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If you are a SpongeBob SquarePants fan, you know that Sandy Cheeks is a master of karate. We have seen her first display of the arts during the “Tea at the Treedome” episode, which the producers solidified as part of her character in the next episode featuring karate, i.e., “Karate Choppers.”

Since then, it has been an integral piece of Sandy Cheeks and something that SpongeBob SquarePants admires.

It is also something that I admire about her because it gives so much depth to her character. When I was a child glued to the TV, I wished I could learn karate because of many iconic TV shows.

On many occasions throughout the show, SpongeBob tries to practice karate to compete with Sandy, and he is slowly but surely creeping up to her level.

Yet, an episode in season four clearly made Sandy’s karate moves shine, while SpongeBob’s pride in his knowledge of the arts was exposed.

The episode I am talking about is “Karate Island.” The show introduced Master Udon, a mysterious fish with extremely thick eyebrows. This episode had a ton of jokes and gaffs, and I am here to explain them and the story concisely and comprehensively.

Bottom Line Up Front

“Karate Island” is episode 71B in season four, which aired at 7:15 PM on May 12, 2006, in the US. It has a running time of 11 minutes, and it introduces several new characters, including “Master Udon,” “The Tickler,” “Lip Sylvest,” and “Filthy Phil.”

  • Season: 4
  • Episode No.: 71B
  • Production Code: 421
  • Copyright Year: 2006
  • Running Time: 11 minutes
  • Special Guests: Pat Morita as Master Udon
  • Writers: Casey Alexander; Chris Mitchell; Steven Banks
  • Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt
  • Storyboard: Casey Alexander; Chris Mitchell
  • Animation: Tom Yasumi
  • Airdate
  • US: May 12, 2006
  • Canada: September 9, 2006
  • Spain: June 25, 2006
  • Germany: August 28, 2006
  • France: September 28, 2006
  • Italy: October 10, 2006
  • Mexico; Brazil: November 13, 2006
  • Norway: November 22, 2006
  • Russia: November 27, 2006
  • Israel: July 1, 2007
  • South Korea: November 29, 2007
  • Albania: March 15, 2008
  • Czech Republic: February 28, 2010
  • Poland: June 26, 2014
  • Hong Kong: October 6, 2020
  • Kenya: September 7, 2021

What is the Karate Island Episode in SpongeBob SquarePants?

Spongebob in Karate Island
Image from Spongebob Fandom

The Karate Island episode in SpongeBob SquarePants is episode 71B of season four, which first aired in the US on May 12, 2006.

Master Udon is the star guest in this episode, and voicing him was Pat Morita, a well-known Japanese-American actor known for the roles of Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid film series, the Emperor of China in Mulan, and many more.

SpongeBob SquarePants and Sandy Cheeks play major roles in this episode alongside Master Udon, with Gary and Squidward Tentacles having minor roles.

In “Karate Island,” SpongeBob gets invited to an island known as “Karate Island” to be crowned as the “king of karate,” and Sandy tags along due to her doubts about the claim’s legitimacy. The pair soon discovers that it is a scam under disguise.

Who are the Characters in Karate Island in SpongeBob Squarepants?

There are at least 16 characters in this episode with minor and major roles, and they are:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants (major character)
  • Sandy Cheeks (major character)
  • Master Udon (major character; debut)
  • Gary the Snail (minor character)
  • Squidward Tentacles (minor character)
  • The Tickler (minor character)
  • Lip Sylvest (minor character)
  • Filthy Phil (minor character)
  • Fred (minor character)
  • Mailman Fish; Incidental 154 (minor character)
  • Realistic Fish Head; News Anchor (minor character)
  • Karate Master #1 (non-voiced side character)
  • Karate Master #2 (non-voiced side character)
  • Karate Island’s Best Fighter #1 (non-voiced side character)
  • Karate Island’s Best Fighter #2 (non-voiced side character)
  • Karate Island’s Best Fighter #3 (non-voiced side character)

Karate Island Story in SpongeBob SquarePants

Spongebob in Karate Island
Image from Spongebob Fandom

SpongeBob Shell Waxes Gary

The episode opens up with a yellow, gooey liquid being poured on Gary the Snail’s shell, followed by SpongeBob SquarePants asking him if he is ready for his shell waxing.

The camera zooms in on the bottle SpongeBob is holding, which turns out to be shell wax, with a picture of a snail similar in design to Gary. Gary’s eyes look anxious, and he quickly hides beneath his shell.

SpongeBob grabs his nose and carries himself to Gary’s shell. He uses his sponge body to wipe Gary’s shell in different ways; he even circled around the shell at ridiculous speeds.

