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One thing I have noticed about SpongeBob, beyond his eccentric personality, is his buck teeth! Yep, SpongeBob’s noticeable tooth gap has made me love my imperfections as a young kid! He’s a great role model—quirky, persevering, and not-so-insecure about himself. 

While there are instances where SpongeBob made a huge fuss about his buck teeth, I always find it funny how he gets to smile through everything.

A few episodes have highlighted his buck teeth and even some of the main character’s toothiest habits. I love how they’ve created funny skits while introducing good dental practices! 

Excited to learn about the toothiest episodes and characters in Bikini Bottom? Read on! In this blog, let’s explore everything toothy about the show!

Toothiest Stories in SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob’s teeth are almost featured in every episode—from his boisterous laughter to his beaming smile. That’s why it’s challenging to pick among the dozens of episodes! As an avid Bottomite myself, I’ve ranked the top three toothiest episodes in SpongeBob SquarePants. 

The Whole Tooth – Season 9, Episode 204b

Undoubtedly, the first on my list would be “The Whole Tooth.” It’s definitely an episode that screams, “Teeeeeth!” You get to know a new anthropomorphic character, Baby Tooth. The plot’s funny nature makes you relive your childhood disdain for pulling your baby teeth. 

Plot Summary: Meet Patrick’s Baby Tooth and the Tooth Ferry

The episode starts with SpongeBob and Patrick munching on some sweet taffy at Salmon Sal, The Taffy Pal. Suddenly, Patrick begins to feel a tinge of pain after pulling some taffy in his mouth. Concerned, SpongeBob immediately suggests that Patrick should visit the dentist. 

Patrick reluctantly agrees, but he still has a fear of the dentist. While at the dentist’s office, Dr. Mundane examines Patrick’s teeth and notices a baby tooth causing excruciating pain.

He informs Patrick that the pain will only stop if the Tooth is extracted so the permanent Tooth can grow. Patrick hesitates; instead, he goes home with his baby tooth in his mouth. 

Like the good friend that he is, SpongeBob tries to convince Patrick. He even tells him about the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Island. Squidward calls the story a web of lies and rants that they don’t exist—even betting on it to prove his point. 

Still afraid of the dentist, Patrick runs away, but SpongeBob chases him up. The only reason why Patrick agreed with the tooth extraction was when he saw how bad it could get! Dr. Mundane painlessly removes the baby tooth. 

At night, Patrick puts his baby tooth under the pillow, hoping it can go to Tooth Island. SpongeBob sneakily enters and takes the Tooth. Unfortunately, Squidward notices him and exclaims that he is right: the tooth fairy doesn’t exist! 

Interestingly, SpongeBob takes Squidward and Patrick to the docks. They all saw the real Tooth Ferry—a cruise ship sailing to Tooth Island. When the ship departs, SpongeBob and Patrick force Squidward to accept defeat. He stays true to his bet and eats a bucket of chum meat. Funny as it sounds, he also lost a tooth after munching on the meal. 

Mind the Gap – Season 12, Episode 252a

Mind the Gap

It would be regrettable not to include “Mind the Gap” in this list! It’s one of SpongeBob’s best transformations in the show. I love how he turned into CoolBob SmoothPants after losing his tooth gap.

The bond that Squidward and SpongeBob had was also quite refreshing to see, considering they constantly bicker about anything! 

Plot Summary: Jam with CoolBob and Squidward

While working in Krusty Krab, SpongeBob whistles which makes Squidward extremely annoyed. That’s why he plots a health scare concerning SpongeBob’s tooth gap. He emphasizes that something might be stuck in the gap, obstructing his breathing. 

As expected, SpongeBob overreacts and wants to see a doctor. Squidward offers to help and close the gap. He tries everything, even drills the teeth together. SpongeBob’s voice became deeper when the gap was gone, which started SpongeBob’s jazz singing career.

