Annoy Squidward Day Guide: Who Will be Crowned The Next Employee of the Month?

Have you dealt with competing with someone, and it made you lose sleep over it? We all have competed against someone in one way or another to see who the better person is. This could be with your sister or brother when you were little, with sports or academics in school. Or even for the promotion or employee of the month at work as an adult. I went through it when I was younger, and no, it was not with siblings because I’m the only child.

But it was with academics. I always competed for a first-class position. And now that I look back, those sleepless nights weren’t worth it. Because I did not have fun in school, I was only stressed. And that is why this episode of SpongeBob has a special place in my heart, because I know competing can be tiring.

Competition is part of life, and it will never end. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is bad. Today I bring you the Annoy Squidward Day Guide. To share with you how SpongeBob and Squidward acted in Season 1, episode 12 b. When it came to deciding who the “employee of the month” would be. So let’s get straight to it. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Everyone likes a bit of competition. Don’t you agree? But does it always end well? Today I spill the tea, or should I rather say spill the Krabby patties (you will later understand why I’m making this analogy). On whether competition in the workplace ended good or bad for SpongeBob and Squidward in episode 12 b of season 1 called “Employee of the Month .” So let us get more details on the employee of the month episode. Who will be January’s next employee of the month? Will it be SpongeBob again for the 27th month in a row? Or will it be Squidward? Let’s read on to find out. 

SpongeBob asks Squidward Whether He Knows What Day It Is

Annoy Squidward Day

The episode starts off when SpongeBob is annoying Squidward while he is busy reading a book. He keeps on calling Squidward’s name until Squidward gets irritated and asks him what is up. 

SpongeBob then asks Squidward if he knows what day it is. Squidward looks uninterested and asks him whether it is Annoy Squidward’s day. SpongeBob giggles and answers Squidward jokingly, saying it is on the 15th. SpongeBob then points to the 27th on the calendar. And says that it is the day they will be judged for employee of the month.

Squidward asks SpongeBob if he didn’t know that the day was a scam. SpongeBob’s excitement quickly fades away. And he now looks sad and wants to know what Squidward meant by that. Squidward then tells SpongeBob that the only reason Mr. Krabs gives him the award is to motivate him to work harder without any extra money. 

SpongeBob feels offended and tells Squidward that it is not the case. And that Mr. Krabs gives it to him because he puts in more effort. He then tells Squidward that he can also achieve this award by working harder. Of course, Squidward sees this as a joke. And replies in a sarcastic tone, saying,” Oh, for what, to get my face on the wall of shame?”

SpongeBob informs Squidward that he has misinterpreted the situation. And that there is nothing wrong with having pride in your work. That is what makes it so rewarding. Mr. Krabs then hugs SpongeBob, praises him, and sarcastically informs him that it will be a difficult decision.

He then tells SpongeBob to watch out because Squidward appears close to having a meltdown. We then see Squidward looking sad and depressed and reading his book, the “Frowning Digest.” Mr. Krabs then continues to say that there might be a new face on the wall this month. SpongeBob looks surprised and stares at the empty frame that says “January.” It is then when Squidward jokingly intimidates SpongeBob while nudging his elbow into him. And telling him that he will compete with him this month. 

Squidward and Mr. Krabs start to laugh. We can then see SpongeBob freaking out and screaming in disbelief. He then starts to cry and falls to his knees. SpongeBob starts questioning how he could neglect his work so much.

SpongeBob looks sad and concerned, walks to the empty January Frame, and imagines Squidward laughing.

The Things That Go Down in the Kitchen

Annoy Squidward Day Kitchen

SpongeBob concentrates hard while flipping each Krabby Patty until he comes to one that is stuck. He struggles to get it loose and wiggles his spatula under it. And then, when it finally gets unstuck, it flies up in the air and sticks to the roof. SpongeBob freaks out and walks onto the wall and the roof to get it unstuck. Next, SpongeBob gets frightened by Squidward, who asks him whether he needs some help and asks him what he is doing. 

