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SpongeBob SquarePants isn’t just a great show for kids but for adults as well. Yep, you’ve read that right! I grew up watching SpongeBob and continued loving it until today. I can practically say every episode is filled with nautical nonsense; that’s something you wish! Pun intended. 

However, beyond the simple wit and classic humor, the show isn’t shy to explore different themes, adult jokes, and disturbing concepts. A few episodes can be dark, scary, and unintentionally terrifying for a kid’s show. I love how the show creators create clever ways to include the funniest skits and parodies from popular horror movies.

Want to know more about the scariest episodes, characters, and ghosts in Bikini Bottom? Hang tight! In this blog, we will take a deep dive into everything scary about the show! 

spongebob skeleton

Scary Spongebob: Bottom Line up Front

SpongeBob Squarepants is one of those cartoon series that isn’t shy to explore different themes and concepts. It pushes boundaries and highlights interesting storylines, parodies, and even horror. 

The roster of scary SpongeBob characters, episodes, and games is truly an incredible masterpiece. My favorite scary SpongeBob character is The Flying Dutchman, while the best horror Halloween episode is definitely “I Was a Teenage Gary.”

The Scariest SpongeBob Episodes 

There are dozens of scary SpongeBob SquarePants episodes that focus on different characters and explore different kinds of horror. 

Finding the scariest one among the existing episodes is undoubtedly overwhelming and difficult, but don’t fret! I’ve got you covered. As an avid SpongeBob fanatic, I’m excited to share my top ten scariest SpongeBob episodes. 

Scaredy Pants – Season 1, Episode 13

While I have mixed feelings about the episode, you can’t beat the classics. This episode from season 1 introduces the Flying Dutchman, who was simply said to steal the souls of his victims in Bikini Bottom. Set during Halloween, “Scaredy Pants” truly gives you a hilariously good scare. 

Throughout the first half of the episode, everyone teases SpongeBob calling him “SpongeBob ScaredyPants” for being constantly scared on Halloween. This time, SpongeBob wants to turn the tables and scare his friends and peers by dressing up as something scary like the Flying Dutchman.

He dresses the part and asks Patrick for help to pull his prank. Unfortunately, they failed and ended up being the butt of the joke. Everyone started laughing until the actual Flying Dutchman appeared. He exclaims that he’ll steal everyone’s soul as he is highly offended by people making his character a Halloween costume. But before that, he takes off SpongeBob’s costume, which reveals his exposed brain due to Patrick’s shaving. 

The Flying Dutchman screams and runs away in terror. Everyone in Krusty Krabs starts fleeing, giving SpongeBob the satisfaction of a successful scaring mission. 

spongebob scaredy pants

Graveyard Shift – Season 2, Episode 36a

It would be a shame not to include “Graveyard Shift” in the list of the scariest episodes in SpongeBob Squarepants. If I were to decide, this is the best horror Halloween episode in the show. The plot intensifies and thickens as if I’m watching a nail-biting horror movie. 

Like “Scaredy Pants,” Graveyard Shift is set during Halloween. In the episode, SpongeBob and Squidward work the night shift at Krusty Krab. It starts with Squidward sharing a maliciously terrifying story about the Hash-Slinging Slasher. His seemingly detailed spooky tale comes to life! 

According to Squidward, the Hash-Slinging Slasher is a former fry cook who lost his hand in a nasty kitchen accident—his arm was later replaced with a spatula. Unfortunately, he died after he got run over by a bus and was “fired from his job” even at his death. 

Squidward says the signs where the Hash-Slinging Slasher comes and haunts. The atmosphere builds up as the signs start manifesting, and a shadow similar to the Slasher finds its way outside the Krusty Krab door. It’s then revealed that the Slasher is just a boy looking for a job. 

Undoubtedly, “Graveyard Shift” is a wild horror fest! It piques your interest and even makes you question whether Squidward’s tale holds some truth. At the end of the episode, it features an appearance by Count Orlok from Nosferatu. 

spongebob graveyard shift

Nasty Patty – Season 3, Episode 44a 

While Nasty Patty is not a Halloween episode, it explores themes and a plotline as if it was for a horror-crime genre. Its sardonic and sensical nature renders a specific taste that is not for all the viewers to enjoy! 

