A Comprehensive SpongeBob SquarePants Doodlebob Guide

Fun, jolly, and full of life, no, I am not defining SpongeBob; that’s just me. I am the kind of guy who loves to enjoy watching other people’s happiness, but that also makes me cry at their despair. So, it is tough for me to start a cartoon or series based on a sad and depressing storyline. Thank God! That’s not something SpongeBob features, and its lively characters make up such an amusing flow that growing up, they became the basis of developing my sense of humor.

And even now, the series hasn’t left my life, and I still watch it on weekends with my cousins. Saying that, just last week, I rewatched the episode “Frankendoodle.” It gave me a chance to be reintroduced to DoodleBob, and without a doubt, the character made the episode super fun to watch. I looked up other episodes where he makes a comeback and watched them all too.

He is a fun character that adds a unique flair to the jolly environment of the series. He’s the perfect contrast to SpongeBob, and all his appearances are a roller coaster of madness. If you also want to experience it with me, keep doodling; I mean reading.

spongebob draws himself

SpongeBob SquarePants Doodlebob Guide: Bottom Line Upfront

DoodleBob is one of the fan-favorite villains in the series. I love his character for the funny language he speaks, his devilish deeds, and the way he wants to establish his existence. I believe he is a nice take on the creation, taking over the creator theme. We see it often with AI and robots, but seeing it with a doodle in SpongeBob made it so fun and exciting to watch.

Key Character Information

  • Name: DoodleBob
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Doodle
  • Occupation: Krusty Krab Employee (in Hero’s Choice)
  • Residence: DoodleBob’s house, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean, Bikini Doodle
  • Related Characters/Connections: Mini DoodleBobs, SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Pets: Doodle Gary
  • First Appearance: Season #2, Episode #34b
  • List of Episodes the Character Appeared in: Frankendoodle, Doodle Dimension, Bottle Burglars, The Nitwitting 

Frankendoodle: The Birth of DoodleBob

The Artist at Sea

As the usual bubbles rise above the screen, a weird presentation is portrayed in front of my eyes. And saying that I was surprised to see the unfamiliar visual tone would be an understatement. The scene opens up with the camera pointed at a confused artist in the middle of the sea. 

And as we zoom towards his boat, his unraveling thoughts seem to form a picture. As he kisses his pencil and starts drawing on his canvas in an overly enthusiastic manner. But his art doesn’t last long, as he loses his grip on the pencil, which falls into the water. Even though the scene is set in quite the real world, I was still amazed at how the goofy and over-the-top physics were still portrayed at the moment. But I guess this is the true SpongeBob fashion. 

The artist then tries to get back his pencil by displacing the water with his hand. Even though the pencil had already sunk deep into the sea, something he knew pretty well. And as the French narrator reminds us, the most essential rule of the sea is to bring an extra pencil. The artist starts yelling as the camera rolls back to capture the entire essence of his anger.

artist at sea

What Is That?

After the mishap at the boat, the scene cuts to the usual animated look I was waiting for. The small pencil is now flying downwards into the depths of the sea, appearing quite a bit larger than its previous appearance. 

After this, the camera rolls towards SpongeBob and Patrick. As both are seen playing rock paper scissors with their soap bubbles. And if you are wondering, that looks fun, I have tried it, and it doesn’t work in real life. Ignoring the depressing reality, both play a couple of rounds, which are cut short by the arrival of the pencil. 

The pencil comes in fast, then lands in the sand in the middle of them both. And witnessing the unruly event, both started screaming and running around. I don’t know about you, but I would have done the same. 

In the end, both take cover behind SpongeBob’s pineapple house and try to ask themselves what the big thing could be. It is then SpongeBob who realizes that it is just a giant pencil, as he goes on to touch it to confirm his suspicion. And he is proven right upon further inspection, after which he quickly takes it out of the sand and plans to draw some large pictures with it. 

huge pencil

It’s Magic!

Now here comes our intelligent hero, Patrick. Soon Patrick joins Mr. SquarePants, but SpongeBob has to push him back, saying that he can’t concentrate with him breathing down his back. At which Patrick gives a murky look and addresses him as an artist. As we mostly see Patrick’s over-the-top foolish side, it was funny for once to hear this sophisticated remark. But the comments don’t end there, as Patrick keeps giving notes on SpongeBob’s art.

SpongeBob bluntly ignores the comments saying that everyone’s a critic these days. This series of statements may have gone over the head of five-year-old me, but watching it again as an adult, I see what the writers were trying to imply. Amongst the futile discussion, Patrick realizes that the jellyfish that SpongeBob drew is coming to life.

