Muscle Arms SpongeBob Guide: MuscleBob BuffPants

SpongeBob SquarePants is amongst Nickelodeon’s most popular cartoons and is my all-time favorite cartoon. There is hardly anyone nowadays who hasn’t heard of this funny and cheerful square sponge known as SpongeBob SquarePants. As a child, SpongeBob SquarePants was the cartoon I looked forward to watching every morning.

SpongeBob SquarePants brings back some of the best childhood memories for me.

What makes this cartoon so special? Well, SpongeBob is funny and adorable, and every character in SpongeBob SquarePants is unique and adds humor to the cartoon. The Muscle Arms SpongeBob episode is one of my favorites. Watching SpongeBob live his short 5 minutes of fame as “MuscleBob BuffPants” is hilarious. SpongeBob wants to become a macho-man so severely, but his thin spongy arms might not allow that.

Without further ado, let’s hop into this muscle arms SpongeBob guide filled with fun moments and lots of muscles!

Bottom Line Up Front

In the episode “MuscleBob BuffPants” from season 1 of SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob wears inflatable muscles so he can impress Sandy. Everyone is surprised by SpongeBob’s sudden muscles, which are bulkier than all the gym freaks in Bikini Bottom, including Larry the Crab.

When Sandy meets SpongeBob, she is happy and surprised to see his muscular body. Sandy becomes excited and signs SpongeBob for the 8th Annual Anchor Toss Competition. However, things do not turn out well for SpongeBob at the competition.

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The Muscle Arms look very bulky and pinkish. The size of the inflatable arms can be increased depending on the amount of air blown into them. These arms have a “normal” feature in which they look like regular muscular arms, “veiny” feature in which the arms have multiple veins on them, and “hairy” feature in which the arms have hair on them.

Plot Summary

Spongebob’s Workout Routine

At the start of his day, SpongeBob poses in front of the mirror as he prepares to make his body muscular. He starts exercising with his stuffed animal barbell weights, and after a lot of difficulty, he can only lift them over his head and falls immediately afterward. At that exact moment, Sandy enters, and SpongeBob begins to show him the so-called “muscles” on his thin arms while also showing off his “weight set.”

Sandy tells SpongeBob that he cannot develop any muscles unless he starts training with Sandy’s training program. SpongeBob becomes excited as he starts imagining himself in situations such as catching jellyfish, flipping burgers, and sleeping in his muscular body. He agrees to start training with Sandy by coming to her treedome at 5 am.

Sandy’s Workout Routine

At Sandy’s treedome, Sandy makes SpongeBob go through various intense warm-up exercises such as push-ups, boxing, and even running on a huge hamster wheel — each of which leads to SpongeBob’s arms getting separated from his body. However, Sandy doesn’t stop there. She takes the exhausted SpongeBob to have a real workout after this warm-up. Finally, she brings SpongeBob to the arm-cruncher, which’s sight is scary enough to drive away SpongeBob instantly.

spongebob imagines himself as a muscleman

Muscle Arms

The exhausted SpongeBob lay in his bed, distressed over how difficult it was to work out. Suddenly, he heard a voice from the Television, which gave him the relief he desperately wanted. Unfortunately, it was a voice addressing him as a wimp and advertising the Anchor Arms.

These inflatable sets of muscles served as a balloon, making your arms look muscular. The shark earned SpongeBob’s heart by comparing his old, skinny, wimp-self to his current self, which is muscular due to the Anchor Arms. SpongeBob is determined to get his hands on these muscles.

Later on, SpongeBob wears the Anchor Arms and reaches Mussel Beach. Everyone there is working out so hard to become bulky, but when they see SpongeBob, their eyes open wide with surprise. Everyone follows SpongeBob to the Juice Bar as his new fans wish to know more about his workout routine. Sandy reaches the Juice Bar and is surprised to see SpongeBob with massive muscles. Sandy joins the crowd, asking SpongeBob about his secret workout routine, which gave him these muscles.