SpongeBob tells Squidward that he is preparing Krabby Patties. Squidward then tells SpongeBob that he is losing it. Still, before he can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by the patty. Which flies into the fan and shreds all over him. Squidward stands still in the shredded Krabby patty juice. And finishes his sentence with “garbage. “

SpongeBob goes down on his knees and begs Squidward not to tell Mr. Krabs about this. Because it will jeopardize his chances of becoming an employee of the month. And this time, finishing his sentence with “baloney.” While angrily wiping the shredded Krabby patties from his face. 

SpongeBob tells Squidward that he is lying and that his hat is a symbol. But Squidward cuts him off by yanking his hat off his head, calling him a chum.

SpongeBob gives a shocking scream and says,” No, Squidward! “and then screams again. Squidward then takes SpongeBob’s hat expressing his opinion of what he thinks about the employee of the month award. He then steps on the hat, hurts his foot, and screams in pain. We can hear a metal echoing sound from the hat when he steps on it. 

SpongeBob tells Patrick that an experienced employee of the month should always keep a brick of lead in his hat. At this stage, Squidward is livid. And tells SpongeBob that he is warning him for the very last time that the whole employee of the month situation is a scam. And then the last bit of Krabby Patties is spat out of the fan on Squidward while he is walking away. And you can hear the frustration in his voice while he groans. 

SpongeBob Starts to Doubt the Employee of the Month Award

Krusty Krab

SpongeBob starts to doubt while looking at the wall where all his employee of the month frames is hanging. And starts to wonder if what Squidward told him was true. There is now a soldier version of SpongeBob marching in the frame. He motivates SpongeBob to not give up and stay in the competition. And not allow Squidward to plant doubtful seeds in his Spongy mind. 

SpongeBob and the Alarm Clock

When SpongeBob is at home, he hides behind seaweed and uses his binoculars to spy on Squidward. And says he won’t let him win. He then realizes that Squidward can’t go to work if he doesn’t wake up. Yes, I know this sounds a bit scary, and no, I’m not talking about something major like murder. But SpongeBob is thinking about changing the time on Squidward’s alarm clock…

SpongeBob slithers like a snake into Squidward’s window. Where Squidward is busy brushing his teeth. SpongeBob hides behind the cacti in Squidward’s room and waits for him to get out of the bathroom and go to bed. SpongeBob slithers to the clock to change the time. But Squidward comes out of the bathroom, and SpongeBob jumps into Squidward’s pillow. 

When Squidward goes to lay on the pillow, he feels it is uncomfortable and starts poking and adjusting it. Then he hears some giggling noises coming from his pillow. He ignores it, lies on it again, and turns on his side. SpongeBob reaches for the alarm clock. And Squidward sees the yellow hand sticking out of his pillow and starts to scream. He throws the pillow against the wall and hides behind his blanket where you can only see his eyes. The pillowcase falls off of SpongeBob while he is lying on his head on the floor. Squidward then sees that it is SpongeBob and wants to know what he is doing in his home.

SpongeBob grabs the clock and tells Squidward that he can’t win the award if he doesn’t get up for work. And he smashes the alarm clock on the floor. SpongeBob walks away, wiping his hands and looking all chuffed with himself. But then Squidward gets another alarm clock, sets it, and puts it on his nightstand. SpongeBob grabs this one too and smashes it on the ground. 

Squidward opens his closet to reveal the entire closet being full of alarm clocks. SpongeBob runs to the closet, gets an alarm clock, and smashes one by one. Squidward screams at SpongeBob and asks him to stop. He then tells SpongeBob that if he really wanted that award, he could win it with his tentacles tied. SpongeBob then tries to intimidate Squidward. And Squidward ends up calling SpongeBob a lunatic. SpongeBob agrees with Squidward on his statement. But hits him with the fact of being the employee of the month for 26 months in a row. 

