SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars Guide: Store-Bought and Homemade Options

I have fond memories of hearing the ice cream truck roll up and seeing SpongeBob ice cream bars on the menu. But I rarely see ice cream trucks nowadays, and if that’s you too, you need a SpongeBob ice cream bars guide.

You can buy SpongeBob ice cream treats in other ways. However, they aren’t the easiest product to find, so you may need to DIY your ice cream bars.

Doing that can also give you more control over the end result, and you may save money. Before you decide where to buy or make the bars, consider what they are.

Bottom Line Up Front: SpongeBob ice cream bars are a treat you can buy in stores and online. However, many people may find it easier to buy the ingredients and make the bars at home.

SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars

Boy Holding SpongeBob Ice Cream

SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars come from the Popsicle company. They feature the character’s design and colors and even have the same edges as SpongeBob’s around his face.

Different colors make up his clothing and eyes; his eyes are two pieces of bubblegum. The main flavors are cotton candy and fruit punch, which is a weird combo but could taste good to some people.

Instead of his legs, the bottom of the treat is a stick like what you’d find on other ice cream bars.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find other listings for different types of SpongeBob ice cream treats. There might be other versions out there, but these are the easiest to get.

Popsicle Spongebob Squarepants Bar

By the look of them, I assume these are the ones that ice cream trucks sell. However, ice cream trucks might order from a special supplier that doesn’t sell directly to the public.


  • Realistic design
  • Somewhat easy to find
  • Nice flavor
  • Doesn’t require prep


  • Expensive per unit
  • Not available in multiple flavors
  • No other SpongeBob SquarePants characters

Where to Buy SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars

If you want to get a pack of SpongeBob ice cream bars, you have a few options. They aren’t as easy to find as a general vanilla or chocolate bar, so you might need to search a bit.

Before you head to your local grocery store, consider if they even carry the treat. You can look online to find potential retailers and other places to get the ice cream.

Here are a few options I found for where to purchase one or more SpongeBob treats. These options aren’t always available, but you should at least know they exist.

SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars

Grocery Stores

In my search, I found the SpongeBob ice cream bars available through Kroger. If you live near a Kroger or potentially their child store, Dillons, you may be able to buy the bars in person.

I also looked at places like Walmart, and while they sell SpongeBob treats, Walmart seems to only carry popsicles. Of course, you can also check out more local grocery store chains where you live.

Now, I probably wouldn’t count on this as your main option, but it’s a good place to start. After all, if your local store does carry the bars, you don’t have to worry about them melting during shipping.

Online Retailers

The easiest option for most people is to go to an online store like Amazon. That’s where I first found the SpongeBob ice cream bars for sale, and you can order them to basically any address.

I’d recommend paying for the fastest possible shipping, especially during the summer. You don’t know if the bars will stay cool, so they could melt if they stay in transit for too long.

Another option is to order the bars for delivery to an Amazon Locker. Then, you can pick them up when it’s most convenient, and you don’t have to worry about them sitting on your front porch without climate control.

Ice Cream Trucks

Looking back on my childhood, the first place I ever saw a SpongeBob ice cream bar was on the side of an ice cream truck. I didn’t always get to order anything when a truck came to my neighborhood.

But the SpongeBob bar was a standard menu item along with Tweety and other character ice cream bars. I can’t remember if I ever got a SpongeBob bar, but I imagine I at least wanted one.

Of course, this option is the least reliable. You never know when an ice cream truck will be in the area; even when it is, the truck could run out of SpongeBob treats.

spongebob ice cream bar

How to Make SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars

Since SpongeBob ice cream bars can be hard to find, you may want to make your own. That way, you’ll have more control over when you can enjoy the treat of your choice.

A lot of the steps to follow are similar to making ice cream bars, in general. However, you can add a few steps to make the design of your favorite character.

Here are the steps I’d follow to make some SpongeBob ice cream bars.