He floats up and lands on his feet. When he turns to Gary, his back is revealed; most of it is reduced due to the heavy wiping, and dark smoke starts to rise. He closely inspects Gary’s shell, which shines brightly.

SpongeBob Goes Inside Gary’s Shell

He becomes happy at the results and moves on to the inside of Gary’s shell. He opens up his shell like a car trunk, with steel beams attached from the inside. He goes inside along with Gary, and he sees that the shell’s inside is completely messy.

On the wall is a crooked, framed picture of a sailboat on an open sea under the sun, along with cow webs and brown greasy liquid dripping on the side.

A single light bulb with a cord switch illuminates the scene. Smelly trash fills most of the room, composed of various objects like socks and cans.

SpongeBob carries a mop with him and a bucket full of water, and he tells an unshelled Gary that the place is a “shell sty.” Gary meows in response, and SpongeBob interprets his response that the trash has been around since New Year’s Eve.

Gary is suddenly wearing a colorful party hat while blowing out trumpet confetti. SpongeBob suddenly sees something that delights him. He picks it up, claiming that he has been looking for it everywhere, and this item is his favorite novelty tee shirt.

The shirt is blue with a print that reads, “I love Krabby Patties,” with the “love” as a heart symbol and the “Krabby Patties” as a picture of the said food.

A Special Delivery Arrives for SpongeBob

The shirt is dripping with a green substance. Suddenly, SpongeBob becomes shocked that the doorbell rings. He exits Gary’s Shell and sees the mailman inside his house.

He readjusts his shape before conversing with him, and the mailman gives him a “special delivery.” SpongeBob becomes teary-eyed at the thought of receiving a “special delivery” and hugs the mailman out of happiness.

The mailman pushes him away, questioning him if he has to hug him every time the mailman delivers SpongeBob mail. As the mailman leaves, SpongeBob opens the package and finds a videotape labeled, “You’re A WINNER!” followed by his name.

He becomes thrilled at the thought and excitedly enters the tape into his TV. The tape opens up with a “Karate Island” title card and the Realistic Head Fish narrating the video.

SpongeBob Gets Invited to Karate Island

Following the title card is an island with mountains made of dark rock described by the narrator as an “exotic location.”

A compilation of clips follows next, including a yellow flower blooming, a man wearing a white karate uniform kicking the air, two trains colliding, a flock of people moving their heads, several people practicing karate in a room, and a golden crown.

While the compilation plays, the narrator says that Karate Island is a place where fighting styles collide. According to him, it is a place where karate experts travel for centuries to earn the title of the “king of karate.”

It then ends with an automated voice saying SpongeBob’s name, insinuating that it is his turn to become the “king of karate” as he has won an all-expense-paid trip to Karate Island.

Sandy Joins SpongeBob on Karate Island

Excited by the prospect, SpongeBob shares the news with Gary while doing goofy karate actions. He jumps out while upside down, leaving his hand stuck on the ground.

The scene then transitions outside of SpongeBob’s house, where he leaves while yelling excitedly. He runs around in circles and meets Sandy Cheeks. He shares the news with Sandy, and she tells him that she has not heard about the place.

SpongeBob tells her that all the karate experts go there, though Sandy mentions that her karate experience is more advanced than his, and she has not been invited.

SpongeBob gloats about his invitation, and Sandy becomes suspicious of the island, so she tags along with SpongeBob to confirm her suspicions. SpongeBob agrees, stating that she can come along to witness his coronation.

SpongeBob and Sandy Arrive at Karate Island

The scene transitions to SpongeBob and Sandy on a boat traveling to Karate Island. They search for the island, with SpongeBob asking her if they are there yet.

Sandy grabs his attention, claiming that she sees the island. He asks her how she is sure that the island she found is Karate Island. Then, the island appears with a huge red sign with an arrow and lightbulbs all over, which states, “Welcome to Karate Island.”

Sandy cheekily says that it is a lucky guess, and the boat goes closer to the location. The scene then transitions to a large, green fish wearing orange garbs on the rocks overlooking the approaching boat.

Two other smaller purple fishes holding wooden spears are alongside him on separate rocks. The camera changes angle, revealing the green fish’s face.

SpongeBob and Sandy Meet Master Udon

Spongebob in Karate Island 1

Master Udon has extremely thick black eyebrows and a Fu Manchu. He also has small, round eyes that glare at SpongeBob’s boat arriving on the shores. As the boat draws near, it suddenly sinks, though SpongeBob and Sandy are standing still with the water being waist-high.