Squidward struggles to find the right words. And then asks SpongeBob if he is trying to show that he is better than him. SpongeBob then brags to Squidward that he has been better than him for 26 months. And that it will be 27 the following day. Squidward is annoyed at this stage and throws his hands in the air. And declares to SpongeBob that he will prove to him that he is better than him.

SpongeBob looks disgusted with Squidward’s reactions. And tells him that he is going in early to work to wax the floors. Squidward taunts SpongeBob and tells him that it will be done before he gets there. SpongeBob tells Squidward that he will have to get up pretty early if he wants to get there before him. Squidward then says that he doesn’t need sleep and calls SpongeBob a loser. SpongeBob replies that he also doesn’t need any sleep. And mocks Squidward by calling him a “26-time loser”.

The Tricks SpongeBob and Squidward Pull-on Each Other To Make Each Other Lose

Annoying Sponge Bob

They both stare at each other through their windows. And we can see at this stage that their eyes are red with tiredness. Squidward warns SpongeBob that he is keeping an eye on him and that he is not going to leave before he does. They both ask each other whether they are sleepy, to which both of them lie and say no. Squidward then starts to play sleepy music on his clarinet. 

SpongeBob is sitting on the chair, and Squidward’s music makes him sleepy; his eyes are red, and he starts to drool. SpongeBob says goodnight and falls asleep, and starts snoring. 

Squidward proceeds to sneak out of his door. And just as he thinks he is getting away, he falls into a trap hole SpongeBob has dug right in front of his house. SpongeBob sarcastically asks Squidward if he is going somewhere. And Squidward threatens SpongeBob that he will do something to him once he escapes. SpongeBob agrees and says that he will see him after work. Squidward then calls SpongeBob a few times, but SpongeBob ignores him. 

SpongeBob then decides to go to bed because he does not want to look tired in his employee of the month photo. He then falls asleep and starts to snore. Meanwhile, Squidward wiggles and pulls himself out of the hole with the help of his tentacles. 

SpongeBob is then woken up by Squidward, who is closing his front door with wooden planks. But SpongeBob is one step ahead of Squidward and has a saw with which he cuts the door open with. SpongeBob starts to run but is stopped by Squidward, who traps him in a cell. SpongeBob just turns to the side and slips out of the cell. 

Squidward is laughing and walking away until he realizes he is trapped inside a bottle with a ship. And SpongeBob has sealed it with the cork. SpongeBob then writes on the bottle “loser” and then salutes Patrick. 

SpongeBob runs away, giggling defiantly. SpongeBob then sees a Krabby patty along the way and starts to sniff it. And the next moment, there is a metal hand coming out of the patty, which grabs SpongeBob’s nose. SpongeBob then waddles his arms, and Squidward runs away and gets caught up in a net. SpongeBob runs away giggling and then gets caught in a trap that cuts him into pieces. When SpongeBob finally gets his pieces together. He sees Squidward lying on his tummy with his tentacles tied up. 

Next, we see SpongeBob being part of cemented bricks and Squidward running away.

Waving The White Flag

In the next scene, we see Squidward pulling the ship. And SpongeBob dragging its Anker until they are both exhausted. Squidward holds up his white flag, waves it at SpongeBob, and says, “SpongeBob truce.” SpongeBob agrees and holds up his white flag. Squidward then tells SpongeBob that he can’t take it anymore. And that if they keep this up, neither of them will win the award. SpongeBob agrees to the truce. And tells Squidward that they should rather save their energy for work where they will need it the most.

Squidward and SpongeBob agree to a good clean fight and shake each other’s hands. While shaking each other’s hands, they smile at each other and think they will not let the other win. They both decide to make a run for it when they are finished shaking the other one’s hand without discussing it. When they finish, they both give a suspicious laugh, and then they make a run for it. 