Squidward invites him to join his favorite Jazz club, Blow Your Top Lounge. SpongeBob, or shall I say CoolBob SmoothPants, instantly becomes a celebrity, and everyone is impressed by his coolness. The crowd was quite shocked that he was even friends with Squidward. 

SpongeBob wows the crowd as he performs his own jazz rendition. However, his teeth start separating while singing; this causes his voice to shift back to normal. Of course, Squidward doesn’t want to lose the spotlight. He forces to close the gap by putting someone else’s teeth on SpongeBob’s mouth.

This incident happens multiple times, and Squidward always keeps an eye to close the gap. Unfortunately, the disguise didn’t last. Squidward becomes envious of SpongeBob’s popularity that he charges a hammer onto his teeth while performing.

He successfully separates the teeth, but now SpongeBob gains his whistling skills. The crowd is even more impressed by it. 

Behold, No Cavities! : Get Ready with the Duo for a Routine Dental Checkup 

This SpongeBob SquarePants book truly gives a sense of nostalgia. It was one of the books my sister and I read. We bonded over our common love for SpongeBob as we flipped through the pages. 

I love how the book starts with SpongeBob getting giddy over his dental checkup. It gave me a sense of relief that the dentist isn’t a scary place. Interestingly, his best friend, Patrick has poor dental hygiene—he has never visited a dentist or brushed his teeth. 

The story revolves around the duo having an appointment together. In some turn of events, SpongeBob’s supposed cavity-free checkup is riddled with an unexpected and horrifying surprise. After a quick dental fix, the duo’s pearly whites look sparkly and healthy again. 

Toothiest Characters and Personalities in Bikini Bottom 


I always find this character creepily hilarious because of its weird mannerisms. The teeth look like any ordinary dentures; the only difference between them is being sentient! It can move around and thinks as if it has a functioning nogging. 

Appearance in the Episodes

  • Christmas Who? – Season 2, Episode 28 
  • Mall Girl Pearl – Season 9, Episode 197a
  • SpongeBob’s Bad Habit – Season 11, Episode 256b

Vampire Teeth with Fangs

  • Captain Pipsqueak – Season 13, Episode 277a

Baby Tooth

The Whole Tooth Spongebob

Baby Tooth only appeared in the episode “The Whole Tooth.” It is chibi-like teeth with tiny little arms and legs. They wear a light blue hat with a small buck tooth on their mouth. 

It played an essential role in the episode since Patrick insisted on keeping it. The Baby tooth expresses emotions. After being extracted, it heads to the Tooth Ferry to ply to Tooth Island. 

Tooth Ferry 

Making a significant appearance in “The Whole Tooth,” the Tooth Ferry is a ship that transports baby teeth to a place called Tooth Island. Interestingly, I love how they made a creative spin on the myth about the “Tooth Fairy.” 

Bikini Bottom Dentist’s Office

Bikini Bottom Dentist’s Office

This is the only dental office in Bikini Bottom. It has an interesting exterior, with 11 windows and a couple of chimneys on the roof. It has obvious signage of the word “DENTIST” written in dark blue text; below it is a red toothbrush with blue toothpaste. 

Above the signage, a male dentist is holding a drill with a sentient tooth. Inside the building, you’ll find a hall and room. Unlike most dental offices, Bikini Bottom’s Dentist Office is warm and welcoming. The hall has a pink lounge chair with two armchairs.

I love the added interior details like the green carpet, flowering plants, and paintings. It also has an aquarium with algae, a diver, and a pineapple house. Scattered across the carpet are toys, including a boat and a red-white ball combo. 

There’s a room with a dental chair, a painting, and a blue floor across the hall. If only every dental office is as homey as Bikini Bottom’s Dentist Office, you love going to the dentist. Aside from SpongeBob, Squidward, Sandy, Patrick, and even Mr. Krabs have visited and become patients of the clinic. 