I even have a love-hate relationship with this specific episode because I easily get disgusted with bastardized dishes to the point of puking. It centers on a Health Inspector’s death because of a “nasty patty.” 

SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs play significant roles as they try to hide their misdeeds leading to the unfortunate accident. The episode opens with Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy entering Krusty Krab. He tests every item on the menu. 

Just before the inspection ends, Mr. Krabs sees a news break about a felon pretending to be a health inspector in exchange for free food. Angered by this deception, he instructs SpongeBob to cook a disgusting and ugly burger made from awful ingredients. This horrible “Nasty Patty” can make even the non-squeamish chuck up.

The Health Inspector is about to bite the patty, but he starts choking when a fly enters his mouth. He instantly passes out, which makes SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs shocked. Worse comes to worst; the fake inspector was also captured—meaning Yellowtail Andy is legit! 

Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob went on a series of misadventures to hide the body, which was scary to watch as a kid. Imagine witnessing a murder and a dead body being dragged everywhere they go! Sure, some SpongeBob fanatics have developed some sort of trauma after watching the episode. 

spongebob nasty patty

Are You Happy Now? – Season 8, Episode 169a

Just from the title itself, you’d get a feeling that this episode isn’t exactly a fun and goofy one. “Are You Happy Now?” explores Squidward’s bandwidth of emotions. I could relate to him getting fed up with the most mundane and monotonous life. 

SpongeBob, being the good friend that he is, tries to make Squidward happy by taking him to a violin concert. This ends up making him sadder and more depressed—it even results in violence as the violinist’s bow strikes his eye. 

Two weeks later, SpongeBob finds Squidward’s messy house. He stays locked inside while still being depressed. Some scenes act as if he’s going to commit suicide, but it is easily played off as humorous. In the end, Squidward finds happiness in destroying paper matches, which was SpongeBob’s attempt to make the “happiest memory” for him. 

At a glance, you’d not think of this as something scary since it doesn’t involve any ghosts or spooky stories. However, as an adult, I find it quite horrifying to lead a life without purpose. 

spongebob are you happy now

The Curse of Bikini Bottom – Season 7, Episode 7

When it comes to the spookiest SpongeBob episodes, any episode with the Flying Dutchman will undoubtedly give a good scare. “The Curse of Bikini Bottom” features the infamous pirate ghost stealing SpongeBob and Patrick’s souls after a freak accident. 

The episode begins with SpongeBob and Patrick extremely bored to their wit’s end. The duo decided to rummage through Squidward’s shed. Finally, they found something fun to do—ride a lawnmower. They beg Squidward to let them borrow his stuff, and he willingly obliges, thinking the two might stop bothering him forever. 

The two reached the cemetery while riding the lawnmower; they ended up causing a major ruckus on the Flying Dutchman’s beard. That’s why the pirate ghost turned them into ghosts! They have difficulty adjusting to their phantom body and even end up sleepless because of it. 

While the episode is generally not creepy, its ghostly theme, cemetery setting, and scary yet humorous moments highlight a perfect Halloween episode. 

spongebob the curse of bikini bottom

A Cabin in the Kelp – Season 12, Episode 21

I love horror parodies like the “Scary Movie” franchise, and I didn’t realize SpongeBob SquarePants is making its spin on such a genre! Based on the episode’s title, “A Cabin in the Kelp” is a parody of the 2011’s2011 horror comedy film, “The Cabin in the Woods.” 

The episode centers on Pearl and her Gal Pals spending their weekend relaxing in a cabin. Pearl has instructed SpongeBob to play silly pranks on them without her friends knowing.

Getting settled in the cabin, the Gal Pals also try to pull an elaborate story to scare Pearl. Sandy gave Pearl a necklace, and with Karen and Mrs. Puff, they told her about a former Gal Pal, Flibberty Gibbet—the owner of the necklace who’s lost roaming in the woods seeking revenge. This immediately scares Pearl, and she quickly throws away the necklace. 

Everyone started laughing because this spooky urban legend was just a fake tale fabricated by the Gal Pals to prank Pearl. However, it seems that the story of Flibberty Gibbet is true. All this time, SpongeBob is still missing! A monster appears; luckily, they run straight to the cabin to escape. 

