Spongebob Squeaky Boots Guide

Talking about myself, I am a massive fan of everything and anything SpongeBob-related. And have been watching it for as long as I remember. So much so that it would probably be more challenging for me to remember a time when it wasn’t a part of my life. Don’t believe me, ask my lovely mother. She will tell you that, every weekend at 3:45 pm, I would glue myself in front of my home CRT. And would impatiently wait till the start of the new SpongeBob episode. 

Occasionally I would even record some SpongeBob episodes on the build-in memory stick of my CRT, so I could watch it again and again. And one such episode was Squeaky Boots. The reason behind my craze for this episode was how it incorporated many of my favorite characters from the series. And with its rapid improvision, the fun never ends.

Another reason is how it does justice to the characters’ personalities. Mr. Krabs buys cheap shoes for her daughter’s birthday, showing his love for money, and SpongeBob gets overly enthusiastic about a pair of normal boots, making him look like an adult baby. This episode has many of these moments, so if you’re eager to know about them, stick around and try ignoring the constant squeak!

Spongebob Squeaky Boots Episode Guide: Bottom Lines Upfront

Mr. Krabs gifts a pair of fishing boots to Pearl on her birthday. But of course, the latter rejects the present, and to get back the two dollars spent on the shoes, he trades them with SpongeBob. And from here, Mr. Krabs begins hearing the squeaky noise of the boots everywhere. One thing leads to another, and he steals the squeaky boots back and eats them, hoping to stop the sound. But this worsens the situation as the noise becomes a part of his speech. 

Spongebob Squeaky Boots
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Key Information About The Episode

  • Season: 1
  • Episode Number: 8b
  • Air Date: September 17, 1999.
  • Characters Featured: SpongeBob SquarePants, Eugene H. Krabs, Pearl Krabs, Squidward Tentacles.
  • Sister Episode: Sandy’s Rocket.
  • Rating: 8.2/10 rating based on 1100 reviews.

Sister Episode

The episode “Squeaky Boots” happens to be the second part of a set that starts with “Sandy’s Rocket.” As the name applies, this episode revolves around a rocket that Sandy builds, planning to go to the moon with. But the rocket ends up with SpongeBob and Patrick. They launch themselves into outer space, or that’s what they think as they return to Bikini Bottom. 

Upon landing, they mistake the inhabitance of Bikini Bottom as aliens and then start capturing them with a net gun. But in the end, SpongeBob realizes his mistake, and the episode ends with what I can only imagine is a good beating. 

Squeaky Boots Episode Guide

The Birthday Party That Ruined Pearl

The episode starts with Mr. Krabs singing and dancing to a birthday song, which I can only presume is why the fish population suddenly started decreasing in the 19th century. And I wouldn’t be the only one calling it evil, as Pearl’s friend also nearly died by its end. 

Spongebob Squarepants Pearl Birthday Party

After the performance, Pearl wished to see her presents. And upon seeing the gift boxes starts questioning if they contain the totally hippy flipper slippers all her friends had. Although I thought of the flippers as more of wood boots, who am I to question the giant Sardine.

Then we see her impatiently tearing the box open as she says, “You shouldn’t have” to her father. And although the statement remains the same, the loving tone changes into a mock as she finds out that Mr. Krabs had gifted her a pair of utility boots. After which, she starts crying while becoming a laughing stock in front of her friends. 

When asked about the shoes, Mr. Krab says that these are the finest fishing boots. And goes on to mention that he got them for a bargain, pretty low for even Mr. Krabs if you ask me. The scene ends with Pearl screaming. And I would not even recommend you imagine a whale screaming. 

Spongebob Squarepants Pearl Birthday Gift Boots

I really loved the start scenes as they perfectly portray the cheap stake demeanor of Mr. Krabs, as he doesn’t even spare her daughter from it.

The Bargain Of The Century

After the awful birthday party at the Krab residence, the scene shift to the most famous fast food joint in Bikini Bottom, Krusty Krabs, of course. Here we see Eugene Krabs graveling over the fishing boots he got for Pearl, as now they are a waste of two dollars, quite a large amount, don’t you think? 

Of course, to save Mr. Krabs from this dreadful situation, the lone fry cook of the establishment, SpongeBob, enters the room. He has an oddly rare request, “Can I get my paycheck Mr. Krabs?” If not for this, I would have started to think he was working for free over there. 

Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Ask For His Paycheck

As Mr. Krab sees SpongeBob, his sorrows dissolve in the water around him. And his frown turns upside down, indicating he has come up with the perfect plan to get rid of the boots. Soon he sets his plan into action as he invites SpongeBob to sit. Mr. Krabs finally starts stirring up a conversation about the shoes.

