The Hash Slinging Slasher Guide: The Horrors Of The Hash Slinging Slasher

When I recall those SpongeBob-related memories from my childhood, there’s a whole spectrum of emotions at the back of my brain. Some could argue that the show was only for entertainment and laughs, but I think there was something more significant about it. And for me, it was its dark and gloomy tone.

I know that I am referring to a comedy series. So, don’t get me wrong, I liked the show’s humor to the hilt. But that doesn’t change the fact that certain characters and scenes from specific episodes haunted me in my nightmares for weeks. Therefore, they remain among my fond recollections of the show. But that is not even the most surprising part, as every time I think of how cowardly I was back then, I laugh out loud.

The infamous Hash Slinging Slasher was the first spooky entity I couldn’t get out of my mind for weeks. I remember very well that when I saw him for the first time, I could not sleep for an entire week. He did, however, make some minor appearances throughout the show. Still, his first appearance in the “Graveyard Shift” episode haunted me the most. 

Therefore, I have specially crafted today’s character guide to navigating y’all through my experience with the Hash-slinging Slasher.

Key Information

  • Name: Hash Slinging Slasher
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Fry-cook 
  • Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
  • Related Characters/Connections: Squidward Tentacles, SpongeBob SquarePants
  • First Appearance: In Season 2 and Episode 16a, “Graveyard Shift.”
  • All the places where Slasher was referenced:
      • In “Graveyard Shift,” season 2, episode 16a.
      • SpongeBob’s Truth or Square (game)
      • SpongeBob SquigglePants (game)
      • SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018 (comic)

Hash Slinging Slasher Physical Appearance

Hash Slinging Slasher
Image From Sponge Bob Fandom

The Hash-slinging Slasher is a spectral jet-black figure. He has angry, bleeding eyes that are thirsty for retribution. Additionally, based on his physical makeup, it appears as though his vertebrae overgrew his head and gave him a camel-like hump. And to make his presence all the more frightening, he is seen with a spatula for an arm. His other limbs are also oddly short to the point where he only measures half the size of the glass door of the Krusty Krab. 

However, when he was exposed to light, he appeared as a geeky and calmed marine creature with large nostrils that looked like eyes in the dark. He is also wearing a purple-colored t-shirt, which resembles the ugly Christmas sweaters we all love. A big smile can be seen on his face, and his skin is green with a few dark spots that resembled blackheads.

Hash Slinging Slasher Personality

A Hash-slinging Slasher with bloody eyes and a jet-black body gave off the impression that he was very violent. And based on the tale Squidward recounted about him, he embodied the traits of vengeance to a tee. His eyes revealed his hate for the restaurant with a clear intent to take revenge on everyone who had hurt him. To be honest, that was precisely how I felt about him when I first saw him. 

But as soon as I saw him in the light, my entire opinion of him altered. Like me, he was just an ordinary introverted person. He clearly has social anxiety because he hung up the phone out of anxiousness. Additionally, the fact that he brought a spatula to the job interview demonstrated his resolve and ability for hard labor.

Role In the Series

Hash Slinging Slasher
Image From SpongeBob Fandom

In the SpongeBob SquarePants series, Hash-slinging Slasher does have a few minor appearances in which he is primarily labeled as one of the antagonists. But as his true identity is revealed, he ends up just an average Bikini Bottom citizen.

First Appearance “Graveyard Shift”

Hash-slinging slasher makes his first appearance in season 2, episode 16a, “Graveyard Shift.” In the episode, a dark and scary version of Krusty Krab is revealed, amongst which the Slasher also plays a vital role in driving the whole vibe.

But to fully understand the magnitude of his appearance, let me dive into some gloomy details to give you a good understanding of what actually happened on that one unfaithful night.

Krabs Finds Out He’s Losing Out On Money

I have always observed that something bizarre would happen later in the show whenever an episode starts with the infamous Krusty Krab. And my suspicion is correct when this one episode begins with Squidward closing the restaurant. 

A huge smile can be seen on Squidward’s face. And the reason for that rare joyous look wasn’t only the closing hours; my boy had a hot date with a lady named Clarinet. However, if I consider all previous experiences of Squidward throughout the show, this date was also not going to go well.

And this time, obstruction appeared in the form of a customer. The customer asked him if they were open, to which he told him to read that “CLOSED” sign. But Tom, the customer, ignored it and placed an order. He asked for Krabby Patty Deluxe and double chili kelp fries. But Squidward just replied that he got a life and can’t be at the restaurant all night long.