Choose the Characters and Flavors

One of my favorite things about making your ice cream bars is getting to choose the characters. If you prefer someone like Patrick, you can easily make treats resembling him. I’d use the following flavors for certain characters:

  • SpongeBob: pineapple
  • Patrick: strawberry
  • Sandy: chocolate
  • Squidward: mint
  • Mr. Krabs:┬áred velvet
  • Plankton: pistachio
  • Mrs. Puff: vanilla

If you want to make the ice cream bars even more realistic, you can add other colors. Otherwise, you could just make the main color and add a couple of gumballs for the eyes.

Of course, using different colors can require more flavors that might not always go together. But you could also use food coloring and dye vanilla ice cream.

Gather Tools and Ingredients

Next, you’ll want to collect the tools and ingredients to make your ice cream bars. If you want to cut down on the number of steps, you could buy ice cream ready to go.

However, it’s fun to make ice cream from scratch with an ice cream maker. You’ll need ingredients like milk and ice to produce the ice cream.

If you need to dye the ice cream, you’ll want the correct food coloring dyes. Don’t forget things like gumballs and ice cream molds to help put everything together.

Follow the Directions

When using an ice cream maker, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions. The specific steps can depend on if you have a standard machine or if your ice cream maker is a ball you have to toss around.

If you need to roll the ball, make sure you have another person to help you. That way, you can take breaks and not have to continuously keep it in motion.

Regardless of the machine, I’d recommend making the ice cream in the evening or early in the morning. That way, it will have time to freeze overnight or throughout the day.

Be sure to separate out any batches that are different flavors. If you want to make a ton of flavors, this step could take a couple of days.

Fill the Molds

Once you have your ice cream of choice, you should grab your ice cream bar molds. Some characters will be easier to make while incorporating their features and clothes.

For example, Plankton walks around naked, so you just need some pistachio or another dark green ice cream flavor. Be sure you add his eyes near the bottom of the mold so that they appear to be on top when you remove the treat.

Another easy character that I’d love to make is Squidward. I’d use mint for most of his head and neck, but I might add a bit of chocolate toward the end to represent his brown shirt.

Oddly enough, SpongeBob is probably the most complicated. You need to use yellow, white, red, and brown if you want to add clothes, but you could make him with just yellow ice cream.

ice cream balls

Freeze the Ice Cream

After you put the molds together, put them in the freezer, ideally overnight. It can take about six hours for the ice cream to freeze, so you could also start the process in the morning for an evening treat.

When the six hours are up, you can check on the condition of the molds. Pull one out to see if it looks good, and then you can enjoy that ice cream bar.

I wouldn’t pull out any bars that you aren’t going to eat right away. Especially if there are multiple different colors, they could melt or fall apart if you store them on a plate.

Why Make Your Own SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars

Making homemade ice cream bars can take a lot of time and effort. However, I think there are multiple good reasons for creating them from scratch.

Maybe you have a favorite character other than SpongeBob, or you want to save money. Those are a couple of excellent reasons to get to work.

Here are a few other advantages of making your own SpongeBob ice cream bars.

Control the Ingredients

When you make ice cream bars, you get to decide what goes in them. You don’t always have that option with store-bought items, especially since there aren’t a ton of different SpongeBob bars you can buy.

If you don’t like the flavor or if you have allergies, you should make the bars yourself. You can make sure you won’t break any dietary restrictions that you or your family members have.

Also, controlling the ingredients means you can make a healthier alternative. Then, you could still indulge in ice cream without it being as high in sugar or other bad ingredients.

Use Healthy Alternatives

Speaking of alternatives, you get to choose healthier ingredients to include in your ice cream. Maybe you go for low-fat or skim milk instead of whole milk.

Or you might choose a vegan or dairy-free milk if you’re lactose intolerant. You could also include real strawberries in your ice cream if you want to make Patrick ice cream bars.

