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Spongebob Caveman Guide

SpongeBob is truly an iconic show of the millennium; twenty years have passed, and 13 seasons later, the character has become a household staple known across different generations. Of course, this comedic masterpiece stands the test of time. The scenes— including SpongeBob’s distinctive laugh, Squidward’s sarcastic personality, and even Patrick’s stupid antics—live rent-free in my …

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Hooky Spongebob Guide

I remember watching SpongeBob since I was in grade 4. The one-eyed pirate and his parrot singing a melodious song and a yellow sponge with his half-headed humor instantly overtook me. SpongeBob is a cartoon that has made me happy whenever I felt down.  All the characters are unique, sharing a discrete set of habits …

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Round Spongebob Guide

Have you tried sporting a new look? Perhaps, you wore something out of your comfort zone or dyed your hair a different color. Well, I love crazy makeover stories! Just this year, I tried sporting a semi-bald haircut— a first for me! My friends were quite surprised by my decision to have a bold makeover, …

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Flats SpongeBob Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Flats The Flounder

With the evolution of animation, we have witnessed the birth of great TV shows that will remain evergreen for generations. Among such generational masterpieces, a show that still rules over many hearts is none other than SpongeBob SquarePants.   The characters are unique in appearance and personality. Like most other fans, I often relate or empathize …

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