Best Spongebob Pajamas for Adults

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The best SpongeBob pajamas for adults will allow you to be a kid again – at least in spirit. While it’s known that kids like SpongeBob, most adults under the age of 40 have probably watched more than a handful of episodes.

Most millennials and Zoomers understand SpongeBob references without thinking about it. And if I had to choose the safest type of clothing to express myself, I’d choose pajamas because they are for my eyes only. Anyone who would see me in pajamas knows me well enough that I don’t have to hide my inner child.

SpongeBob Pajamas for Kids Top Picks – At A Glance

Name Link Category
Squidward Pajamas Amazon Mens
SpongeBob Sleep Overalls Walmart Unisex
Vintage SpongeBob Crop Top Set Amazon Womens
Two-Pack SpongeBob Shorts Walmart Mens
Nerdy SpongeBob Nightgown Amazon Womens

Best SpongeBob Pajamas for Men

The best SpongeBob pajamas for men will show you how much variety you can find. After all, not all men want the basic yellow pajama bottoms and white tops. However, that is an option below.

OppoSuits Short Set

opposuits short set

The OppoSuits set from Box Lunch is one of my favorite sets for men that work well as loungewear too. You can find the shirt to match here. This is the most unique set on the list, and I’m here for it.

If you’re going through that stage where you need a Hawaiian-type shirt, then this SpongeBob shirt is here for you. But if you want to keep things simple and versatile, then you can just get the shorts.


  • Versatile
  • Unique
  • Button-up doubles as your fun Friday wear
  • Polyester for those adverse to cotton
  • Available online and in-store


  • BoxLunch Exclusive
  • Sells out fast
  • Expensive

Van Gogh SpongeBob

van gogh spongebob

This is the most laidback yet sophisticated set on the list. I love the vibe and fit of Sponge Van Gogh. If you’re unfamiliar with this character, perhaps you’re in need of a brief summary.

Sponge Van Gogh is a painting made by SpongeBob that appears in Nickelodeon calendars, video games, and magazines. It even appeared in a real exhibit in France during Exposição SpongeBob.


  • Artistic
  • Other character options available
  • True to size
  • Highly recommended


  • Only at H&M
  • It can be too eccentric

SpongeBob Santa Pajamas

spongebob santa pajamas

My favorite time to wear pajamas is on Christmas morning. Although there are SpongeBob Christmas sets I like more, this one is almost always available, whereas others are only available at Christmastime.

I love that this set features so many characters, even Plankton, that I missed the first time I saw the set. While I like a simpler approach most of the time, at Christmas, I’m totally cool with going all in.


  • Microfiber (plus for winter)
  • Features many characters
  • Christmas colors


  • Christmas all year isn’t for everyone

Krabby Patty Lounge Pants

krabby patty lounge pants

Krabby Patties are one thing from SpongeBob that most fans have obsessed over. I love this design that features the ketchup bottle, and I’m not sure why. Something about it speaks to me.

Plush bottoms aren’t all that common for adults anymore, so it’s always nice to find them. Of course, I’m not into plush clothing items, but I know many people love them. It also may not look like it, but these pants have pockets.


  • Plush (if you’re into that sort of thing)
  • Krabby Patties!
  • Good fit
  • It has pockets


  • Quite warm for sleeping

Squidward Pajamas

squidward pajamas

Squidward is a relatable character that more than a handful of fans consider their favorite. Although the “I Hate Everyone” phrase isn’t for me, this style looks perfect for any SpongeBob fan, any time of year.

The pants alone are hardly recognizable as Squidward unless you look closely, which I consider a plus because I like to switch things up and mix and match my pajamas. Something about this pair really sets itself apart.


  • So classy
  • Squidward has his time to shine.
  • Tee works with any bottoms


  • Sassiness isn’t for everyone
  • Not classic PJ material

Simple SpongeBob Lounge Pants

simple spongebob lounge pants

This is one of the safest options for sleep bottoms because they go with most tops. There’s not much negative to say about this pair of pants because it’s exactly what one might expect.