I just love how this episode ends. SpongeBob arrives at the door, panting while the Gal Pals grab him away from the monster. But guess what? The monster is just a saleslady selling pine cones. Its comical buildup adds an exciting layer, making it a must-watch scary Halloween episode.

spongebob a cabin in the kelp

Ghoul Fools – Season 8, Episode 10

Unsurprisingly, SpongeBob and Patrick always find themselves in the most peculiar situations. In “Ghoul Fools,” the iconic duo came across a boat swarmed with dead pirate ghosts. They met Lord Poltergeist in the haunted boat, which wasn’t a scary-looking ghost, much to my memory. 

The episode showcases five main characters—SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy. They all get to meet Lord Poltergeist because of Mr. Krabs’ selfish looting. Interestingly, the ghost didn’t steal their souls but showed them their worst nightmares and fears! 

Like every Halloween episode, The Flying Dutchman also makes an appearance near the end of the episode. 

spongebob ghoul fools

A Pal for Gary – Season 7, Episode 131b

Some people might ask why I include “A Pal for Gary” in my top list of scariest episodes. Well, it was quite scary to watch as a kid. My younger sister has always told me that this is one of the most terrifying episodes for her. Who wouldn’t be scared seeing Puffy Fluffy’s hair-raising appearance? 

“A Pal for Gary” is actually one of the episodes where I can see that Gary is scared, and he’s not even bluffing! The episode focuses on SpongeBob getting Gary a new pet. He fears that Gary feels lonely with no one to hang out with when he works. 

That’s why he decided to get a new pet to be Gary’s companion; it’s a nudibranch. Despite looking adorably cute, these animals are extremely hostile and vicious, especially among snails. Whenever SpongeBob leaves for work or isn’t around, Puffy fights with Gary and messes the room. This made SpongeBob think that Gary hates Puffy and abuses him, not until he saw Puffy’s creepy look first-hand. 

Seeing Puffy’s look is scary for any kid; who would have thought that a pet would look so menacing and angry? This episode isn’t certainly a Halloween episode, but it gives you the laughs and creeps you’d remember for years.

spongebob a pal for gary

Krabby Patty Creature Feature – Season 11, 222a

Most of the recent SpongeBob episodes really have this layer of horror and adult humor akin to Adult Swim’s cartoon series. One of SpongeBob SquarePants’ most recent horror-esque episodes is “Krabby Patty Creature Feature.” This explores a unique kind of horror that can be frightening for younger audiences. 

While it isn’t a Halloween special, It highlights body horror filled with crazy scary scenes I’ve never seen before in any SpongeBob episode. It starts with the Bottomites craving a new dish. This led to Mr. Krabs forcing SpongeBob and Sandy to create a new version of the Krabby Patty. 

The new Krabby Patty formula is riddled with harrowing ingredients that transform all the residents in Bikini Bottom into literal “Krabby Patty Creatures.” Everyone, including the people inside the Krusty Krabs or outside the streets, mutate into disgustingly weird abominations—which personally looks like a horrific nightmare. 

Before the episode ends, SpongeBob saves the day and turns the Bikini Bottom residents back to their OG bodies. It’s a scary episode, as it gives you a “zombie apocalypse” vibe. 

krabby patty creature feature

I Was a Teenage Gary – Season 1, Episode 13b

Last on the list of scary SpongeBob episodes is “I Was a Teenage Gary.” In the first few scenes, you wouldn’t think that “I Was A Teenage Gary” is a scary episode not until you rewatch it. From the very first season, this episode ultimately stands out as one of the most interesting episodes in the show. It focuses on SpongeBob turning into a snail after Squidward accidentally injects snail plasma into his body. The whole vibe and aesthetic of the episode feel like an 80s horror classic. 

It’s another body horror episode where SpongeBob’s physical features limit his abilities to move and talk. He can only say a comprehensible line, “something is wrong with meowww!” and nothing else. 