They walk closer to the green fish, who is now on the sandy shores. SpongeBob greets him, claiming that the “king of karate” has arrived.

The green fish bows down with his hands together and welcomes SpongeBob, calling him “SpongeBob-san.” SpongeBob sheepishly bows down, too, while thanking him.

The green fish introduces himself as “Master Udon,” and Sandy introduces herself to him. She tries to shake his hand, but SpongeBob pushes her away, saying that Master Udon is not interested in karate novices like her.

He further says that Master Udon is only interested in royalty like him, much to the irk of Sandy. Master Udon asks SpongeBob to show him his moves while bowing to him once again with his hands together. SpongeBob gloats at Sandy that Master Udon called him a “master.” He then asks Master Udon to bring him the island’s best karate fighters. Master Udon extends his arms, and three guys jump in front of him.

SpongeBob vs. Karate Island’s Best Fighters

Karate Island

These guys are all muscular with different attires. The left one is a purple fish with a sharp dorsal fin on the back of his head. He wears a green tank top and pants and dark green wristbands and leg bands. He also wears green slippers with white socks.

The middle one is a blue fish with blue hair tied to a samurai knot. He wears white garbs with yellow linings alongside a red waistband.

The right one is a green fish with a black mask covering his head except for his eyes and mouth. He wears a white coat and black briefs with a purple waistband.

The three of them look angrily at SpongeBob, and Sandy warns him that his karate skills are not good enough to beat them. SpongeBob readies himself, telling her to watch him fight. He then shouts as he runs towards them.

SpongeBob raises his finger, pointing to the purple fish’s torso, hurting him despite not touching him. He then exaggeratedly collapses to the ground while shouting in pain.

SpongeBob then claims that it is how the “king of karate” does his fights and runs towards the next opponent. Meanwhile, Sandy becomes dubious of the fight, and as she turns her back, the two others collapse above the first one.

SpongeBob Sits on the “King of Karate” Throne

SpongeBob dusts his hands off, and Master Udon compliments him for his abilities, calling him “king of karate.” He then tells SpongeBob that they must get him ready for his coronation, and he expresses that he is ready to be the “king of karate.”

The scene shifts to Fred, one of the show’s side characters, ringing a gong. The camera pans out, revealing SpongeBob and Master Udon standing in front of a pagoda.

The pagoda’s walls are made of wood, and its roof is made of green straw. At the front is a miniature green stage with red pillars and a red chair.

As light from above shines down on the throne, Master Udon tells SpongeBob that it is time for him to take his rightful place. SpongeBob becomes enamored with his throne and begins to float towards it. The camera zooms out, and Sandy is beside Master Udon.

She tells him that she is suspicious of him and the island. SpongeBob calls out to her, telling her to be at his side as the coronation starts. He claps his hand and calls for a chair for Sandy.

Fred, wearing sky blue garbs and green slippers, brings out a green foldable chair and struggles to unfold it. He eventually succeeds in unfolding it and placing it beside the throne. He leaves, and Sandy enters the scene.

SpongeBob and Sandy Fight

Spongebob and Sandy
Image from Spongebob Fandom Wiki

Sandy sits on the green chair next to SpongeBob and shares her doubts about the whole event. SpongeBob claims that he senses jealousy in her words, and Sandy responds by saying that she can defeat him in a karate fight even when one of her arms is tied behind her back.

SpongeBob laughs and tells her that she is not the one who is being crowned as “king of karate.” Sandy, offended by his words, storms off.

Master Udon goes near SpongeBob, assuring him that he should not worry about her. He says that she is missing out on a “deal of a lifetime” and giggles to himself.

He then exclaims that the coronation will now begin and walks off. As SpongeBob assures himself that Sandy is missing out, two metal handcuffs trap his wrists on the chair. SpongeBob tries to get out of the situation, yet he fails.

In front of him is Master Udon, seemingly grabbing something from his garbs while the purple fish and the green fish from before guard him.

SpongeBob becomes shocked as he anticipates what Master Udon would bring out from his clothes, only to reveal a blue retractable ballpoint pen. He clicks on the pen, and SpongeBob frowns at the sight.

SpongeBob asks Sandy for Help

The scene changes to Sandy storming off the island, angrily mumbling that she is the one who taught SpongeBob karate.

Suddenly, she hears SpongeBob screaming in the distance. She turns around to view the island with its pagoda and thinks SpongeBob is in trouble. However, she turns back, saying that since SpongeBob is the “king of karate,” he does not need her help.

Yet as she says her line, SpongeBob yells out that he cannot save himself and needs her. Sandy runs back into the pagoda, yelling out to him that she is coming to save him. The camera pans upwards to reveal Master Udon viewing the ground from a window.