If you want simple sleep pants that you can use with your favorite plain shirt or SpongeBob shirt, this is your best bet. I find this to be especially true if you are getting someone pajamas as a gift.


  • Simple SpongeBob pants
  • Works with most tops
  • Nice blend
  • Fits as expected


  • Discrepancies in real materials used

Krusty Krab Short Set

krusty krab short set

This Krusty Krab short set looks like something I would wear, so it’s safe to say that this could be considered unisex. I know people who only wear grey bottoms or jeans, so I understand why this would be a hit.

But it isn’t the simple grey shorts that have me loving this set. It’s the t-shirt that I love. The Krabby Patty shirt is one of my favorites. I am a sucker for white tees, even though they never seem to stay clean.


  • Amazing design
  • One of the few cotton short sets
  • Comfortable


  • Shorts are shorter than most men’s shorts

Plain Doodlebob Pants

plain doodlebob pants

I know many men who like to keep their pajamas as simple as possible. This is that perfect blend of themed pajamas and a step up from sleeping “in the nude,” as Sandy would say.

I love the graphite color so much as I’ve had this very color of pajama pants, which were my favorite. I know a lot of people like the vintage wash, which is why I had to include these DoodleBob pants.


  • Simple
  • DoodleBob
  • Graphite color
  • BioWorld
  • Comfy blend


  • Not very on-theme
  • Can be too basic

Space SpongeBob Pants

space spongebob pants

The space SpongeBob pants are for fans of Sandy’s Rocket and every other space episode from the series. They are unique because they have a bit of Spandex, which is one of my favorite blends. I have half a dozen dresses with the same blend.

But what I love most about these pants are the details you will notice if you look closely. We see this  realistic dinosaur in the two hour-long specials, “Ugh” and “Truth or Square.”


  • Great for tall people
  • BioWorld
  • The dinosaur is out of this world


  • No pockets
  • Can be too busy

Patrick Shorts

patrick shorts

The Patrick shorts are only for alpha males who feel comfortable wearing short pink shorts to bed. For those who don’t, this two-pack also comes with a classic SpongeBob pineapple pair.

Both are amazing, have a great design, and look super comfortable. But I like the Patrick pair because I find that pink shorts like this are rare, and the perfect time to try some out is at bedtime.


  • It’s big, scary, and pink
  • Two pack
  • Comfortable


  • Only available to ship
  • Really very pink

SpongeBob Sleep Overalls

spongebob sleep overalls

The SpongeBob sleep overalls are the most unique entry for men, though they work for anyone. If you’re confident in yourself, I dare you to wear these overalls because I’ve never seen SpongeBob pajamas so special.

To be honest, this is the type of thing that a sibling would tell their parent that their sister or brother would love and convince the parent to buy it for them. But the joke is on the trickster because this is the bomb.


  • Overalls are cool
  • Classic cosplay look
  • Thick and sturdy


  • Not all sizes are readily available
  • Metal rings may be uncomfortable

Grumpy SpongeBob

grumpy spongebob

If you get grumpy when you’re tired or wake up feeling this way, this is the set for you. Although I see the faces more as determined than grumpy, I think either will work for the purpose.

This is one of the most classic pajama sets on the list. It features the SpongeBob face top and the SpongeBob and Patrick bottoms. If someone knows only two characters, it will be these two.


  • Fierce faces
  • Versatile tee
  • Great colors


  • No give to the material
  • Only goes to XL

Two-Pack Sleep Shorts

two-pack sleep shorts

If you’re one of those people who prefer to grab the cheapest thing to sleep in and match a t-shirt with it, then I feel you.


  • Cheap
  • Super light material
  • Longer shorts
  • One fancy pair, one plain
  • It comes in CatDog too


  • Not a classic PJ feel

Chillin’ SpongeBob Pajamas

chillin' spongebob pajamas

Chillin’ is one of my favorite SpongeBob trends. Although SpongeBob is often seen as high energy, he also knows how to chill, and as someone with anxiety issues, that is inspiring.

The color scheme works so well with the chillin’ vibe too. So all-around, the set was well-designed. It may be a bit on the expensive side, so I’m hoping it will be on sale sooner rather than later.