However, Tom said it was okay if he didn’t want money. But as soon as the word “Money” was uttered, I knew Mr. Krab would do anything in his power to fetch it. Therefore, to not let this opportunity get out of hand, he came out of nowhere and fell on Squidward, crushing him to the ground.

Krusty Krabs Is Open 24/7

Krusty Krabs
Image From SpongeBob Fandom

Mr. Krab’s obsession with money had ruined so many things, and now Squidward’s date was added to that list. He asked Tom if they stayed open, would they give money? But what worsened the situation was not only the positive answer; there were also other customers waiting outside with their cash out. Therefore, Mr. Krabs announced that from now onwards, the restaurant will stay open 24/7. 

Now, Squidward had to work with SpongeBob during the night. And here originated the arrival of the anticipated Hash-slinging Slasher. I believe that a Hash-slinging slasher would have never existed if Mr. Krabs had not made the restaurant services available 24/7. So, I could solely blame him for ruining my sleep schedule.

Unlike Squidward, SpongeBob, the epitome of a workaholic, was enthusiastic upon hearing this news of a never-ending working hours scheme. I wonder if that changed with the arrival of the Slasher.

Mr. Krab, on the other hand, after throwing his employees into the situation, just leaves the scene by declaring that he has a life to live. Implying that SpongeBob and Squidward had none. Now, these poor lads must work all the time or be fired. SpongeBob returned to the kitchen delightedly, with the delusions that the night would be like a sleepover. At the same time, Squidward went back to his counter.

Squidward asks Tom to hit him with a baseball because he can’t cope with this reality. On the other hand, SpongeBob was doing all the regular boring stuff. Still, he added the “at night” phrase at the end of every sentence to make it seem exciting. It was all fun until Squidward asked him to take out the trash.

SpongeBob Wasn’t As Fond Of Dark As It Seemed

Now that “at night” phrase lost all its charm for him when he realized that with night, darkness also arrives. Upon this realization, the look on his face had me let out an ugly laugh. But what came next had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Now Squidward knew that in reality, SpongeBob is afraid of darkness. Thus, he taunted SpongeBob by saying that he thought he liked the dark.

Nevertheless, SpongeBob wanted to prove himself brave. So, he buckled up to get ready to throw out the trash. It was pretty bold of him to think that he could do it. However, the formulation of this act, in reality, was highly unexpected. I thought he would go out, throw the trash, and return to the restaurant with courage. But he ran with all his power, screaming to the trash can and back to the restaurant, bluntly showing how big of a baby he actually was. But as he enters the restaurant, he acts all normal and starts working like he didn’t just embarass himself.

The Origin Of Hash Slinging Slasher

Hash Slinging Slasher
Image From SpongeBob Fandom

However, Squidward knew precisely what to do to scare the crap out of SpongeBob. Therefore, he decided to tell a fake story. And that’s how he unintentionally introduced us to the highly anticipated, infamous new character, the Hash-slinging Slasher. 

To make it sound authentic, he even first hesitated to tell this story as it would apparently ruin the night shift for SpongeBob, but SpongeBob insisted. And there the story begins, the origin of the Hash-slinging Slasher. Squidward came up with this name right on the spot; ironically, it actually sounds like a serial killer. 

However, this name is a severe tongue twister that SpongeBob tried to say multiple times and failed. It’s even worse than that “She sells sea shells on the sea shore” phrase for me.

Squidward gave up trying to correct him and continued the rest of the story. He said that people could only reach the first syllable of his name before he got them. SpongeBob was so intrigued that he urged Squidward to tell him the rest of it. Personally, I got scared only by the way Squidward was delivering such a made-up story and with that dramatic music in the background. 

Squidward Goes Into The Haunted Bits Of His Story

Nonetheless, he continued. He said that Hash-slinging once worked at Krusty-Krab as a fry cook, just like SpongeBob. But one day, while cutting the patties, something horrific happened. As Squidward was trying to grow suspense, SpongeBob struck Squidward with multiple dumb questions. Did he forget the secret sauce, or forgot to wash his hands, or was it the rare potions? Really goes to show SpongeBob’s priorities. 

But Squidward just ignores the comments and keeps narrating. He said that while cutting the patties, he cut off one hand. This twist was supposedly the scary part, but it didn’t surprise SpongeBob at all. In fact, he started pulling his arms out of the socket to make fun of the situation, and each time it grew back. Then Squidward played the right card by saying that Hash’s arm didn’t grow back, and he used a spatula as a replacement. 

It didn’t stop here; Squidward further added that he got hit by a bus. And then ended up getting fired at his own funeral. Consequently, to exact his terrible retribution, his ghost makes a comeback to the Krusty Krab every Tuesday. Hearing this, SpongeBob starts trembling with fear, especially when he realizes that today’s Tuesday. Talk about working on the wrong day of the week.