Squidward looks quite scared after witnessing such a distorted figure. Because of this, he frantically runs around and accidentally pierces his nose with the plasma syringe. The accident also turned him into a snail. Weirdly, this scary SpongeBob episode is unlike any other as the story ends with a cliffhanger. 

spongebob i was a teenage gary

Scary Characters in SpongeBob SquarePants

Bikini Bottom is riddled with ghosts and urban legends, some of which are downright spine-chilling. Since we have already explored the scariest SpongeBob episodes, it’s time to talk about the scary characters in the show. 

I’m sure you are already familiar with a few names, but there are some horrifying transformations that you might have missed! In this section, I’ll talk about the character’s appearance, personality, and ability. Most importantly, I’ll share the reasons why I find him scary! 

The Flying Dutchman

The first time I saw the Flying Dutchman, I kid you not, I almost peed my pants. LOL. He has this menacing grin that’s comical yet terrifying at the same time. While ghosts typically glow in white, the Flying Dutchman, like most ghouls in the series, has a glowing green body. 

What I love about The Flying Dutchman is his personality; being one of the most powerful ghosts in Bikini Bottom, he gives a few good scares to SpongeBob—which I think is kind of scary and funny at the same time.

The Flying Dutchman’s appearance alone is scary enough; his tornado-like entrance truly gives you the creeps. His green glow and yellow eyes set the tone for his whole personality. He also wears a pirate hat with apparent scratches. Of course, he doesn’t fail to accessorize his outfit with a handbag marked “Souls” and a longsword. 

the flying dutchman spongebob

Hash-Slinging Slasher

Watching “Graveyard Shift” and listening to Squidward’s vivid description of the Hash-Slinging Slasher makes you scared of this urban legend character. The Hash-Slinging Slasher is a make-believe story by Squidward to pass the time during their night shift at Krusty Krabs. His silhouette is undeniably scary. 

In some turn of events, the Hash-Slinging Slasher’s presence is suddenly coming true—the lights start flickering, and a shadow of a man with a spatula arm emerges outside of the restaurant. It might just be a red herring, considering the Hash-Slinging Slasher is just an intern looking for a job. 

hash-slinging slasher


While seeing SpongeBob’s appearance change and transform into something else is no surprise, SpongeSnail’s eerie vibe is among the scariest physical transformations I have ever seen from the titular character. 

SpongeSnail resembles most Bikini Bottom sea snails, except he has square pants for his shell. In this transformation, he got to keep his buck teeth while having extended eye stalks. Seeing him look like a snail sends me chills, especially since the episode already has that horror atmosphere inspired by the 80s Cornberg horror, The Fly. His constant meowing and inability to walk or talk renders an awkwardly sinister vibe. 

spongebob snail

Lord Poltergeist

Lord Poltergeist is also a bizarre ghost who might also have powerful abilities like The Flying Dutchman. Unlike Dutchie, Lord Poltergeist has a blue glow around him. He sports a tattered naval hat with a matching coat. His most notable features are his uneven green eyes and light brown beard. In contrast to most ghosts in Bikini Bottom, Lord Poltergeist has human-like features.

The reason I consider him a scary character is because of his mean and unpredictable personality. He even torments Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward by showing them their worst nightmares. 

lord poltergeist spongebob
Image source: SpongeBob Fandom


Unsurprisingly, Dennis is a vicious, unforgiving, and evil character—considering he is a hired assassin. He is determined to complete every task at hand and does the job at all costs. 

More than anything, he is extremely impatient and hates wasting time. He is a strong, scary villain who doesn’t even think twice about ripping people’s faces. His character is reprised in several movies, games, and books. 

dennis spongebob

Puffy Fluffy

Seemingly innocent Puffy Fluffy is a character who first appeared on “A Pal for Gary.” He is a nudibranch/ Puffy Fluff specie that can quickly transform into a monster whenever provoked.

When he transforms, he looks like a dangerous serpentine, which is ultimately scary and far from his cute and OG form. His color combo and sharp teeth are similar to his OG form, but everything else looks different. He doesn’t have any fur, and his fins turn into clawed hands. The way he looks is diabolical enough, but his personality makes him scarier. He is extremely aggressive and relentless in attacking Gary—wreaking havoc in SpongeBob’s home. 

puffy fluffy spongebob

Krabby Patty Creatures

I could clearly recall how scared my younger sister was after watching the episode “Krabby Patty Creature Feature.” That’s why Krabby Patty Creatures made it to the cut of my scary SpongeBob characters. 