And as he tells this to SpongeBob, he starts thinking that Patrick is just complementing the picture and begins to smile in a relatively smug manner. SpongeBob soon realizes Patrick’s meaning behind the last remarks and starts inquiring about their recent discovery. But Patrick quickly answers that SpongeBob’s drawing can never be hung in a museum. Well, I guess SpongeBob and Squidward have something in common.

SpongeBob quickly corrects him and declares that they have found a magic pencil. Although this scene is full of funny references to art, I mostly liked the random lines and sprinkles of severe yet childish humor in Patricks and SponeBob’s speech. 

magic pencil

Patrick’s Only Dream

As both SpongeBob and Patrick have already discovered the wonders of the “Magic Pencil.” They are now ready to test it out and have a little fun. The first wish is from Patrick as he asks for a magic mustache. And it isn’t long before SpongeBob draws him one on his face. But also doesn’t stay long, and as soon as Patrick celebrates his good life, the mustache flies away. I guess it was looking more like a crow anyway.

One Starfish’s Mustache Is Another Squid’s Hair

As the mustache leaves the previous scene, we see it flying in front of Squidward’s house. And as Squiadward’s window is already open, we can hear him praising his beauty, saying that the only thing he misses is hair. Talk about blowing your own clarinet, don’t you think?

And as we peak into his room, we see him sitting in front of a mirror, still naming the pros. But we all know self-praise is no recommendation. When Patrick’s magic mustache comes flying into Squidward’s room straight onto his head. Watching this five-year-old probably started to ask for a cameo in the next SpongeBob episode, let’s just say I am still waiting for the call. 

Patrick Draws Doodleward

Now the camera again shifts to SpongeBob and Patrick, from whom the latter asks to play with the pencil as it’s his turn. At which, SpongeBob tells him the importance of the pencil and mentions the responsibility of becoming an artist. He was about to deny Patrick’s request, but then Patrick pulled out the old, “I am just going to draw a cartoon.” Which was enough to convince him, I guess.

Patrick immediately starts drawing on the sand. And as SpongeBob peaks from behind, he admires that Patrick is also making a jellyfish. I would say it had the general structure but wouldn’t dare to call it a jellyfish because of its grumpy looks. Almost reminded of a very angry octopus. 

Whole and behold, I was right, as Patrick reveals to SpongeBob that he’s drawing Squidward. And as the drawing ends, the doddle comes to life and starts cursing them both. I found it so cute that just the looks gave him the same grumpiness as Squidward. Of course, SpongeBob and Patrick also don’t just stand there and start calling it creepy. I guess he hears that as he starts running away.

But they quickly realize they can’t let it go into town. So Patrick, the open-minded starfish in this scene, erases the doodle with the eraser on the pencil’s back. I knew the concept of an eraser when I was five but seeing how fast Patrick came up with the idea was just out of the sea

patrick drew squidward

Squidward’s Misery

After they know the true potential of the pencil, SpongeBob’s brain hatches an idea as he takes it and goes on to fulfill his vision. I didn’t realize SpongeBob’s brain could do so; what can I say. After this, we see them both running towards Squidward’s house and drawing a dollar on his welcome matt. SpongeBob also attaches a string to go with it and goes into hiding with Patrick. 

Then we are again transported inside Squidward’s house, where we see the owner wearing a formal black suit and even a monocle to go with the look. Planning to go on a stroll around the park to show his new lustrous hair. But his excitement is cut short as the prankster duo rings his doorbell and asks for him in a relatively funny tone. Squidward, the grumpy kind, quickly realizes that it’s SpongeBob and goes to open the door while yelling. 

But when he opens the door, he doesn’t see anybody except the dollar bill they had drawn. And he starts to lean to grab the bill. Justifying that someone must have left it for him to get his perm. Someone must tell him you at least need a full head of hair rather than just a mustache for a perm.

But even that is lost when SpongeBob pulls the dollar, making Squidward trip. Here his suppose hair also falls from his head and then goes on to fly away like before. And as Squidward sees this, he just goes back into his house while saying SpongeBob in a cursing tone. Of course, the comedic duo is left laughing hysterically. Honestly, I felt terrible for the poor octopus in this scene, just not enough to stop laughing. 

squidward intends to pick up a buck

The Dark SpongeBob: DoodleBob

Now, as the excitement between SpongeBob and Patrick slowly settle, the former has another idea for a prank. He draws a copy of himself on the sand with the help of the magic pencil. And to no one surprise, the doodle comes to life. And although SpongeBob references the doodle as a doll, I found it a little too scary for that. Mainly because of the disoriented eyes and crooked fingers.