The Three Prophecies

The Three Prophecies
Image From SpongeBob Fandom

But this story keeps on getting worse. Upon SpongeBob’s question about how’d we know he will come, Squidward stated three prophecies to be fulfilled before the Hash-slinging Slasher’s ultimate arrival. At first, the lights will start flickering on their own. Then, the phone will ring, and no one will answer upon picking up. Lastly, the Hash-slinging Slasher will arrive as a ghost on the bus that ran it over. 

These prophecies were the last straw for me. The moment he was done telling these prophecies, I knew I would be up all night throughout the whole week. Similarly, SpongeBob was also terrified from head to toe, biting his nails and eating the arms he had pulled out from his socket before. 

Squidward also mentions that Hash-slinging Slasher crosses the road without looking left or right because he’s already dead. (I wouldn’t recommend you do the same.) He then approaches the window and starts tapping it with his spatula. After which, he just enters the restaurant and slowly approaches the counter. 

With all the instruments playing in the background, the suspense in this story was at its highest. Finally, Squidward asked SpongeBob, “Do you want to know what happens next?” towards the conclusion of this tale. The narrative finished with Squidward sneaking up on SpongeBob and tapping him on the back, saying, “He gets ya.” 

When Squidward touched SpongeBob, it appeared as though SpongeBob had started shouting at the top of his lungs and had entered a psychotic episode. However, his shouts were so bizarrely loud that they gave the impression that he was experiencing extremely loud hiccups. At that precise moment, I realized that Squidward’s plot to frighten SpongeBob had been sufficiently successful.

But later, to calm SpongeBob down, Squidward had to reassure him that it was only a joke. It was becoming increasingly annoying for him to hear those ominous hiccups. Also, even the idea of a guy with a spatula as an alternative to a hand is pretty absurd. So, I sighed with relief that I hadn’t seen that Hash-slinging Slasher on screen. Similarly, SpongeBob was also relieved, which was indicated when his scream-hiccups transformed into laugh-hiccups. Unfortunately, it was still very annoying.

The New “OPEN FOREVER” Signboard

But the night was still young, and who knew what it would bring besides its darkness. The exterior of The Krusty Krab also seemed to change, as new LED signage was installed which said: “OPEN FOREVER.” But these were also seen flickering, probably because Mr. Krabs bought used bulbs. It felt like an opening of a horror movie with an aura like something was coming for them, maybe a Slasher or two.

As the scene proceeds, Squidward can be seen reading a book on his counter as there is no one to serve. And then, suddenly, he feels water trickling on him and hears unsettling noises, but he is unsure what they are. However, in actuality, it was SpongeBob trying to clean the ceiling. It shows that both of them had nothing to do at this point, so they were finding ways to get themselves engaged. 

Squidward, however, found it annoying that they had to labor through the night even though there were no clients there. Who, in his opinion, would want a Krabby Patty at three in the morning? I believed Patrick would be the only one to act foolishly like that, and my assumptions proved accurate. Patrick did receive a little amount of screen time to demonstrate his foolishness, notably waking up at 3 am to eat his Krabby Patty. 

The Fulfillment Of The Prophecies Started

Now comes the part of the episode that the new me was trying to watch and avoid simultaneously. And it began to happen, something I had feared since Squidward began disclosing those prophecies: the fulfillment of prophecies. The lights started flickering; it could have been some nasty trick, as Squidward initially thought and blamed SpongeBob for such an act. But SpongeBob was just holding his Mop in one hand and a bucket full of water in the other. 

Then Squidward tried to make fun of the prophecies that were supposedly made up until he realized that he was standing close to the switch and no one was flickering it. It stunned him, but he tried to ignore it by explaining that this place isn’t built up to run 24/7 — but the first prophecy was fulfilled.

Then the phone began to ring, but when Squidward picked it up, no one was at the other end. And like this, the second prophecy was also fulfilled. SpongeBob makes fun of Squidward as he walks up to the counter. However, Squidward was unaware that his made-up predictions were coming true. That is until SpongeBob mentioned the phone-ringing sign that would occur before the appearance of the Hash-slinging Slasher.

Squidward tried to remember his predictions on the coming of the Hash-slinging Slasher as he was now visibly shocked. The lights flickered, a phone call went unanswered, and finally, the wall started oozing green slime. Ah, but! The last prophecy was about to be fulfilled directly in front of his eyes; thus, it was too late for him to realize that this oozing green slime wasn’t one of the predictions.