We then see the inside of the room where SpongeBob is trapped on the throne. He yells out for her, and Master Udon tells him she cannot reach him.

Master Udon explains that for her to reach him, she must go through the “four floors of fear.” The lighting shifts to a dramatic tone as he says this line.

The scene cuts to Sandy, now wearing a yellow and black jumpsuit, entering through a red doorway. She calls out for SpongeBob, and in front of him is a purple fish with a mustache. He wears a purple beret and a red neckerchief around his neck.

Sandy vs. The French Tickler

Sandy vs. The French Tickler
Image from Spongebob Fandom

The fish also wears a black and white striped shirt that mimes typically wear, alongside brown pants and black shoes.

He tells Sandy in a French accent that she cannot pass without facing him, The Tickler. He pulls out two sticks on each of his hands with a movable iron claw at the end. The two fighters ready themselves for combat, doing several poses. Sandy gestured at him to come towards her.

The Tickler uses his claw on a stick to point at the roof, telling Sandy to look in the direction. Sandy glances out of curiosity and makes an opening for The Tickler to punish her.

He tickles her with his tools, and Sandy laughs out loud. She runs away, and The Tickler tells her that she must prepare for the tickling of her life. Sandy pulls out a tray of jelly-filled donuts from out of nowhere in retaliation.

The Tickler, weak to the said donuts, asks her how she knows his weakness. Sandy replies that no one can resist them, and she throws a lot of them into his mouth. His mouth becomes increasingly full of the donuts, to the point where he collapses from the sheer amount.

Sandy tosses the tray away as she tells him that she will be back for the glaze. She runs to the stairs as The Tickler says that he could use a napkin.

Sandy vs. Lip Sylvest

Sandy arrives on the second floor, where she meets a large-headed orange creature with blonde hair, long eyelashes, large lips, and slightly sharp teeth. She wears a skinny blue long-sleeved shirt and pants and black boots.

The creature exclaims that no one can get past her and introduces herself as “Lip Sylvest.” She calls her fighting style the “power-flex dynamo-lip thruster style.”

She attacks Sandy using her lips by thrusting them towards her aggressively. Sandy evades her attacks, prompting Lip to taunt her by telling her to dance.

Her lips connect to Sandy’s air dome, and she laughs at her success. Sandy brings out a green hairdryer, calling it an “advanced hairdryer style.” Lip laughs at her attempt, asking Sandy what her expectations are.

Sandy pushes the hairdryer near her lips and turns it on. Her lips suddenly become dry, which she tries to save using lip balm. However, as she glides the lip balm over her lips, a rough scratch plays, and her lips break as if they were made of porcelain.

Sandy blows out the smoke coming out from the hairdryer and runs to the stairs as Lip collects the broken pieces of her lips and tries to put them back into her mouth.

Sandy vs. Filthy Phil

Filthy Phil
Image from Spongebob Fandom

Sandy enters the next level and immediately slips towards a bouncy wall. The room is dark and full of brown grease, and the bouncy wall is revealed to be a fat, green fish’s body.

Sandy is taken aback by the bounce, looking at the fish. He introduces himself as “Filthy Phil” and explains that no one has ever made it past him.

He then releases toxic gas from the bumps on his back. Thankfully, the air dome protects Sandy from his body odor.

Phil sniffs his body odor after Sandy tells him about how it cannot penetrate her air dome. He becomes nauseated by his body odor, covering his mouth and nose.

He instantly collapses from the smell, and Sandy moves past him. She goes up a ladder that leads to Master Udon and SpongeBob.

Master Udon Reveals his Real Estate Scam

Master Udon compliments her for her abilities and costume change, but Sandy instantly demands that he release SpongeBob from the throne.

As she lunges forward toward them, a wooden trap falls on her. Master Udon explains that SpongeBob is forbidden to leave until he signs a contract, and Sandy asks for more details. Master Udon reveals that his contract is all about real estate.

Sandy realizes that the whole island was a scam to lure people into buying his real estate. Master Udon exclaims that if Karate Island were real, he would be a millionaire by now.

SpongeBob sadly asks him if he is not “king of karate,” and he replies that he is not. However, he tells SpongeBob that he can be the “king of condos” and pulls out a chart.

He explains to him that if he buys a timeshare at Condo Island, he can expect his equity to increase tenfold. Sandy becomes dumbfounded by the revelation, and Master Udon tries to persuade SpongeBob to buy a timeshare along with Sandy.