We now see Mr. Krabs opening the Krusty Krab and singing he is going to make money. Just as he opens the door, he sees Squidward and SpongeBob running towards the Krusty Krab. He is happy to see that his employees are coming in so early, but he sees that they are not stopping, and he screams, “Waaait!” Squidward and SpongeBob run Mr. Krabs out of the way. And we can just hear things break and see dusty clouds escaping from the Krusty Krab.

Squidward and SpongeBob try to Impress Mr. Krab

Sponge Bob and Krabs

SpongeBob is mopping the floors, and Squidward is cleaning the tables. Squidward wipes the tables so much that it breaks. We then see SpongeBob carrying a pile of plates, saying he is cleaning the dishes, and then he breaks all of them. Mr. Krabs asks them what is going on. SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that cleaning the dishes with the mop is more efficient. Mr. Krabs then freaks out and screams angrily.

Squidward then stands there with flowers and a heart box of chocolates and says it is for Mr. Krabs. Next, SpongeBob shows Mr. Krabs that he is putting his own money in the register. 

Krabby Patties Overload

SpongeBob then shows Mr. Krabs that he can use 2 spatulas to flip the Krabby patties. Once again, Squidward and SpongeBob compete with who can fry and flip the most Krabby Patties. Mr. Krabs comes into the kitchen. And tries to get Squidward’s and SpongeBob’s attention while the kitchen fills up with Krabby Patties. The burgers get so much that they start pushing out of the door, and Mr. Krabs screams for help. The Krabby Patties explode out of the Krusty Krab, and we can see burgers flying everywhere. The other fishes are excited because they all have free Krabby patties to eat. 

The Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month

Mr. Krabs then sticks his head out of the January employee of the month frame. And yells at the fishes that they need to pay for the Krabby Patties.

SpongeBob and Squidward then also stick their heads through the frame. And ask Mr. Krabs who the winner of the employee of the month is. All you can see is Mr. Krabs looking like he is busy having a panic attack. All he is worried about at this stage is the Krabby Patties. Sadly the episode ends without anybody being crowned the next employee of the month. 

The Message Behind this Episode

Sometimes competing with someone else can make you exhausted and sad.

And at the end of the day, you lose yourself and your friend instead of winning the competition. Competition can sometimes be a good thing to better ourselves and be more productive. But don’t let it ever stand in the way of your happiness. Suppose SpongeBob and Squidward were not so eager to win the employee of the month. And just carried on having healthy competition. In that case, one could have been an employee of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What episode is Annoy Squidward day?

Answer: We can see SpongeBob pointing to “Annoy Squidward day” on the 15th on the calendar. Which takes place in episode 12 b of season 1. The episode is called “Employee of the month.” 

Question: Does SpongeBob annoy Squidward? 

Answer: Oh yes, SpongeBob annoys Squidward regularly. But, SpongeBob has a special place in Squidward’s heart. And you can see him sticking up for SpongeBob and showing acts of kindness throughout the series. 

Question: Is Squidward a nice guy? 

Answer: I would say yes, even though many bad situations happen to him. Although he looks depressed most of the time, he still has a kind heart and tries to be nice no matter what happens to him. 

Question: Is Squidward and SpongeBob enemies? 

Answer: No, the series might portray it that way. Because Squidward often gets angry with SpongeBob. Still, he and SpongeBob are actually good friends. And there are many times that Squidward sticks up for SpongeBob.

Question: What species is Squidward?

Answer: This is funny and ironic, but Squidward is actually an octopus. The creator of the series decided to name him Squidward. Because it sounded better than “Octoward.” And I must say that I agree with the creator on the choice of the name. 


You have reached the end of the Annoying Squidward Day Guide. I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough of this episode. And that you also saw the deeper meaning behind the episode. What was your favorite part of this episode? Let me know in the comments below. Mine was definitely seeing SpongeBob and Squidward’s determination and that they kept going.

But the episode teaches us that competing with one another is not always worth it. Because you might end up with nothing. To learn from SpongeBob and Squidward’s mistakes. Instead of competing with the world, be the change in the world. Good Luck, Huns. 

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