Watching “Krabby Patty Creature Feature” is certainly an experience. It’s like watching a zombie apocalypse movie since the Bikini Bottomites transformed into zombie-like creatures after eating a new Krabby Patty formula. They resemble anthropomorphic Krabby Patties in their usual clothes and physical features.

These creatures move like zombies in hoards, infecting non-infected people by ripping off parts of their bodies. Interestingly, If a non-infected Bottomite swallows a creature, they fuse into one. Yep, you’ve read that right! These creatures are indeed scary! 

krabby patty creatures spongebob

Scary SpongeBob Games

Tracks of Terror

Based on the episode “The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom,” Tracks of Terror is an online game that lets you scare the ghouls and ghosts in Bikini Bottom through a spooky adventure! It’s a free-to-play game filled with fun-packed and freaky roller coaster adventures. 

The game is nothing like the popular horror games like “Amnesia,” “L4D2,” or even “FNaF,” but it’s seriously a thrilling game with simple mechanics. The goal is to avoid every spooky obstacle and creepy ghosts on the roller coaster track to get the highest points. 

If you love creating your own spin of a game, Tracks of Terror also lets you make your roller coaster. You can play this game on Just follow the instructions onscreen and enjoy! 

spongebob squarepants tracks of terror

Nickelodeon Mystery Mansion

Based on the video game Luigi’s Mansion, Nickelodeon Mystery Mansion is a game featuring characters from a couple of Nicktoons shows, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Sanjay and Craig, Brewdwinners, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

It’s also a free-to-play game highlighting a Halloween-themed spooky mansion adventure. You get to play as Sandy Cheeks and fend off spooky ghosts while gathering candies as your reward! It’s an easy game that kids who are fans of Nicktoons will certainly enjoy!

nickelodeon mystery mansion

The True Ingredients  

When it comes to the scariest SpongeBob game, nothing beats “The True Ingredients.” It is a fan-made game created by indie developer RenderPi. The horror game is full of goofy yet unexpected twists. 

You get to play as a customer who visits the Krunchy Kans restaurants, trying to munch on the famous human patty burgers. It has unsettling images of ingredients where ketchup seems to be made from human blood. At its core, “The True Ingredients” explores a storyline of a cannibalistic SpongeBob. It consumes you and feeds you fear. If you’re easily scared or disgusted, I suggest you don’t play the game. 

the true ingredients  

Frequently Asked Questions about Scary SpongeBob 

Question: What is the scariest scene in SpongeBob?

Answer: Personally, I find the episode “I Was A Teenage Gary” the scariest episode. The scene where Squidward and SpongeBob turn into snails is creepy; their grotesque transformation will haunt you in your dreams! Unlike the other horror episodes, this leaves an interesting cliffhanger at the end, where SpongeBob and Squidward remain as snails towards the end.

Question: Who is the scariest SpongeBob character?

Answer: The Flying Dutchman is hands down the scariest character! Whenever he appears on screen, he gives me the chills. I love that he eventually became a recurring character, appearing in 12 episodes such as “Scaredy Pants,” “Seance,” “Shanghaied,” and Arrgh.

Question: What are the signs of the hash-slinging Slasher arriving?

Answer: According to Squidward, there are three signs when the Hash-Slinging Slasher approaches: first, the lights will start flickering. Second, the phone will ring, but nobody is on the other line. Finally, the Hash-Slinging Slasher arrived in a ghost bus that ran him over. 

hash-slinging slasher spongebob

Bottomline: Is SpongeBob Really Scary? 

SpongeBob is unexpectedly filled with scary episodes. Despite being a kid’s show, many people enjoy watching SpongeBob screams in horror—I even enjoy the scary scenes and SpongeBob’s terrified look! 

However, I wouldn’t suggest young kids watch the scary SpongeBob unsupervised. The free-to-play games are really simple, so they’re great for all ages, but “True Ingredients” is extremely disgusting and downright terrifying.  

When it comes to scary SpongeBob episodes, characters, and games, which do you find the scariest? 

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