SpongeBob Chocolate Lady Guide: A Chocolate Entrepreneurs Date

Do you guys think one can become an entrepreneur just by having fun? Well, SpongeBob will like to show you how. In this episode, he will delight you with his funny tactics in this episode of “Chocolate with Nuts.” Believe me, you will have a lot of fun throughout this article. 

Do you think everything changes when you grow old? Yeah, it’s true in some cases, like your voice, eyesight, and physical appearance change similar to “The chocolate lady,” but for your favorite TV shows, it’s not! Your point of view of visualizing something changes, like you start to observe deeper meanings of the story when you grow old.

I used to watch SpongeBob SquarePants daily when I was young. I was madly in love with this cartoon series that I used to take tuition leave on the pretext of illness more and often. My brother was chubby and lazy, so I used to call him Patrick and used to make fun of him.

SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks have been my favorite characters since childhood. I had a massive collection of SpongeBob square pants drawing books. Whenever I want to refresh the old memories in my free time, I watch random episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.

SpongeBob Chocolate Lady Guide: Bottom Line Upfront

Chocolate with Nuts is episode 52a of season 3 of SpongeBob SquarePants. It is one of my favorite episodes, followed by another splendid and enjoyable sister episode. This is the guide about “The Chocolate Lady,” who happened to appear hardly in 3 episodes of the entire series. In this episode, SpongeBob wants to have a fancy living style after getting impressed by the entrepreneur in the magazine.

Why does SpongeBob wish to become an entrepreneur? What did SpongeBob sell? How did he get so much money? And where did he spend it all? If you guys want to know the answers to these questions and become entrepreneurs, then just chill, sit down and learn from our SpongeBob, who is a master at improving your mood.

chocolate with nuts

Key Episode Information

  • Season: 3 
  • Episode No.: 52a 
  • Episode Name: Chocolate with Nuts
  • USA Air Date: June 1, 2002
  • Characters in the Episode: SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick Star, Con Man, Mary, The Chocolate Lady, Fred another Patrick. 
  • Sister Episode Name: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V 
  • IMDB Rating:  9.5/10

Chocolate with Nuts: Meeting the Chocolate Lady

The Fancy Living Digest Volume 2

We first meet the famous Chocolate Lady in the episode “Chocolate with Nuts.” The story begins with our favorite sponge, SpongeBob, waiting for his mail on his couch. Then just as we see the mailman approaching the mailbox outside his Pineapple house, SpongeBob screams through the mailbox and reveals himself squeezed inside the tiny box. This is the first laugh he gets out of me from among many throughout the episode.

The silly SquarePants scared the hell out of the poor fish mailman. Following his act, he even dares to tell the poor mailman, “see you tomorrow,” as he waves goodbye to the scared fish zooming out. Guess what I noticed that I bet many missed to catch? 3 PM, that’s the time SpongeBob’s mailman delivers the mail daily. You can see it if you notice his wristwatch at the beginning of the episode.

Now that the mail is scattered on the floor and the mailman has gone, Patrick comes to tell SpongeBob that the mail arrived and asks SpongeBob what did he get? I don’t know what’s up with me, but just seeing Patrick makes me laugh. His existence is like an embodiment of laughter, lol. Well, SpongeBob gathers the mail on the ground and starts checking. 7 in total, 6 of them turn out to be for Gary, SpongeBob’s snail. No mail for poor SpongeBob, sad.

The last one turns out to be a fancy magazine called the “Fancy Living Digest Vol. 2”. SpongeBob claims he doesn’t remember subscribing to any magazines. Then both of them start inspecting and admiring the contents of the digest. The magazine is about the elites of the bikini bottom. The fishes have made a name for themselves and have amassed massive wealth and fortune. In SpongeBob’s own words, it’s a glossy depiction of a higher standard of living.

In awe of the wealthy lifestyle, SpongeBob and Patrick start looking at the magazine’s pages and try to understand their life. SpongeBob notices a unique page and claims that this fish is so rich he has a smaller swimming pool inside a bigger swimming pool. At the same time, Patrick notices another picture of a lavishly dressed fish surrounded by bags of cash.

But in the iconic Patrick style, the only thing he finds rich about the guy is his clean shows. Poor Patrick, for him, a guy with a decent pair of shoes is wealthy. I think, to an extent, that’s the reality of our life.

