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“Wormy” is episode 25 of Season 2 of SpongeBob SquarePants, which revolves around SpongeBob and Patrick taking care of Sandy’s pets while she is out of town. The two grow particularly fond of a peculiar worm, even dubbing it their best friend. So what happens to the trio at the treehouse? Keep on reading Wormy SpongeBob Guide to find out!

Bottom Line Up Front:

SpongeBob and Patrick are asked to take care of Sandy’s pets while on vacation. They befriend a tiny caterpillar called Wormy, which metamorphosizes into a butterfly overnight. The two mistake it for a monster, which they presume to have eaten Wormy. The two then spread the word of the monster as chaos spreads across Bikini Bottom. In the end, Sandy returns from her vacation and catches the butterfly in a jar, and the entire town cheers for her for capturing the monster.

spongebob, patrick and wormy

Key Information

Season 2
Episode No 25a
Airdate February 24, 2001
Characters featured SpongeBob SquarePants



Patrick Star

Sandy Cheeks

Eugene H. Krabs

Squidward Tentacles


Sister episode “Patty Hype”
Reception One of the better-rated episodes, with a current rating of 8.7/10 on IMDB based on 900 votes.

Meet the Pets

The episode opens up with SpongeBob and Patrick at Sandy’s underwater Treedome. Sandy is leaving town and has asked her two friends to take care of her pets while she’s gone.

We see a wide array of pets inside the Treedome like ants, bees, spiders, snakes, lizards, bugs, and many more. Sandy has kept all these land critters, perhaps to study them in an underwater Treedome environment (Sandy is a marine biologist, after all). Or maybe she misses her time above water, that she left long ago and now keeps as many land pets as she can

Patrick looks intriguingly at a bird perched in its cage, chirping away. Patrick starts whistling at the bird, seemingly attempting to communicate with this alien creature from the land above. SpongeBob wonders that he never knew that Patrick could speak bird language. Patrick clarifies that it’s not bird language; he’s speaking Italian.

Sandy comes in and introduces the two to some of her pets. She acquaints them with her cricket, which starts rubbing his hind legs to make its signature chirp as if to greet the two. They then meet her pet snake, who has recently gobbled his food. So recently, we can see the mouse squirm inside its belly.

As Sandy is about to leave, SpongeBob and Patrick curiously enquire about an innocuous jar sitting on a stump. She tells them that it’s Wormy, and he doesn’t eat much. And with that, she leaves the Treedome, leaving SpongeBob and Patrick responsible for taking care of her beloved pets. What could possibly go wrong?


A New Best Friend

SpongeBob and Patrick immediately fall in love with Wormy. They hold up the jar containing Wormy with sheer excitement and see the tiny worm crawling up its stick.

The two decide to let Wormy out of its jar to play. And play they did. We cut to SpongeBob and Patrick playing hide and seek with Wormy (Wormy is just chilling on the leaf, making me question whether he understood the game or not).

Then it’s time for SpongeBob and Patrick to hide. To my surprise, Wormy finds them hiding behind a tree. We get a sense of intelligence from this tiny worm as it starts reciprocating affection toward his new friends.

We then see a montage of the trio frolicking about in the Treedome, having the time of their lives as they prance and dance around the Treehouse. Even though Wormy isn’t much of a dancer, he’s slithering about on the leaves and the grass.

It’s endearing to see how SpongeBob and Patrick let a critter that they have never seen before in their lives become their best friend as we see the three of them lying down on the grass after a long day of playing and having fun together.

SpongeBob, thoroughly savoring the moment, tells Patrick that days like these come once or twice in a lifetime. He brings out a tiny Best Friend badge and tells Wormy that he made it for him. He sticks it onto the little worm and places him back into his jar.

The two begin to feel melancholic at the thought of leaving Wormy to go back home. “Why must the sun set on this perfect day” exclaims Patrick. The two bid their sad goodbyes and leave for the night, with Patrick howling in tears as SpongeBob reassures him that it’s only until tomorrow.

wormy best friend

The Transformation

Back inside the Treedome, the little worm undergoes a metamorphosis as it first forms a green chrysalis to surround itself. Soon after, the cocoon goes transparent, and from it, a beautiful monarch butterfly emerges, spreading its wings in all its glory.

While the transformation is a beautiful miracle of nature, we hear the background score gradually getting spine-chilling—a foreshadowing of things to come.

The next day, we see SpongeBob and Patrick rush towards the Treedome with the hopes of having another perfect day lollygagging with their new best friend.

They rush inside the Treedome, cheering for Wormy as they approach his jar.

Confused, the two peer inside to find that their beloved worm has vanished, and in its stead is a butterfly flapping its wings gently. Inside the jar are remnants of its chrysalis and the Best Friend ribbon that SpongeBob had made for it. They open the jar to inspect where their friend vanished, and the butterfly flaps away and escapes the jar.

Presumably, Wormy still remembers his two friends, so it lands on top of SpongeBob’s head. SpongeBob takes a look into the butterfly’s eyes and gasps. It’s a scene of pure visual horror.

SpongeBob and Patrick rush to hide behind cover, alarmed at the monstrosity that has now perched peacefully on top of the tree. SpongeBob quickly deduces that the only logical explanation is that the flying creature must have eaten Wormy.

The two hurry towards the exit, only to find it blocked by the strange flying creature. They double back to hide behind the tree, only to find them being chased by the butterfly.

The two then hide inside a barrel as they discuss how to get rid of the flying beast, lest it eats Sandy’s other pets. Or worse, it might eat Sandy.

The two devise a clever plan, and they put a telephone inside a jar with a string attached to a bottle cap. The phone rings and Patrick yells out, “It’s for you.” Perhaps the butterfly had no friends with a working landline as it flies away unperturbed.