  • Chill
  • Unique, relaxed color scheme
  • Classic PJ bottoms
  • Versatile tee


  • Often unavailable
  • Expensive
  • Good size range

SpongeBob One Piece

spongebob one piece

I think everyone should own a once piece like this, and SpongeBob is one of the most universal characters for it. This one is quite fuzzy, so if you are sensitive to plush materials, this may not be for you. But if you’re for it, I highly recommend trying one eventually.


  • Classic SpongeBob cosplay look
  • Has a hood
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


  • Tapered
  • Expensive

Best SpongeBob Pajamas for Women

The best SpongeBob pajamas for women are classy, cute, and fun. This list has plenty of options so you can feel seen and heard in regards to what you like to wear and, of course, your love for SpongeBob.

Friday Pajama Bottoms

friday pajama bottoms

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. If you get the reference, you’re only a little too old to still watch SpongeBob, and that’s perfectly fine. At least every time you wear these, a wrinkle appears as the song plays in your head.

Though most people smile at the thought of Friday, no matter their age. Even if Friday makes you sad because you work on the weekends, the pants are still great. The color is unique yet still well-suited for the underwater theme.


  • It’s Friday
  • Nice colors
  • Fun
  • BioWorld


  • May be too bright for SpongeBob shirts
  • Design less interesting than others

Classic SpongeBob Pajama Set

classic spongebob pajama set

This SpongeBob pajama set is a classic for women of all ages. If you’re okay with being covered with this much yellow, then you’re good to go. Just keep in mind that you’ll likely hear SpongeBob’s laugh in the back of your mind for as long as you wear them.

Other than the overwhelming SpongeBob presence, this set is a winner. Like many SpongeBob sets on this list, this one is made by INTIMO, so you can be assured that it will be good quality, soft, and last long.


  • Classic
  • Fits well
  • Plenty of size options


  • Tapered legs
  • A lot of yellow

Crop Top SpongeBob Pajama Set

crop top spongebob pajama set

If you love crop tops and a 70s vibe, this set is sure to please. As someone who cannot pull off crop tops, I envy anyone that can, yet I still want them to get this set because it’s adorable.

One trick I have learned about crop tops is that if you wear a tight tank top under it, it can do a world of good if your body shape doesn’t work well with the crop top alone. All it takes is a $3 tank from Walmart.


  • Cute colors
  • Vintage look
  • One of the only crop top options


  • Not many size options
  • Not very stretchy

SpongeBob Womens’ Short Set

spongebob womens' short set

This SpongeBob shorts set is sure to please. If SpongeBob is your favorite character and you like light sleepwear, this is one of your best options. I have had a similar SpongeBob shirt, and I loved it.

Be sure to check the size guide, though, because there are rumors that it is a little tight. If there’s one time when you want to be comfortable, it’s when you sleep, so that’s always a good thing to double-check.


  • Simple SpongeBob design
  • Comfy
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly expensive
  • See-through at times

Nerdy SpongeBob Nightgown

nerdy spongebob nightgown

The nerdy SpongeBob nightgown is my favorite, and I’m adding it to my cart right now. I don’t think that they have enough nightgowns available for adults that cover well. i don’t want a nightie; I want an oversized T-shirt to sleep in.

This one looks so good too. It isn’t super short, it’s grey, and it’s versatile. With this type of nightgown, you can wear it with leggings in the winter and shorts or without anything in the summer.


  • Comfy nightgown
  • Classic style
  • Nerdy SpongeBob
  • Lots of sizes


  • Sleeves are a little large
  • Not for those who prefer something bright

Boating School Short Set

boating school short set

What did you learn in boating school? As someone who has got my dog a fake FBI license and a friend a fake Batman license, I now realize I have a thing for fake licenses. Though I swear, that’s as far as that fascination has gone.

This tee is something special because it not only features SpogneBob’s license for the world to see, which seems invasive, but it also has all of his info. So if you ever forget, it’s right here.