But all the fun is ruined here when Squidward comes and snatches his magazine, the ill-tempered and selfish Squidward intimidates them. Still curious, SpongeBob asks him about the secret of the wealth of the elite of Bikini Bottom. He tells them they are entrepreneurs who sell things according to the demand of people. In my view, one can become an entrepreneur just like SpongeBob if he keeps an eye on the market demand. 

squidward takes away magazine

Fun-Living SpongeBob Comes Up With An Idea

Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, but it’s not that easy. Our SpongeBob also wants to become an entrepreneur. That moment makes me laugh when Patrick drenches in sweat and asks for more time to think after SpongeBob asks him a piece of advice, and then I guess Patrick is the only person who can do it. If I were in place of Patrick, I would also ask for time to think.

Then suddenly, Patrick hints at chocolate, and both agree on this. I don’t know, but I also want to go shopping at BaRG’N-Mart, just like SpongeBob and Patrick. I bet you guys didn’t see chocolate quantity at the episode’s beginning. It is 67 grams. The packaging of chocolate is so flashy that it makes me want to buy it too.

Our Direct Sales Representatives

The inexperienced pair of buddies decide to become traveling chocolate bar salespeople. If I get a chance to become an entrepreneur, I will use social media and advertisements to promote my product. It seems that poor SpongeBob and Patrick don’t have internet in the Bikini Bottom.

As both make their way to the first house, they seem passionate about having Fancy living. Our sweet talker SpongeBob tries to impress his first customer, Tom, the fish. At this moment, I also become nervous about Tom’s screaming like our couple of salesman. They run as if a ghost is chasing them. If I go through a situation like this, I don’t think I can run fast like them.

Spending More Than Selling

Here is some advice for you guys, never spend too much on a business without any profit. SpongeBob and Patrick are not going to tell you this in this episode. Our couple of vibrant salesman rings the bell of another customer’s house. I get a little bit angry whenever I see this scene.

If I ever face an arrogant customer like Con man, who always looks down upon others, I will never sell a single thing to him. Patrick also makes me laugh when I see him carrying chocolate bars inside his pants. How could someone do that except our Patrick Star? 

Clever Con man catches on to the two inexperienced salespeople. He says that their way of carrying goods is wrong, but at the same time, he sells his bags by playing with our innocent salesman’s brains and tricking them. If I were in their place, I would be fooled by clever Con man and consider him my benefactor. Anyways, I also like the velvety candy bar bags. The point here is how he sold his product with false tactics. 

After that, the same person surprises Patrick and SpongeBob by appearing from another house. But he wants to sell them again by twisting them with his smooth talk. Next time I will be aware of everyone who tries to compliment me.

Personally, I don’t like clever con men, this time, he succeeds in dissuading them by calling them handsome and lady killers. Our dumb sellers agree to purchase his Sizeable-maroon-candy-bar-bag-carrying-bags. Man, that’s a mouthful! And so they spend more money on buying than selling.

Customers are always impatient. If someone wants to satisfy their customer, they must try to quicken their service. If my customer is polite like Sadie, I will do my best to help her. Here, I feel sorry for SpongeBob and Patrick. Unfortunately, they find chocolate after their first potential buyer is gone. Yeah! It is true nowadays no one has that much time.

This scene makes me laugh when Patrick zips and unzips his pants. Tom again chases them while yelling chocolate loudly, and both run again from the spot. I am curious what the hell is Tom trying to do? While running, our scared salesmen drop the chocolates everywhere on the road. I feel a little bit sad about the yummy delicious chocolate bars.


New Catchy Tactics

Distraction will never allow you to focus. I also get distracted easily, like our beloved characters, SpongeBob and Patrick. SpongeBob realizes this and holds a meeting with Patrick at a restaurant. Hey! I also want to visit Bikini Bottom’s Diner! Here, SpongeBob decides on a new tactic to sell chocolate bars. This scene is humorous when Patrick suggests getting naked, and SpongeBob says, No! Patrick, we will keep it for when we sell real estate. Man! I love them!

During the meeting, SpongeBob tries to investigate how the Con man was able to sell them the bags. Patrick is not a good thinker but matches SpongeBob’s conclusion that the Con man used nice words to woo them into feeling special and buying his bags. Even though it becomes clear what they should do now, Patrick is still passionate about spending more on bags until SpongeBob stops him.

No one can be dumber than our chubby Pat. The first tactic by SpongeBob is to behave nicely to the customer. I laugh hard when Patrick says “I love you” to the customer. I am glad the customer didn’t slap him in the face and only shut the door angrily.