And from that moment onwards, begins chanting about them in the most elaborate ways possible. As Mr. Krabs even called them the most prized possessions he owns, I doubt that, seeing his love for money. And behold, the poor sponge falls into the trap laid by his boss. SpongeBob now starts to acquire how these are different from an ordinary pair of boots.

And boy, did Mr. Krabs have the answer for that. He states that these are the only “Official Fry-Cook Boots,” I wonder if that’s even an actual title? Mr. Krabs says that these shoes were worn by the finest fry cooks in the world. Even stating that they were given to him by the most famous fry cook in the sea. The name isn’t that important, so don’t worry about it.

Spongebob Squarepants Mr Krabs Show Official Fry Cook Boots

All this flattering about a pair of boots and half loose brain. I don’t see how SpongeBob could have resisted the urge to jump at the opportunity. He starts offering his paycheck as a trade for the shoes. But our naïve sponge doesn’t just stop there. He even volunteers to paint Krusty Krab for free, with a year’s supply of French fry orders. He was about to offer even more, but thankfully Mr. Krabs stopped him and finalized the deal.

Throughout this scene, I constantly screamed at my TV to stop Mr. Krabs in his unfair tactics, but everything was in vain. I guess sponges don’t need to eat, so what was SpongeBob going to do with the paycheck anyway. But what about Gary? A growing snail does need his nutrition, doesn’t he?

The Squeaking That Drove Squidward Crazy

After the deal has been struck, the scene cuts to Krusty Krab’s diner. When we experience one of the rarest scenes in the history of Bikini Bottom. No, it’s not Mr. Krabs spending money; that’s never happening. It’s Squidward smiling while working that shocked me. The writer must have really pulled out all the stops to make that happen.

But this smile doesn’t last long as Squidward starts hearing the annoying squeak. He thinks the sound is coming from the glass he was cleaning at the time. But upon seeing through its translucent surface, he realizes SpongeBob’s boots are making this unpleasant sound.

Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Wearing Boots

And when they finally match eyes, SpongeBob asks him if he likes the new boots? Squidward, at first, just stands quiet at the question, probably wondering the same thing as me. How can something make such a disturbing sound? But as SpongeBob starts chanting about the shoes, Squidward gets visibly more annoyed. 

And I guess SpongeBob doesn’t even notice this. Because he starts to perform different stunts with the boots, for example, jumping like a rabbit and wearing them on his head and hands. The loud squeaking from these stunts was enough for Squidward to cover his ears. And while being a fan of all the annoying things done by SpongeBob, the squeaking was enough for even me to wrap my ears. 

And how can a Krusty Krab scene end without Mr. Krabs ranting about his love for money? We see Squidward addressing the noise as something that will drive everyone crazy. But to Mr. Krabs’ ears, it was music, or should I say money! Scenes like these make me realize that it was not Squidward’s fault that he was ill-mannered. Instead, it was because of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs who never left him alone.

The Squeaking Starts To Haunt Mr. Krabs

The scene now turns into night as the camera rolls over the Krabs’ residence. And then transitions inside Mr. Krabs’ room, where we see him sleeping peacefully in his nightgown. Even in his sleep, the writer had perfectly captured the essence of Mr. Krabs’ cheapskate lifestyle. As we see him sleeping on a hammock rather than buying a proper bed, probably to save money.

As he’s sleeping, we zoom into his dreams and see him counting 10-dollar bills going into his cash register. Why am I not surprised? Scenes like these make the SpongeBob series, so fun to watch while also bringing me close to these sea creatures’ true intentions.

Spongebob Squarepants Mr Krabs Dreaming Boots

As he barely gets to forty dollars while dreaming, we see the same pair of fishing boots he got for Pearl enter the register alongside the bills. At that exact moment, Mr. Krabs also hears a sudden squeak, enough to wake him from his slumber. The sound startles him, so he starts to acquire who is there, but as no one answers, he fixes his pillow and goes back to sleep. Planning to count his money again. But this time in his dream, we see pennies enter the cash register.

The same thing repeats. As Mr. Krabs barely counts to five, the boots appear again going in the register. The squeak also returns, and he wakes up asking himself about the source of the sound. But this time, he turns to the other side of the room, where he sees an open window being the culprit. Now having acquired the new knowledge, visible annoyance can be seen on his face. As he realizes, he has to get up to close the window.

And with much anger, he does and barely sits down as the window opens again and catches his attention. So he has to return to repeat the deed without much consideration. But this time, the camera focuses on the small hole in Mr. Krabs’ room. And if you are anything like me, you must have realized something would go down. And it did, or should I say he did!

As Mr. Krabs moves toward the window, one of his crab legs breaks into the hole with a crunch. And due to the momentum, Mr. Krabs experiences a fall afterward. He topples out of the window and falls down for a duration that could be claimed as an eternity. But even that wasn’t enough to stop Mr. Krabs from closing that window. His determination is something I moderately liked about him, despite the other flaws in his character.

