also highlights some supporting and background characters that were never before seen in the show. The episode also highlights a lot of incidentals.

Here’s a rundown of the characters in the episode:

  • SpongeBob Square Pants/ Normal SpongeBob (debut, main character)
  • Squidward Tentacles/ Normal Squidward (debut/ supporting character)
  • Live-action fish (minor characters)
  • Video Narrator (debut, minor character)
  • Mr. Normal (debut, minor character)
  • Mr. Krabs (minor character)
  • Patrick Star (minor character)
  • Sea Monkey (debut, minor character)
  • Incidentals: There are also several incidentals seen in this episode. Smooth SpongeBob interacted with different incidentals. Incidental 151, Incidental 41, and Incidental 152 are the most noteworthy incidentals featured in the episode.

It’s Time for Meme Review: Top Smooth SpongeBob Memes

spongebob memes

I found it funny because it’s relatable, and it highlights the absurd (e.g., not normal) reasoning teachers have when it comes to students doing all these things. Of course, you’ve also experienced this once in your school years. While this triggers most teachers in Western countries, my teachers don’t really complain a lot about this—except when you’re eating in class! Be prepared to give out your snacks if you get caught. Lol, 7/10.

spongebob normal meme

Upon seeing this meme, I could clearly attest that moms do this whenever they get the opportunity! I have a firsthand experience with my mom, who’s acting all smiles and innocent when her friends or colleagues are around, but the moment they leave, it isn’t a fun time for me—the meme brings back the vivid emotion. SpongeBob’s expressions are accurate and maniacally hilarious. How about you? Does your mom do it too? Meme rating: 8/10

meme spongebob

After graduating from college, I was idealistic and dreamy, excited to be part of the corporate world. The left picture is 2019 me, and the right one was right before I quit my corporate job. I’m glad to be pursuing projects that focus on my interest. Who would have thought I would eventually venture into writing full-time instead of programming? Well, funny as it sounds, this meme hits the spot. I rate this 2019/10.

spongebob funny meme

Do you ever wash the dishes? If you do, there’s no way you won’t find this meme funny! As the designated dishwasher in an Asian household, new sponges make a difference when cleaning and washing dishes. Fresh sponge for the win. Meme rating: Too relatable/10

spongebob troll face meme

An OG internet bystander could genuinely relate to this meme. I’d rate this 2 cringe 4 me out of 10. The meta humor is popular on the Reddit platform, but maybe because this is an old meme, I don’t find it funny.

spongebob normal meme

Want to hit a girl up? If she’s a SpongeBob fan, send her this meme, and you’d probably get a date! It’s hilarious, and OG SpongeBob fans will surely laugh out loud with Smooth SpongeBob’s line, “Hi, How are ya?” It’s an irresistible opening line that won’t leave you on read.

Fun Facts about Smooth SpongeBob in SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Squog, Squidward’s prehistoric appearance can be seen on his wall as part of his self-portrait collection.
  • Did you hear SpongeBob mention something in Spanish(i.e., Tap, erus uoy era?) Well, it’s actually the inverse of the phrase, “Are you sure, Pat?
  • Squidward’s normal features consist of:
    • Wearing pants
    • proportional nose, eyes, head, and arms
    • Visible holes on his cranium
  • SpongeBob’s normal or smooth features are as follows:
    • Smooth and round edges
    • Slightly smaller nose and eyes
    • Clear skin without freckles or craters
    • Complete set of teeth (not buck teeth)
    • Pointed Shoes
    • Straight outlines
    • Lower voice
  • Did you know that the word “normal” was also mentioned 28 times?
  • This is the second episode that showcases a different appearance of Squidward’s face; the first was “The Two Faces of Squidward.”
  • Patrick is dubbed as a “professional” for weird antics.
  • Squidward’s wall filled with 483 self-portraits was shown, similar to the episode “Gone.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What season did Normal SpongeBob debut?

Answer: Smooth SpongeBob debuted on Season 6, episode 104a entitled, “Not Normal.” The episode is 11 minutes long and premiered in the US on March 4, 2008.

Question: What made SpongeBob look so normal?

Answer: SpongeBob became normal when he slowly acclimated and followed the tips on the videotape he watched, “How to Be Normal for Beginners.” His face slowly became freckle-less, and his craters disappeared by living a normal life.

Question: How did Smooth/Normal SpongeBob turn into Regular SpongeBob?

Answer: Smooth SpongeBob tried to make his appearance regular again by consulting Patrick on how to be weird. He did a lot of weird activities, you can imagine. However, his face did not return to his OG look. Interestingly, it only returned to normal when he saw Squidward’s face—out of sheer shock; he transformed into his crater-filled and freckled appearance.

Question: Did Normal SpongeBob come back in another episode?

Answer: Normal SpongeBob only appeared on the episode “Not Normal” and has not been reprised in any other episode after its debut. The normal look is also not discussed in any other episode after it was aired.

Question: Who wrote and directed the episode?

Answer: Not Normal was written by Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Derek Iversen. Casey and Derek frequently team up to make interesting episodes, such as “Friend or Foe”, “Squid’s Visit”, and “I Heart Dancing.” The storyboard was directed by the duo as well.

Question: Why did Squidward become normal?

Answer: Squidward became normal near the end of the episode. While the reason behind it wasn’t explained, context clues suggest that he also did what SpongeBob did. He had a flat face and textureless skin while wearing normal clothes.

spongebob normal guy

Smooth/Normal SpongeBob isn’t Fun at all!

Not Normal is one of the few episodes I truly like; it explores a unique, overarching theme in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise—your weirdness makes you fun!

I love how the episode highlights SpongeBob’s actions to fit in, eventually costing him to lose more valuable things. It focuses on how we should differentiate ourselves rather than following whatever is deemed normal by society.

Surprisingly, being normal isn’t always fun for everyone around you! That’s why I’d rather have the fun-loving and goofy SpongeBob than the perfect Smooth SpongeBob. How about you?

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