Appearance in the Episodes 

The Whole Tooth

  • Mid-Life Crustacean – Season 3, Episode 55b
  • The Whole Tooth – Season 9, Episode 204b
  • Chatterbox Gary – Season 11, Episode 226a

Dental Staff

Incidental 116

Incidental 116 is a recurring character that portrays several occupations. In “Mid-Life Crustacean,” he played Mr. Krab’s dentist. His skin looks odd, with a purple facial complexion and orange arms. He appeared as a dentist in these episodes: 

  • Behold, No Cavities
  • Mid-Life Crustacean 

Incidental 25

Incidental 25 also appeared as one of Patrick’s dentists. Like Incidental 116, he also has several occupations throughout the show. He’s known for his odd looks and his signature outfit, a white cap with a life preserver symbol. At a glance, he looks like a replica of Incidental 26. 

Incidental 6

One of Patrick’s dentists in the episode The Whole Tooth, Incidental 6, is a brown trout. He has an eccentric color combination with green-yellow fins, black feet, tan lips, and beige eyes. I’m not a fan of his purple shirt and blue shorts; they look dull. He appeared as a dentist in these episodes: 

  • The Whole Tooth 
  • Mid-Life Crustacean


Agness is my favorite dental staff because she’s also extremely endearing yet menacing. I like her overall look; it’s unique, unlike the other incidentals. As a nurse, she means business and welcomes everyone in the dentist’s office with her charming smile. 

  • The Whole Tooth

Dr. Mundane

While Dr. Mundane only appeared in the episode The Whole Tooth, his remarkable look is not something you’d easily forget. He wears a dentist uniform and thick glasses—giving an extremely professional vibe. 

Game: Which One of SpongeBob’s Front Teeth Are You?

SpongeBob’s teeth have definitely become an integral part of the show. Aside from episodes focused on his buck teeth, there’s also a game about it. It’s called “Which One of SpongeBob’s Front Teeth Are You? 

Think of it as one of those BuzzFeed quizzes where you can choose your preferred answers from the choices. With only ten questions, it’s a fun and quick game to do with your Bottomite besties.

Once you’ve finished the quiz, the game tells you which one of SpongeBob’s front teeth you are based on the choices selected. I’ve played the game a dozen times and always end up being SpongeBob’s right front Tooth—a straight talker who has a knack for getting things right. Well, that description sounds about right. 

Fan Theory: SpongeBob is Inspired By Young Stephen’s Looks

I’ve never really thought hard as to why SpongeBob has buck teeth. Still, somehow, while writing this guide, I stumbled upon an interesting fan theory from BabySmitty on the SBmania forum.

The theory truly adds to the show’s fascinating lore. They highlight that SpongeBob’s teeth might be based on the showrunner’s, Stephen Hillenburg, facial features. 

In several interviews with Stephen, he mentioned that SpongeBob is particularly based on how he was as a child. An old photo of him even highlights his goofy-looking front teeth. 

Toothiest Trivia Facts About the Show

  • The episode “The Whole Tooth” reveals SpongeBob also has a baby tooth between his tooth gap. 
  • The episode “The Whole Tooth” is among many “lasts”: 
    • It’s the last episode where Paul Tibbitt is credited as an executive producer before leaving the show. 
    • It’s the last episode written by Kyle McCulloch and aired on Kanal D in Romania. 
  • The graphic book “Behold, No Cavities” reveals some disgusting facts about Patrick’s dental habits—or lack thereof. 
    • Patrick has never brushed his teeth in his entire life. 
    • Patrick has never seen a dentist or visited a dental clinic. 
  • In the book, SpongeBob has four cavities despite having stellar dental hygiene. 
  • Interestingly, Sandy and Squidward’s names made a cameo appearance on the dentist “No Cavi-Tree”—a hall of fame for Bottomite with perfect pearly whites. 
  • In the British airing of the episode “Mind the Gap,” some scenes were cut out and replaced. 
  • Squidward was relatively kind and bidding to SpongeBob’s requests in “Mind the Gap.”