He returns to the room with a newfound will and smashes the door with all the might he had. And then goes on to seize the window while also learning from his mistakes, maneuvering around the second hole. He repeats the closing action with the window, but it also seems to have a mind of its own. The war eventually ends in Mr. Krabs’ favor, who successfully asserts his dominance. As of now, the window closes with just an “ERRR.”  

Finally, after the thorough match, Mr. Krabs plans to return to his bed. But the writer had something completely else planned for him. His other leg also breaks into a hole, and he falls towards his hammock, hopelessly getting wrapped in it like a baby. And to top it all off, the window opens again, producing that awful squeak as we zoom into his angry red eyes. 

This scene was madly hysterical. And I don’t know about you, but I almost fainted from laughing, seeing how such a painful moment was expressed funny. Honestly, one of my favorite moments SpongeBob SquarePants had to offer.

Mr. Krabs Realizes His Mistake

After the worst night he had ever withered, Mr. Krabs returns to Krusty Krab in the morning. And on the way, we can see a couple of pieces of cloth wrapped around his feet, probably to keep them together because of the injuries he had sustained the night before. And a sigh of relief can be heard from his mouth as he thinks the squeak is finally over. And boy, he couldn’t be more wrong.

As he moves towards the entrance of his restaurant, Squidward can be seen through the translucent doors. And by looking at the expression on his face, he’s not very happy. He slams the door into Mr. Krabs’ face while uttering that he has enough and is taking his vacation. Although Mr. Krabs is surprised at the statement, he is still too tired to respond with a straight face. So he asks “Mr. Squidward” the reason for his discretion.

At that, Squidward breaks into a taunting tone and tells him he has had enough of the “world’s greatest fry cook.” And leaves while also informing Mr. Krabs that he will be back in a week; how thoughtful of him. Another scenario in which Suiadward’s ill behavior can be traced back to SpongeBob’s shenanigans.

Now, as Squidward leaves, Mr. Krabs wonders why Squidward is making such a fuss. While mentioning that the fry-cook is making him a fortune. As he enters the diner, he goes on to answer SpongeBob’s greetings. And it was at this moment that he realized what was going on. As SpongeBob starts moving, the same squeak that haunted him the previous night has returned and can be heard in SpongeBobs steps.

Spongebob Ssquarepants Spongebob Wearing Boots

He acknowledges that SpongeBob is still wearing the boots. At which the latter breaks into a series of dance moves and stunts to signify his love for them. While also showing off their versatility. One of the funniest moments from this scene has to be when SpongeBob stands in the ordering station. And takes the order of one of the customers by squeaking the boots. 

But the horror doesn’t end there, as SpongeBob keeps giving Mr. Krabs examples of why the boots are so amazing. Filling them with air and using them as a flying or a floating machine, or making them longer than they actually are. This goes on as he keeps performing, producing more and more squeaking. 

This was the second time I had to cover up my ears, and Mr. Krabs also agreed. He starts screaming while running into his room and covering his ears with anything he can find. But nothing helps, so he ends up banging his head on the desk in his cabin. Finally, deciding that the boots have to go. While also longing for an Aspirin.

The Night Of The Heist

This time there is a change of scenery as we float outside SpongeBob’s pineapple-looking house. And then into his room, where he is getting ready to sleep. As he starts to walk towards his bed, we see even Gary sealing his ears with plugs due to all the noise the boots are making. And then SpongeBob does the unthinkable and jumps into his bed with the shoes still on. Justifying himself that the boots have changed his life and so he’s never going to take them off. 

He wishes Gary a good night and then dosses off to sleep while snoring so loud that it could even put the boots to shame. At this moment, Mr. Krabs appears in the scene and sets his eyes on his target. And without wasting time, he climbs down the springboard and sees how the boots expand and contract as SpongeBob is breathing. Signifying that they have already become one with him.

Spongebob Squarepants Mr Krabs Take Bob Boots

But even that doesn’t stop Mr. Krabs from stealing them. He is then seen running with the shoes towards a silhouette that oddly seems like Krusty Krabs. And as he enters the establishment, hammers and screws can be heard in the backdrop. I wonder what could that be? 

The Sad Sponge And The Guilty Crab

Now the scene turns to broad daylight, with the same silhouette now revealing to be Krusty Krabs. And then we hear Mr. Krabs celebrating the peace and quiet in his life once again by counting money. But this also doesn’t go for long as SpongeBob enters the restaurant with a teary face and a tone that could only mean he was crying for a long time. 