If you don’t want to make the ice cream from scratch, you can also find plenty of healthier ice creams at the store. Then, you just have to put everything into your molds.

spongebob icecream

More Character Options

As I mentioned, I only found ice cream bars in the shape and design of SpongeBob. While he’s a great character, you might want a treat that looks like Squidward or Plankton.

When you get to choose the ingredients, you also get to control the flavors and colors. That makes it easy to design your favorite character from the SpongeBob universe.

Of course, some characters require more colors than others. But you still get more options than if you only looked at ice cream bars available for purchase.

You’ll also get more choices when it comes to the taste. I don’t think I’d like the cotton candy and fruit punch combination of the store-bought bars, so if you feel the same, homemade bars are great.

Save Money

At over $3 a unit, the SpongeBob ice cream bars I found are quite expensive. If you make ice cream bars at home, you could save money overall.

Sure, you’ll have to pay for all of the ingredients and the ice cream molds. But you don’t have to buy more ingredients than you need, so you can keep the costs down.

Also, you’ll be able to use the ice cream machine and molds over and over. You could use the tools to make other ice cream treats to get more bang for your buck.

A Fun Activity

I remember occasionally making ice cream as a child, and it was. My family had one of the balls you roll around to help freeze the ice cream, which was especially entertaining.

You can make the ice cream alone, with a friend, or with your kids. Then, everyone can participate in the process, and you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Unlike some other family activities, you’ll all receive a reward at the end that you can eat. If you’re looking for something to do on a weekend day, consider making some SpongeBob ice cream bars.

Use Up Extra Ice Cream

When it comes to the detailed parts of SpongeBob bars, consider if you have some ice cream in your freezer. Instead of making a large batch of a second flavor, use that for your treat.

This is a good option if you want to make SpongeBob. You’d need to make the pineapple or other yellow ice cream, but you could use a bit of leftover vanilla and chocolate for his outfit.

If you ever have some ice cream but not enough for a full serving, this is a great way to use it. Then, you won’t have to toss any ice cream in the trash.

Rare in Stores

Another excellent reason to make your own SpongeBob ice cream bars is that they’re not the most common. You may need to shop at multiple grocery stores to find the treats.

Depending on where you live, your only option could be to order the bars online. But ordering ice cream over the internet is risky, especially if you live somewhere where it gets hot.

Yes, it will take more work, but it can be well worth it to create your own ice cream bars. Then, you won’t have to worry about finding the bars at a store or getting them into your freezer right after they arrive at your door.

FAQs about the SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars Guide

Question: What flavor is the SpongeBob ice cream bar?

Answer: When it comes to the store-bought SpongeBob ice cream bar, the flavor is a mix of fruit punch and cotton candy. I think that’s a weird combination considering the main color is yellow.
If you don’t like those flavors, you can make your own bars using any yellow flavor, such as pineapple (coincidentally, the shape of his house). That way, you can make sure to enjoy the treats.

Question: Are SpongeBob ice cream bars hard to find?

Answer: SpongeBob ice cream bars can be very difficult to find. You might not have access to a store that carries them, and ordering them online isn’t ideal.
Even if you live near a store that carries the bars, there’s no guarantee they’ll have them. Other SpongeBob fans might buy all of the stock before you can.

Question: Are SpongeBob ice cream bars vegan?

Answer: The SpongeBob ice cream bars you can buy aren’t vegan. However, it’s easy to make your own vegan ice cream bars using vegan ingredients.

Question: What’s the difference between a popsicle and an ice cream bar?

Answer: As the name suggests, an ice cream bar features some sort of ice cream. Popsicles tend to use juices and sugar, and you freeze them to create the treat.

Final Note on the SpongeBob Ice Cream Bars Guide

If you like tasty treats and SpongeBob SquarePants, you should refer to a good SpongeBob ice cream bars guide. The guide should tell you where to find the product or how to make your own.

I think it’s better to create homemade ice cream bars. The ingredients are easier to come by, and you can choose the characters and flavors you want to use.

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