SpongeBob tries to pursue the deal by ringing their bell again. Still, the customer refuses to buy chocolate, saying that chocolates contain lots of fats. If you ask me, I will never refuse to purchase chocolates. Of course, chocolates have a lot of sugar, but still, I like them. The customer shows the image of when he was fat and confirms it from Patrick by pointing toward his tummy.

Patrick says he wants to see the picture, but the shady customer says he will charge money. Here poor Patrick again spends the money on buying these pictures instead of making a sale. The second tactic is to stay focused, but our careless Patrick doesn’t even notice what SpongeBob is trying to say. He just concentrates on the word “Focus.” His focus makes me laugh so hard and irritates the customer so much that he shuts the door. This tactic also fails, just like the previous one.

patrick focusing

Stretching the Truth

Entrepreneurship requires stretching the truth. After many disappointments, SpongeBob sees a large poster of Barnacle Chips with the catchy line “They are delicious.” To be very honest, they seem to be appetizing. However, it may be possible that they are not as tasty as they look like SpongeBob compliments. Here, our eager salesman gets an idea of stretching the truth. Advertisements play an important role in marketing. 

It all starts at our famous Chocolate Lady’s house, although Mary, the first customer to buy a chocolate bar, is very old. Yet our tricky SpongeBob tries to get her attention by calling her Young Lady and asking about her mother. It is my favorite scene of the episode. Just notice how the chocolate bar salesmen try to impress their customers by stretching the truth. Mary’s mother appears in her bamboo wheelchair; her character seems funny to me. 

She remembers the sweetness of chocolate. But she always hated it and if she knew about the invention of chocolate, guess how old she would be. Mary tells her mom several times about the chocolate sale because of her hearing disabilities. The first lie our salesmen speak is that the chocolate is for rubbing, and doing this all over the body will make you immortal.

I laugh so hard at the moment when Mary tries to stop them from selling the chocolate. She probably doesn’t want to make her mother immortal; she is annoyed with her because of her rude behavior. Chocolate can’t make you immortal if it can, I will buy one.

Other truths they keep on exaggerating are that buying chocolate will grow your hair and protect your face from getting uglier. They will make you sound smart, fly, fall in love, walk through walls, bring peace to the world and make you rule the world.

I wonder to whom they told that last one? (Sussy Plankton noises) They keep exaggerating the truth according to the desires of their customer. Successful entrepreneurs also keep an eye on the demand of their customers. But here’s a tip, you don’t have to lie to be rich. In fact, you shouldn’t!

Dressing for Work

Another end-level tactic SpongeBob and Patrick apply is dressing to sell their chocolate bars. SpongeBob and Patrick wrap themselves with many bandages and bandaids and try to gain the sympathy of the customer. This scene is full of hypocrisy. The seller and customer are trying to act as if they were injured.

Our chocolate bar salespeople try to be over-smart, but their customer is more clever than them. He is the same Con man who dexterously makes them buy his product. SpongeBob tells him that he has head trauma and internal bleeding. 

How can a person with internal bleeding be able to walk? But this is when the Con man plays his cards. He tells them about his dire situation and that he has more medical disabilities than them, and both burst into tears. He lies so neatly that I also get depressed at that moment. He deceives them by saying he cannot pay his medical bills.

Poor SpongeBob agrees to buy all the Con man’s chocolate boxes to help him pay his medical bills. But as soon as the pair walks away, we see the Con man reveal himself behind their back and laugh at the poor couple. I also feel sorry for them because no one was left in the city to buy their chocolate bars. 

medical disabilities of spongebob and co

Nuttiest Rich Customer

After such disappointment, our poor SpongeBob is very sad that he admits to being a failure. As usual, dim-witted Patrick doesn’t mind, and he admits it as well. I like Patrick still though. I feel sorry for our little SpongeBob. He is so upset that he wants to name them “Why” and “Bother” This sad moment turns into fear when Tom finally catches up to our disappointed salesmen. They are both scared as if they have seen a ghost.

If I had been in their place, I would have been terrified of Tom’s behavior. This scene is the turning point when Tom buys all their chocolate bars. The deep-pocketed customer is often the nuttiest one. Although they become rich, they spend all their money to rent a whole restaurant for a date with Mary and her Mother, the Chocolate Lady.