But Mr. Krabs has no remorse in his eyes and even dares to say, “it’s okay, son.” He’s not even trying to hide the fact he’s the thief, but knowing SpongeBob’s half-functioning brain, it’s no wonder he missed Mr. Krabs’ slight slipup. SpongeBob then goes on to tell him that he lost the prized boots. And starts saying sorry while bowing in front of him. The poor sponge, if he just knew it wasn’t his fault. 

Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob Say He Lost Boots

Mr. Krabs then starts to console him, saying it’s not the end of the world. But of course, SpongeBob thinks otherwise. And in an attempt to stop him from crying, Mr. Krabs gives him a pair of oven mitts, saying they are magical. But from the first impression, he was confident that the oven mitts weren’t the same. 

Now losing hope, SpongeBob just starts to walk towards the kitchen, saying that he wasn’t ready for the boots after all, while also accidentally hitting his head on the railing of the kitchen door. It was finally then that Mr. Krabs started to feel sorry for him. And as he peaks through the door window, he sees SpongeBob resting his face on the grill as an act of grief. But this time, a sizzle can be heard instead of his cries.

The moment is then interrupted by a hungry customer. Who taps on Mr. Krabs’ shoulder to address him. But ends up frightening him as Mr. Krabs shouts, “I didn’t do it.” Well, a guilty conscience needs no accuserAnd when he learns that the customer just wants to order, he takes out his notepad. But fails to take it as he starts hearing the constant squeaking. In his mind, everyone and everything around him starts squeaking, which is enough to make the poor crab lose his mind.

He starts screaming and admitting that he took the boots. While also confessing that they are hidden under the floorboard of the restaurant. He then lifts the whole Krusty Krab in one takeout while tearing out the boots underneath it. I didn’t know Mr. Krabs was that strong. 

Spongebob Squarepants Mr.Krabs Swallowing The Boots

At this moment, we see a crazy side of Mr. Krabs. He takes the boots inside the kitchen and dips them in a deep fryer filled with oil. And taking them out reveals that the shoes had shriveled up from a large to an x-small size. He even goes as far as swallowing the boots to stop the squeaking. And then everything goes back to normal, except when Mr. Krabs gives SpongeBob his pay. That was still a little surreal. And of course, how can I forget the lesson he gives to SpongeBob:

“It’s not the boots, it’s the boot-ee. I mean, uh, the person… in the boots. You’re a great fry cook.”

The Return Of The Squeak

In the last scene of the episode, we see Mr. Krabs and his daughter Pearl going on an extended vacation away from Bikini Bottom. Now Pearl can be seen wearing the hippy flippy slippers she wanted before. While Mr. Krabs mentions that the break is precisely what he needed. But the fun is cut short as he starts getting hiccups, and eventually, another squeak squeezes out of his mouth. This then turns into a spree of squeaking as they go down the long road.

Spongebob Squarepants Mr. Krabs And His Daughter Pearl

The episode ends on this note giving me an important lesson: never buy squeaky boots.

My Thoughts On the Episode

The episode “Squeaky Boots” is a fusion of many emotions and characters that make the SpongeBob series unique. The main premise starts around Mr. Krabs’ obsession with saving money and, in the most absurd manner, leads to him eating a pair of fishing boots. I never imagined these two things could correlate together, but they do. 

Something I wasn’t a fan of about the episode was how it addressed a real issue in our society. Where clever people like Mr. Krabs take advantage of the innocent like SpongeBob. But I did like how the episode concluded everything. Making sure that Mr. Krabs got what he deserved. The ending really resonated with me, as growing up, it reminded me that it’s not always about having the most money but the most fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much did Mr. Krabs spend on the fishing boots?

Answer: In the first scene of the “Squeaky Boots” episode, we see Mr. Krabs giving his daughter Pearl a pair of Fishing boots. Which he explicitly mentions he got for a bargain. But it was not until a few more minutes into the episode that we saw him sitting alone in his cabin, saying he got the shoes for $2.

Question: What did SpongeBob offer to take the Squeaking Boots from Mr. Krabs?

Answer: In the “Squeaky Boots” episode, as we see Mr. Krabs chanting over the importance of the fishing boots, SpongeBob’s love for them grows more and more. And he ended up offering Mr. Krabs his monthly cheque, painting the Krusty Krab for free, and even a year’s supply of French fry orders. 

Question: Was the “Sandy’s Rocket” episode related to “Squeaky Boots” in any way?

Answer: Yes, the “Sandy’s Rocket” is related to its sister episode, “Squeaky Boots,” despite having a very different storyline. If you just focus on the sounds inside Sandy’s rocket as SpongeBob and Patrick enter it and start playing with its controls. You will hear the same squeaky noise made by the fishing boots. Showing that both episodes were, in fact, “squeakingly” related. 

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