SpongeBob shouts out that Sandy should not do it, and Sandy immediately goes into a squat. She concentrates hard while mumbling some chants.

Sandy Gets Out of Her Cage

Sandy’s eyes squint, and her tail begins to curl. She rapidly moves her hands in strange formations, and the procedure eventually creates a force outward from her that breaks her cage.

She tells Master Udon that she will not fall for his scam, and he tells her that she will give in to his fists. He takes off his garbs to reveal a muscular body. He flexes his muscles and becomes larger.

Sandy also takes off her clothes and flexes her muscles to make herself larger. Her tail takes the form of a muscular arm, along with Master Udon’s eyebrows.

After more shots of muscular tension from both characters, they roar and lunge forward to each other. However, they miss each other the first time. They look back and run again towards each other. Sandy quickly jumps on top of Master Udon’s head.

Sandy vs. Master Udon

Sandy uses her feet to smack Master Udon’s cheeks and control his head. He throws a few punches in the air while Sandy lands on the ground. He catches her landing and grabs her by the feet. He throws her after doing a spin, which causes Sandy to land on the wall.

However, she recuperates quickly and bounces back to the battle. They continue fighting using karate moves until Sandy eventually grabs hold of his foot.

She smacks him on the ground several times and throws him upwards. She then kicks him on the head, pushing him off the pagoda walls and into the sea.

Sandy exclaims that he is now in soup, and SpongeBob stands beside her, free from the throne. The scene transitions to SpongeBob and Sandy walking towards their boat while he apologizes to her. He also thanks her for avoiding a condo purchase.

Squidward is the “King of Clarinets”

She tells SpongeBob that what she did was what friends would do. SpongeBob asks her if he is no longer the “king of karate,” and Sandy tells him that he is in her view.

She then grabs SpongeBob and explains real estate to him. As their boat moves forward, another boat comes from behind them. This time, Squidward is on the other boat with a smile and a clarinet on hand.

He proudly exclaims that the “king of clarinets” has arrived, and the scene shows Master Udon on top of the rocks again along with the two other masters. Like when they first appeared, they were wearing orange garbs, and the other masters were holding wooden spears.

The camera zooms in on Master Udon’s face, who is staring intensely at Squidward the same way he did at SpongeBob.

Fun Facts About Karate Island in SpongeBob

Karate Island Birthday

  • The end credits honor Pat Morita, who died due to kidney failure on November 24, 2005.
  • One of Sandy’s enemies, The Tickler, is a sexual innuendo to the French Tickler, which is a ribbed condom.
  • As Master Udon falls to the sea, Sandy yells out that he is in the soup now. This line is a reference to the Udon dish, which is usually served with soup.
  • Master Udon’s next possible victim is Squidward, who claims to be the “king of clarinets.”
  • Sandy’s yellow jumpsuit outfit is similar to Bruce Lee’s outfit in their films.
  • Sandy’s hand signals, while she was trapped in the cage are probably a reference to Naruto, a popular anime series.
  • This episode reveals that Sandy is ticklish, although this trait of hers would not be mentioned again in future episodes.
  • The framed painting hanging in Gary’s shell is a replica of the one found above the Simpson family’s couch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Episode of SpongeBob is Karate Island?

Answer: Karate Island is known as episode 71B in season four. Its sister episode, Whale of a Birthday, is episode 71a.

Question: Who had Chapped Lips in SpongeBob’s Karate Island?

Answer: Lip Sylvest is one of Sandy’s enemies who had chapped lips during their fight. While fighting using her lips, Sandy brought out a green hairdryer. She turned it on and placed the hot air on Lip Sylvest’s lips.

Question: Who are the Villains in SpongeBob’s Karate Island?

Answer: Karate Island has several villains, although its main villain is Master Udon, a conman who manipulates people to buy timeshares on his real estate. Other villains include The Tickler, Lip Sylvest, and Filthy Phil, who Sandy had to face during the “floors of fear.” However, she easily took them out.

Conclusion: Is Karate Island a Good SpongeBob Episode?

Karate Island is a good episode because it introduces several interesting characters like Master Udon. Although we do not get to see them in action after this episode, it is still refreshing to see new characters and their designs.

It is also an incredible homage to Master Udon’s late voice actor, Pat Morita. The minor villains also had incredible personalities that speak volumes.

Another thing I love about this episode is how the events further solidify SpongeBob’s and Sandy’s friendship with each other. SpongeBob likes to gloat, and Sandy hates it, but when her friend is in danger, she can overcome her pride and save the people she cares for.

Something I do not like about this episode, though, is how prideful SpongeBob is. Overall, it is a great story of wackiness.

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