It shows that both of them are so naive that instead of investing money in purposeful means, they spend it on a restaurant. I feel sad for poor Squidward as this was his only night to be fancy. The episode ends with our famous Chocolate Lady’s hearing disability. 

spongebob, patrick, mary and chocolate lady

Sister Episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

This sister episode describes the uprising of the EVIL (Every Villain Is Lemons) and the team-up of superheroes of the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances. Barnacle Boy chooses the side of evil when Mermaid Man treats him like a child, although he is 68. Barnacle Boy wants to be called Barnacle Man and eat adult-sized Krabby patty. This scene also makes me laugh when everyone makes fun of his protest. 

Tired of them all, Barnacle Boy teams up with the dangerous villain Man Ray and Dirty Bubble, who causes havoc in the whole Bikini Bottom. Without his partner, the Mermaid Man can’t save the city without his partner. That’s why SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward get ready to help Mermaid Man save the Bikini Bottom. Though, in the end, they just end up hurting themselves.

Thanks to God, Barnacle Boy realizes that he is better on the side of truth. No one wants to be treated like a child when they are an adult. If you are a hero at heart, you will never be accompanied by evil just, like our Barnacle Boy, Oops! Barnacle Man. Did I just say Barnacle Boy? Overall this episode seems entertaining to me.

Chocolate Lady Appearance In Other Episodes

Other episodes in which the famous Chocolate Lady appears are “Ink Lemonade” and “Biddy Sitting.” In the Ink Lemonade, Chocolate Lady appears for a shorter time. This scene is disgusting when everyone comes to know that black lemonade is actually Squidward’s ink. Like other customers, Mary also pushes the Chocolate Lady’s wheelchair toward Squidward’s house to throw the mess he forced them to drink. I used to sigh when I saw that they were drinking Squidward’s ink in the name of Black Lemonade. 

In Biddy Sitting, more than half of the episode revolves around our old Chocolate Lady, the wittiest episode I have ever seen. Mary wants to get rid of her mother and gives her for babysitting (old-mother-sitting?) to SpongeBob and Patrick. Initially, they considered her an ugly baby and name her Baby prune. Later on, SpongeBob realizes she is 137 years old.

I also get stunned after knowing her age. Although both of our mellow Babysitters are taking care of her, our rude Chocolate Lady decides to escape. These scenes are hilarious when the Chocolate Lady skydives without a parachute and beats SpongeBob and Patrick for humiliating her. How can a person in old age and without arms beat up a person and handle her wheelchair? I bet you fellows didn’t notice the young chocolate Lady on the Birthday card. 

chocolate lady in a wheelchair

My Thoughts on “The Chocolate Lady”

In my opinion, the old Chocolate Lady is very impatient and ill-tempered. She used to scold everyone with whom she communicated. Her daughter Mary also wants to get rid of her as soon as possible. She has a hearing disability, and she speaks loudly and frequently forces people to repeat it.

She is rude. But I think she may not have been like this when she was young, and it is due to her old age. How can a person hate chocolate this much like her? She wanted to be immortal, which is why she liked chocolates. If we notice her physical appearance, she has a spine body with brown color with no eyes. I wonder how she can do such hard physical work in “Biddy Sitting” despite old age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is The Chocolate Lady? And how old is she?

Answer: Chocolate Lady is Mary’s mother and old ancient fish, older than any other person in the Bikini Bottom. She has a severe hearing disability and a spine body with brown color. The “Biddy Sitting” episode reveals that she is 137 years old. 

Question: What was Chocolate Lady’s Reason for liking SpongeBob’s Chocolate despite her Hate for it?

Answer: When SpongeBob told her that rubbing chocolate all over her body could make her immortal, she started liking chocolates. 

Question: What were the new Tactics opted for by SpongeBob for successful entrepreneurship?

Answer: To become a successful entrepreneur following tactics were opted by SpongeBob:
1- Behave nicely
2- Focus on customer
3- Stretching the truth
The last tactic seemed very beneficial for them, showing the bitter reality of entrepreneurship.

Spongebob Chocolate Lady Guide: Conclusion

Congratulations, you guys have reached the end of the SpongeBob Chocolate Lady Guide. I hope you enjoyed this as well as my personal opinions on this. What are your personal opinions about all of this? I think that old age has made the Chocolate Lady so uncivilized. What do you think about our ancient Chocolate Lady? 

All the entrepreneurship tactics told by our fun-living SpongeBob sound worthwhile, except for stretching the truth. The last one doesn’t seem to be moral. I suggest you watch this series as our SpongeBob is always here to make you smile. I also watch this in my spare time to refresh my childhood memories.

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