The pair then try to make Patrick the bait as he lies down in a delectable fashion on a plate with greens on the side and an apple in his mouth. The butterfly flutters right onto Patrick’s backside. It slowly makes its way near Patrick’s face, and he sees a close-up of the insect’s face. An absolute horror show for the poor old starfish.

Patrick shrieks and jumps away from the butterfly. In a moment of desperation, SpongeBob pulls out his bubble blower from his pocket and blows a bubble to encase the butterfly within it.

Still surrounded by a bubble, the butterfly flutters on out of the Treedome as SpongeBob and Patrick slam shut the airlock behind it.

A moment of relief is immediately followed by panic as they see the creature heading straight towards the Krusty Krab.

spongebob and butterfly

An Attack Inside the Krusty Krab

SpongeBob and Patrick rush towards The Krusty Krab and, using a conveniently placed shortcut, emerge right inside the restaurant within seconds.

They’re still too late as they see the creature fluttering inside the establishment. Scared that the beast might consume Mr. Krabs and Squidward, the two throw themselves at their friends and tackle them to hide behind the cash register.

Furious, Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob what the meaning behind all this is. SpongeBob tells him that there’s a monster lurking about. At first, the only thing Mr. Krabs is concerned about is whether the monster is a paying customer. SpongeBob tells him that the monster doesn’t want to eat Krabby Patties; it wants to eat them.

SpongeBob and Patrick break down sobbing as they tell Squidward that the monster ate their best friend, Wormy.

Squidward, being the cynic that he is, says that he would like to take a look at this monster himself. As they peer over the counter, they see the harmless little thing fluttering about minding its own business.

Squidward and Mr. Krabs scoff at how scared SpongeBob and Patrick got at the sight of this tiny little creature. The two exclaim that it looks cute and absolutely harmless.

Still making fun of the two scaredy-cats still cowering behind the register, Squidward extends his tentacles to hold the butterfly and takes a closer look at the tiny creature within his suckers.

Absolute horror yet again. Looking at a close-up of the butterfly’s face, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are petrified within an inch of their lives as they seemingly flee, mysteriously leaving their underpants behind in fear!

Upon hearing the shrieks, SpongeBob peers over the register again to find that his friends are missing and the monster is escaping through the front door.

SpongeBob now assumes that the monster has consumed three of his closest friends and is now out hunting for more.

The terrified little sponge musters all his courage and goes into a monologue about how the monster has taken his friends and that it’s up to him and Patrick to fend off the monster’s rampage and save Bikini Bottom from this disturbing abomination.

butterfly at krusty krabs

The Terror of the Town

The two reach the middle of the town and discuss that they need to act sensitively and cautiously. The two decide to go about it by screaming at the top of their gills that there’s a monster on the loose as they instruct everyone to run and hide.

This causes pandemonium in the streets as all the confused but terrified residents of Bikini Bottom scatter back inside their homes. SpongeBob and Patrick give each other the thumbs up.

They then put up posters of the butterfly all across town to warn the townspeople of the lurking horror. Not only that, SpongeBob inflates his head by inhaling a balloon, and as he floats above the city carrying Patrick, they make announcements from a loudspeaker, warning the residents below;

“Attention, Bikini Bottom, there’s a flying monster that’s going to eat you!”

They then move from block to block, warning all residents of the monster. There is chaos in the streets as widespread panic ensues. We then see the resident of Bikini Bottom fleeing their homes as their underwater city burns in the distance. Anyone still left in the city is running scared for their lives as the butterfly chases about residents from street to street.

The monster chases the crowd and chases the residents all across town, leading to widespread destruction and chaos.

We then cut to a view of a desolate land that once housed the town of Bikini Bottom. Signboards have been uprooted; entire buildings have collapsed as there are no signs of life left anywhere nearby.

destroyed bikini bottom

Sandy’s Return

A lone bus pulls up to the bus stop, and Sandy steps out, back from her vacation. She wonders whether a twister hit Bikini Bottom. Soon though, we find the butterfly, still encased inside its bubble, fluttering on towards Sandy.

She calmly greets her pet and says that she wasn’t expecting it to change until she returned. She pulls out a jar and calmly puts the butterfly inside it.

We see the entire town erupt in cheers as they pour outside, escaping their hidey holes. “Sandy caught the monster!” yells out SpongeBob with pure glee as he hugs Sandy for saving the town.

The entire town raises the two above their shoulders as they carry them victoriously to parade around town!

This is one of the better episodes in Season 2 as it deals with the fear of the unknown. The entire town believes that a harmless little insect is a monster that consumes fish at least ten times its size. None of the residents ever question SpongeBob or his warnings. All they see is a creature they’re unfamiliar with, and they start panicking.

While close-ups of the butterfly in all its horrific glory may have been nightmare fuel for many a kid, it also has embedded within it the lesson that things aren’t always as they seem. The episode is surely a must-watch for all SpongeBob fans!

sandy's a hero


Question: Which breed of the butterfly is depicted in the ‘Wormy’ episode of SpongeBob SquarePants?

Answer: The butterfly depicted in the ‘Wormy’ episode is a monarch butterfly.

Question: What color are Patrick’s eyes?

Answer: It is first revealed in episode 25a of Season 2, titled ‘Wormy,’ that Patrick’s eye color is Green.

Question: In which episode is SpongeBob asked to take care of Sandy’s pet caterpillar?

Answer:  In season 2, episode 25a titled ‘Wormy,’ SpongeBob is asked to take care of Sandy’s pets, one of which is a caterpillar named Wormy, which by the end of the episode, metamorphosizes into a monarch butterfly.

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