  • Boating School pride
  • Unique idea
  • Frequently on sale


  • Short top
  • Shorter shorts

Cozy Winter SpongeBob Pajamas

cozy winter spongebob pajamas

When it’s cold outside, there’s not much cozier than a pajama set like this. Although I don’t like to sleep in pants and long sleeves, this would be the set I would get if I did. The yellow tie-dye mixed with the adorable design made me fall in love with this set.

The hood only makes it more interesting. Although it may not be that comfortable for sleeping, it’s ideal for lounging around watching movies on a cold winter night. Just be careful not to spill hot chocolate.


  • Unique yellow color
  • Sweet design
  • Comfortable for daywear


  • Hood is not comfy for sleeping
  • Expensive

Tie-Dye SpongeBob Pajamas

tie-dye spongebob pajamas

Tie-dye is one of my favorite patterns, so I’m a sucker for these pants that even feature Gary, who no one hates. The design is so good if you like tie-dye, though it may be a bit much if you don’t.

I love how they off-set the tie-dye with a simple character design. The material has a soft and slinky feel which is amazing all year long. If I wear pajama pants, it is this material because they are breathable and soft.


  • Tie-dye
  • Colorful
  • Features four characters
  • Has Spandex


  • A little long
  • Low availability

Chillin’ Short and Tee Set

chillin' short and tee set

Again with a Chillin’ winner, this time in pink. The top is versatile here, and the shorts look super comfortable, which is my favorite combo. If you find yourself uncomfortable with tight pajamas, this set should suit your fancy.

The only problem is that I can’t decide which Chillin’ set I like more. The colors and designs are both great, suited to the theme, and comfortable. Perhaps having two sets isn’t all that bad after all.


  • Classic PJ shorts
  • Chillin’ vibe
  • Comfortable


  • A little more expensive
  • Shorts ride up

Patrick Cosplay

patrick cosplay

This is practically Patrick cosplay, and I’m here for that. I would buy the shorts even without the tank, but the ribbed tank is a favorite of mine too. I always get hot at night, even in the winter, so sleeping in a tank top that I don’t have to pull up all the time is amazing.

The goofy Patrick face makes this even better, but I still think the shorts take the cake here. If you are a fan of Patrick, there’s a good chance you’ve looked for a pair of short exactly like these.


  • Patrick shorts
  • Tank top
  • Colors are perfect
  • Covers well


  • High neck tank top for some
  • Tank top is short

Lucky Patrick Set

lucky patrick set

Something like a Nickelodeon St. Patrick’s Day set is just the right amount of quirky. This set looks as magically delicious as a bowl of Lucky Charms, and I know people who would consider them their lucky PJs.

The fabric blend on this set is delightful. I always find blends to be more comfortable than solid materials; this blend is ideal for pajamas. However, they do go in and out of stock often.


  • Comfy
  • Finally, something for women who like green
  • Unique


  • Low availability
  • The pattern throughout is not for everyone


Question: How Old is Too Old for SpongeBob Pajamas?

Answer: There is no too old for SpongeBob. But if you’re shopping for someone and you’re unsure if they like SpongeBob, know that it came out in the late 90s and was popularized in the early 2000s. So anyone over 40 may not have watched it when they were younger.

Question: Who is the Most Popular SpongeBob Character?

Answer: SpongeBob is the most popular character. However, if you’re buying for someone else, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy are usually safe choices. When you go further than that, it gets risky. Though when it comes to Gary, no one will say they don’t love that snail.

Question: Are All SpongeBob Pajamas Unisex?

Answer: Pretty much. I would wear anything on this list without hesitating. The reason I separate them is because there is still a large portion of the population that only shops in specific sections.

Choosing the Right SpongeBob Pajamas for You

SpongeBob pajamas for adults come in so many different styles that it can be difficult to pick a set for someone else. But if you’re shopping for yourself, then this list can help you find the perfect fit.

Remember that character and franchise pajamas go out of stock often, so it’s important to hop on your favorite sets while you can. But even if your favorite set does, surely one of the other SpongeBob pajamas for adults will ensure “you’re ready” for bed.

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