SpongeBob also adds a tie to the doodle’s attire, if he could only add a personality too. Soon the DoodbleBob started to make weird noises, which even my top translators couldn’t decipher. And as if the doodle had already read the mind of SpongeBob and Patrick, he goes toward Squidward’s house. At the same time, the duo keeps laughing, seeing their creation. 

DoodleBob then knocks on Squidward’s door, and when the latter comes out, still angry about his mustache, he grabs him by the feet and starts smacking his head multiple times on the sea floor. On the other hand, Patrick keeps laughing, seeing DoodleBob beating Squidward. But soon, even he realizes the severity of the situation, as SpongeBob goes on to stop DoodleBob in his act. 

DoodleBob stops but not without stealing the pencil from SpongeBob and Patrick’s hand and knocking them both over. In the end, both are left in awe as SpongeBob questions what he has done. If I am being honest, seeing DoodbleBob’s actions wasn’t much of a surprise to me as I could see his intention the moment I set my eyes on him.

DoodleBob’s Pineapple House

Now the scene shifts to an open field, with only flower bushes in sight. Where both SpongeBob and Patrick are seen questioning themselves about DoodleBob’s location. And it isn’t long before Patrick notices a poorly drawn pineapple in the distance. Wow, who would have thought DoodleBob has the same taste in fruits as SpongeBob.

Now learning about the recent revelation, SpongeBob plans to go check it out. But Patrick, on the other hand, hides in a bush as he’s too afraid of DoodleBob. Can’t hate him for that; I would be too. Seeing this, SpongeBob jumps in the bush too and starts to encourage him. And they both begin taking baby steps toward the house. But end up in a hole just dug or, should I say, drawn by DoodbleBob.


DoodleBob Doodles with His Own Creators

After regaining their senses, they realize that they are in a pit. And as they look up, they see DooddleBob standing and watching down upon them, who also breaks into a speech of unknown origins. Since the start of the episode, I wasn’t much bothered by DoodleBob’s strange language. Still, at this moment, even I wanted to know what he was trying to say with such passion. 

I guess SpongeBob did understand him as it ignited a fire inside him, and he stood up, asking Patrick to give him a lift. But Patrick argues that they should stay down there, where it is safe. But he soon realizes his mistake as a heavy hand-drawn wrench is thrown down on his head. This breaks his character, transforming him into a plumber longing to fix a leak. 

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t control myself at this point and ended up breaking into a state of euphoria. After Patrick pulls himself together, he and SpongeBob peak outside the pit to check DoodleBob. But the latter stops them by drawing a bowling ball on a rock, which he then tosses towards Patrick. Who reacts by transforming into a bowling pin, giving DoodbleBob a strike. 

But the ball doesn’t just stop there and again falls on Patrick. And as SpongeBob ask if he’s OK, he utters, “Finland!” He’s like, don’t worry. Now DoodleBob again catches our attention as he starts shouting in the same weird language while holding up the magic pencil. And then goes on to run in the extended field ahead. If I had to guess, he was probably running to Finland.

DoodleBob Is Gone, Or Is He?

In the next scene, SpongeBob and Patrick are seen at the location where DoodleBob’s horrific sounds can be heard. And as they start peaking from a small hill, they eventually spot him playing with the pencil. From here, Patrick begins to mention the things he hates about DoodleBob. From his big round eyes, his square body, the two buck teeth, and even his stupid tie. And as SpongeBob ahems, Patrick realizes his mistake and says these look good on SpongeBob. What a hypocrite!

Their attention is again caught by DoodbleBob, who starts to put down the pencil, so SpongeBob devises to surprise him at the count of three. But Patrick, still the bonehead, thinks they are throwing him a surprise party and starts asking if it’s his birthday. Unfortunately, before SpongeBob could correct him, DoddleBob crashes the fun. 

He throws SpongeBob away, while Patrick wishes him a Happy Birthday, even giving him a rock as a present. But I guess only starfish prefer those sorts of gifts as DoodbleBob just smashes the rock on Patrick’s head. But Patrick still responds by saying, “you’re welcome,” a gentleman indeed.

DoodbleBob again starts running, but this time SpongeBob stops him in his tracks with the help of the pencil. And threatens to erase him from existence but not before asking for his last words. DoodbleBob bluntly starts yelling, but as SpongeBob doesn’t understand him, he ends up erasing his face altogether. 