So, when the last assumption finally hit his mind, he looked to the window with eyes popped out with terror and fear. Now, he was sure as ever that the Hash-slinging Slasher was coming. And it happened, a bus arrived with a fog around it, indicating that it came straight from the ghost town. 

SpongeBob still felt like it was all a play because no sign of terror could be seen on his face. But Squidward knew that it was happening in reality. And I was just as frightened as him, if not more. But what almost made me hide under my bed was the moment when the ghost bus dropped off the hash-slinging Slasher. 

The Anticipated Arrival Of The Infamous Hash Slinging Slasher

Squidward was terrified as soon as he caught his first glimpse of him. There he was, standing on the other side of the road, a jet-black ghostly figure with bloody red eyes and a rusty spatula that substitutes for his left hand. Squidward screamed as soon as he realized that his invented tale had come to pass since he now knew that The Hahs-slinging Slasher’s next move would be retaliation.

Strangely enough, instead of being terrified when SpongeBob first saw the Hash-slinging Slasher, he immediately began to cry out of joy. His delusions made him think Squidward would dress up as a Hash-slinging slasher to entertain him, ignoring that Squidward was standing beside him. So Squidward made him realize that one person cannot exist in two places simultaneously. And it was the final straw for SpongeBob, causing his heart to skip a beat.

The Hash-slinging Slasher approached the counter while SpongeBob and Squidward were trembling with fear. Squidward told SpongeBob that he never really truly hated him, and SpongeBob said what I expected him to; he cracked a joke right in the middle of such a difficult situation, making me laugh for a second. But still, it didn’t change the fact that both of them were domed. 

Talk About A Twisted Yet Happy Ending

Hash Slinging Slasher
Image From SpongeBob Fandom

Now was the moment when it was all about to end, but something unexpected happened. As Hash-slinging approached the counter, the light around the counter revealed his true identity. He was no such demonic identity as he seemed in the dark; instead, he was just a regular sea creature of Bikini Bottom. 

He seemed pretty nerdy and came to the Krusty Krab because he wanted a job. He also cleared that he brought his own spatula for the job and even called earlier but hung up because he was nervous. I would have never imagined that this nerd would make me jump out of my skin. So, the last two prophecies of the arrival of the non-existent Hash-slinging Slasher turned out just to be delusions.

But who was causing the lights to flicker? The fact that Nosferatu was ultimately responsible for it was the aspect that caught everyone off guard the most. Even though he was only having fun, the way the episode concluded terrified me and the characters tremendously. However, I forgive him because the entire episode seemed like a free trip to a haunted house. 

My Opinion About Hash Slinging Slasher

Hash-slinging Slasher was among those memories from my childhood that I remember like it was yesterday. The top reason for this character’s unique place in my mind is its horrifying personality. It haunted my pre-mature brain back in the day. 

But I was relieved when I found out that it wasn’t actually a serial killer or something. It was just a regular sea creature of Bikini Bottom that appeared horrifying in the dark. I was just too fast to judge when I should have waited. But anyhow, I still prefer the hash-slinging Slasher in the light rather than in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What actually is the Hash Slinging Slasher?

Answer: Hash Slinging Slasher first appeared to be a ghostly entity when it first appeared in the “Graveyard Shift” episode. But later, it was revealed that he was a fish named Richard.

Question: Was Hash Slinging Slasher responsible for the flickering of lights?

Answer: Although the flickering of lights was supposed to be a prophecy for the arrival of Hash Slinging Slasher, it was the doing of Nosferatu.

Question: Was Hash Slinging Slasher evil?

Answer: According to Squidward’s story, the Hash Slinging slasher was supposed to be evil and sought to seek vengeance. But actually, it was only a fish seeking a job.

Hash Slinging Slasher Character Guide: Summing Up

If I think back to my initial reaction to the hash-slinging Slasher, I would say that I was horrified by his appearance. Red eyes, a mysterious black figure, and an iron spatula functioning as a hand. I had the impression that Squidward and SpongeBob were about to experience some dreadful fate. 

And based on the tale Squidward shared, he sought retribution from everyone connected to that restaurant. Even if I thought what occurred to him was unfair, that didn’t give him license to hurt everyone he could find at the restaurant. Because of this, I initially despised him, but his visibility in the light changed my mind. 

He turned out to be merely a regular fish that goes by the name Richard. Not only did he appear to be the epitome of a nerd, but his broad smile and glasses only emphasized his sweet demeanor. He was out there late at night looking for work, which suggested that he most likely suffered from social anxiety. He hung up the phone earlier for that reason too. And if I had to sum up how I felt about him,I’d say I recognized myself in him.

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