SpongeBob is intimidated by the crowd wanting to know about his non-existent workout routine. Luckily, SpongeBob fools everyone by demonstrating arm farts as his secret routine. Sandy congratulates SpongeBob for finding a workout routine that suits him and asks him to test his muscle strength by participating in the Annual Anchor Toss competition conducted on the same day.

While SpongeBob is distracted by this conversation, a drink is placed in his hands, which he cannot pick up. Sandy becomes determined to enter SpongeBob’s name for the competition despite his hesitance. She goes outside to sign-up SpongeBob, and SpongeBob wants to follow her to stop her, but he is stuck because of the juice placed on his hand. SpongeBob finally reaches Sandy after the waiter takes the drink from his hand, but it’s too late as Sandy has already entered his name.

strong spongebob can't take glass of juice

8th Annual Anchor Toss Competition

At the Anchor Toss competition, all the muscular residents of Bikini Bottom are present and preparing for the challenge. SpongeBob is nervous about the competition, but when Sandy asks him, he tells her he’s ready and begins to blow air into his inflatable muscles.

Soon, the competition starts, and Don the Whale throws the anchor 200 yards. The next participant, Larry the Lobster, throws the Anchor 210 yards away. Finally, Sandy takes the lead by throwing the anchor 510 yards away, asking SpongeBob to beat this record.

SpongeBob’s turn is next. The whole crowd is filled with his new fans, who are chanting his name with excitement. SpongeBob tries to lift the anchor but gets pushed under it instead. However, he plays it off as a joke, and everyone laughs. SpongeBob then decides not to give up and give it a try once again.

He blows his inflatable arms to the max level and tries to pick up the anchor again, only for the arms to burst from the pressure. The crowd realized SpongeBob’s arms were fake and began to chant Sandy’s name instead. Sandy is disappointed in SpongeBob for faking his muscles and finding an easy way out rather than doing hard work.

spongebob and his fake muscle hands

Spongebob’s New Workout

By the end of the episode, SpongeBob is seen back in the treedome, doing his new workout. Sandy gave him the task of pressing the tv button 100 times while expressing her happiness in finding suitable training for him. Finally, after using all his strength to reach a hundred clicks, SpongeBob’s arms become exhausted and fall off, and he asks Sandy to pick them up.

Key Facts

• Season no. 1.
• Release date: October 2, 1999 (US)
• Featured Characters: SpongeBob SquarePants, Larry the Lobster, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward Tentacles, Gary the Snail, and Shark nerd.
• At SpongeBob’s Top 100 event in UK and Ireland, “MuscleBob BuffPants” received a #9 ranking.

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Question: What were SpongeBob Muscle Arms Called?

Answer: SpongeBob’s Muscle Arms were called “Anchor Arms.”

Question: Why did SpongeBob lose the Anchor Toss competition?

Answer: SpongeBob lost the Anchor Toss competition because his muscular arms only made his arms look bigger; they did not give him any real strength. Hence, SpongeBob did not have the natural strength required to lift the anchor.

Question: Why did SpongeBob wear the Muscles Arms?

Answer: SpongeBob wore the Muscle Arms because he wanted to look muscular while doing daily tasks such as making Krabby Patties. Moreover, he wanted to gain appreciation from Sandy and prove to her that he is muscular without going through her tedious workout routine.

spongebob training

Remarks about the Episode

The episode of ‘Muscle Arms’ is a fun addition to the SpongeBob series of episodes. First, it shows the audience a unique side of SpongeBob where he is a muscular man loved by everyone, even if his fanbase was short-lived.

Second, it proves that nothing can beat hard work, and people’s fraud will be disclosed at some point. Nevertheless, watching SpongeBob live his muscular boy dream was a fun experience. Moreover, the episode shows Sandy’s commendable devotion toward SpongeBob and her friendship.

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