This leads DoodleBob to run into a wall, allowing SpongeBob to start erasing him with a firing passion. And after the deed is done, SpongeBob even references himself as the “Destroyer of Evil.” Patrick replies that it was just a drawing, but I don’t think he’s allowed to make that remark, especially after his beating from the same doodle. And as both leave the premises thinking it over, a hand drawing that survived erasing emerges, signifying it’s not. 

doodlebob is going to throw spongebob away

The Return of DoodleBob

Now, as the sun settles down and the night falls, we are taken in front of the SpongeBob residence. Where we can hear SpongeBob telling his pet Gary how exciting his day was. But an underlying sadness can also be heard in tone, as he misses DoodleBob, who he mentions was like a son to him. But as we zoom out of his face, we see SpongeBob has decorated his room like a palace. This makes me wonder if he was really as sad as he sounds.

After the decoration, SpongeBob releases a sigh of relief as he’s still happy that everything is back to normal, or is it? SpongeBob then jumps on his bed, wishes his prince Gary a good night, and then tucks himself and the pencil into bed. 

Not long after this, the hand emerges on a rock formation outside his house. And although it doesn’t have a mouth, I could still hear it laughing while plotting its next move.

The hand moves towards SpongeBob’s front porch and into his home through the front door. He is really not afraid of no one at this point. Then we see him moving from room to room, turning on the lights, until he goes to the toilet, where we just hear him flushing a toilet. I guess SpongeBob forgot to do that before going to sleep.

Then we finally see the hand enter SpongeBob’s bedroom. And without wasting any time, it grabs the pencil and proceeds to draw itself whole again. And I guess the doodling sounds were loud enough to wake SpongeBob from his slumber and catch DoodleBob in the act. But it was already too late, and SpongeBob couldn’t do anything other than crack a half-bad joke. 

Soon DoodleBob slides into the frame with a pair of angry eyebrows to express his rage. And although I knew he was coming, I was still scared to my bones.

spongebob meets doodlebob again

The Duel between the Two Bobs

DoodleBob then jumps on SpongeBob and utters his first proper words, “You doodle! Me SpongeBob!” Wish I could say the same for his tenses too, but no worries, he’s at least trying. Hearing the threat, SpongeBob starts shouting and also attempting to run. At the same time, DoodleBob tries to erase him, accidentally shaving off a floor from his house.

While running, SpongeBob hides in a room downstairs. And faces his back towards its door in an attempt to block the entrance. But in this plan, he forgets that DoodleBob has a magic pencil. And he soon learns this when the latter erases the door and the backside of his pants, revealing his butt crack. But I guess even DoodleBob has some decency as he erases the gap; how thoughtful of him.

And why stop there? He also erases half his body and starts laughing at his sorry state. After which, both are seen in an intense tug of war with the pencil. Eventually, the pencil breaks, and they both end up with one side of the pencil. SpongeBob gets the nib, and the eraser goes to DoodleBob.

SpongeBob uses his side to draw back his limbs without wasting any time. But he can’t do much more with it as it slips from his hands and goes out of the window. In the meantime, DoodbleBob uses his teeth to sharpen the flat side to a point. Well, I will have to say that’s not fair. 

Seeing himself without options, SpongeBob hits back into a bookshelf, from where coincidentally, a paper falls down in DoodleBob’s way. And as DoodbleBob steps onto the paper, his leg turns back into a drawing. This gives SpongeBob an idea; he takes a book from his shelf and smashes DoodleBob inside its pages, which leads him to become a drawing again.

DoodleBob and the Pencil’s Farewell

In the next scene, we see Patrick entering SpongeBob’s house, asking him about the uproar. But SpongeBob simply invites him to see the portrait on his wall. And as Patrick identifies it as the evil doodle, SpongeBob corrects him by breaking into a somewhat poetic tone. Eventually, concluding that he was just a drawing all along. But Patrick disagrees while saying he still looks a little creepy while staring at SpongeBob’s portrait. Classic Patrick!

After this, we see SpongeBob and Patrick outside, praising the power of the magic pencil, which is too great for them. SpongeBob plants it into Patrick’s mouth and then jumps on his belly to toss it out of the sea as they launch it back from where it came from. Why don’t we have mortars like these?

doodlebob as a drawing

The Artist’s Second Mistake

We again rejoin the artist on his boat, who is still depressed about losing his pencil. Not for long as the pencil returns to him in his boat, and he is esthetic to see it again. But the excitement also doesn’t stay long as the nib of the pencil breaks when it touches the canvas. And as he realizes he doesn’t have a sharpener, the artist’s cries can be heard again. 