SpongeBob Teeth Memes: What About SpongeBob’s Buck Teeth?

SpongeBob Grinning Smile Meme

SpongeBob’s smile and weird-looking teeth

SpongeBob’s smile and weird-looking teeth are the highlights of many fun memes. I find it fascinating how his teeth change. It seems like he is wearing dentures in some episodes, like this image.

I find SpongeBob’s grinning smile funny on its own, but it’s even funnier with the caption. I mean, why do people in toothpaste commercials show their teeth like they’re Titans from AOT? Meme rating: teeth/10.   

Patrick’s Horrific Full Smile Meme

Patrick’s Horrific Full Smile Meme

Have you ever asked your mom for braces? They might tell you it’s unnecessary, even if your teeth look like Patrick’s. This disgustingly horrific smile from Patrick Starr looks unsettling, yet somehow it’s laughable—by just adding funny puns or relatable captions. Undoubtedly, Patrick’s tragic teeth make for some of the best memes! I’d rate this 8/10. 

SpongeBob Dental Habits Meme

While SpongeBob’s dental habits are beyond better, some of us are guilty of cramming our supposed dental care in one sitting right before our dental appointment.

It’s truly a hilarious meme because it’s extremely relatable for some. SpongeBob’s face on the next panel truly slaps! The weird face and smile make up for the off-putting caption. Meme rating: somehow true/10. 

Eneru SpongeBob Crossover

Eneru SpongeBob Crossover Eneru SpongeBob Crossover

One Piece is another masterpiece of a show that I love to watch! I remember binge-watching it during the summer break before I entered high school. The anime is a chef’s kiss—a well-written plot, creative settings, and interesting characters. It’s weird that I only noticed how this SpongeBob meme is Eneru’s face!   

The second Eneru-SpongeBob crossover meme is highly relatable. It sends me straight to my days in school; I usually forget exams and tests. I rate the overall meme format 1000/10. 

SpongeBob EyeBrushing Routine Meme

SpongeBob EyeBrushing Routine Meme

SpongeBob has weird cleaning habits; it’s no secret that he brushes his teeth every so often. However, brushing his eyes with soap is beyond extreme!

I wonder why he does that, but I’m not complaining! Eyebrushing SpongeBob has birthed a lot of memes, just like this one. The subtle hint of dark humor in this meme makes you smirk. Meme rating: NSFW/10

Frequently Asked Questions about SpongeBob Teeth 

Question: Did SpongeBob fix his Tooth Gap?

Answer: Yes, momentarily! While SpongeBob has no intention of fixing his buck teeth, Squidward convinces him to close his tooth gap by drilling a screw. Without the tooth gap, SpongeBob’s personality drastically changed; he became CoolBob SmoothPants. 

Question: Why does Patrick Find the Dentist Scary?

Answer: Patrick has always been scared of science-based medicine. Going to the dentist is certainly high on that list. In the episode “The Whole Tooth,” he is scared of having his baby tooth extracted, fearing it will badly hurt him.  

Question: How Many Teeth does SpongeBob Have? 

Answer: He sure has two sets of teeth on his upper gums. However, the number of teeth he has in his lower molar changes; in some episodes, he had five, seven, or even eight sets. 

Conclusion: Do you love SpongeBob’s Buck Teeth? 

SpongeBob’s Teeth played a significant role in his goofy, fun-loving, and quirky attitude. I love how something that such an imperfection turned out to be one of SpongeBob’s biggest assets.

Every episode focused on his buck teeth is worth the watch. It highlights exciting themes and values without being insensitive and snobbish to kids with such features.

I’m hoping to see more episodes focused on his teeth; maybe explore the other main characters’ dental flaws. These episodes could give a sneak peek of Tooth Island and Tooth Ferry. Exploring the lore and introducing more themes on the subject sounds like a good episode! 

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