Other Appearances in the Series

Besides minor cameos in the Bottle Burglars and The Nitwitting episodes, DoodleBob gets some appreciated screentime in the episode Doodle Dimension.

Doodle Dimension

The episode’s central premise is that SpongeBob and Patrick are stuck in an alternate dimension made by Sandy’s machine. The alternate dimension is like a blank white paper, similar to the empty canvas we see the artist using in the Frankendoodle episode. But it doesn’t stay empty for long as the duo realizes that the drawings come to life whenever they draw in this dimension. 

After knowing this, SpongeBob pulls out a pencil from his brain, which he starts using to make different live objects, just like the magic pencil. The play session started with SpongeBob and Patrick drawing various things from their lives, like their house and the KrabbyPatty. When the KrabyPatty tastes dry, it makes them see the differences in this dimension compared to their own. 

The Rebirth of DoodleBob

Now sad and lonely, they start to miss Mr. Krabs, Gary, and even Squidward. And in a fit of misery, Patrick even draws SpongeBob, forgetting he is already there. But he realizes it is too late, as DoodleBob has already been born. At first, he starts rambling in his distinct weird language, which SpongeBob finds cute. But DoodleBob’s expression tells an entirely different story. And by his looks, he’s furious, remembering how SpongeBob defeated him in the past.

He quickly jumps towards Patrick, which the latter thinks is a hug, but it really is DoddleBob’s way of taking revenge. He quickly disappears and then is shown as a tattoo on Patrick’s belly. And as the duo realizes this, DoodbleBob starts to multiply like a virus into various more miniature versions of himself, who begin to bite Patrick. 

The Revenge Begins

He then turns into a giant doodle, grabbing the pencil to draw angry eyebrows on himself. And then starts to terrorize SpongeBob and Patrick like the old times. He doddles various things to throw on them; an anvil, piano, and a tank are just a few. And as SpongeBob tries to fight back with his doodles, he even turns them on his side by attaching them with mustaches. 

DoodleBob then goes on to tie Patrick, throwing him on the side. And puts SpongeBob in a coffin, even going as far as drawing a grave for him. He also gives the grave a flower; to show off his SpongeBob side. DoodleBob then takes the tied-up Patrick into his doodle castle and ties him on a flag pole. And when he sees SpongeBob asking him to surrender, he starts to throw various size boulders set on fire toward him. 

After getting hit by DoodleBob’s bolder, SpongeBob starts to ask for Patrick. And DoodleBob fully complies by throwing Patrick back with a catapult. Then we see him forming a massive army of miny DoodleBobs with a custom press and sending them to attack SpongeBob and Patrick. After which, a cat and mouse chase begins.

But the chase doesn’t go long as SpongeBob and Patrick are quickly surrounded by DoodleBob and his minions. And as the duo barely evades them by drawing a balloon and flying up, we see DoodleBob and his army are also not that behind. As they start forming a ladder to catch up to them. But when they finally grab SpongeBob and Patrick’s ballon, the latter two fall down, but the army of DooddleBobs is left flying away with it. 

In the end, SpongeBob and Patrick wish to return to their own world. To do that, they draw a Doodle Sandy and let her create a portal that allows them to go back home.

spongebob vs doodlebob

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is DoodleBob evil?

Answer: As DoodbleBob was a drawing meant to be a copy of SpongeBob, many fans are still surprised why it is evil. To answer it, you must know that DoodleBob is a doodle that seeks to replace SpongeBob. And doing so would be difficult if he followed SpongeBob’s nonserious attitude. Someone had to get serious.

Question: Why did Patrick say “Finland” after being hit by the bowling ball?

Answer: While this is only speculation, many think that it is because he didn’t really mean to say Finland. Still, he wanted to say “Fish paste,” which is everyday slang in the series. Still, because he was disoriented, the word slipped out as Finland.

Question: What language does DoodleBob speak?

Answer: DoodleBob speaks the lost language of the ancient Doodlactics. It is known by only a handful of individuals throughout Bikini Bottom. It is said to be needed to unravel the mysteries of the totems found in the Doodlactic graves. The language is called “Meyohimeyoi!” as clarified by Doodlebob. OK, all of that was a lie. He speaks total gibberish and a bit of English. His preferred last words were ” Eeh Aah Bawah Harla Bawah…” Feel free to decode it if you can.

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