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I grew up watching SpongeBob Squarepants and loving it! It’s definitely one of the best cartoons that graced Nickelodeon. The show always delivers funny anecdotes with witty and interesting scientific facts.

While SpongeBob is a comedy cartoon series, it isn’t shy to introduce some mean and malicious characters, like Kevin C. Cucumber. His loud and obnoxious personality is equally opposite to SpongeBob’s fun-loving and goofy attitude.

Moreso, Kevin C. Cucumber also looks more like a real cucumber vegetable than a sea cucumber—just like SpongeBob looks more like a dishwashing sponge than a sea sponge. If you’re interested to know more interesting details about Kevin the Cucumber, read on! I will share everything you need to know about him, especially all the episodes he has appeared in.

Bottom line Up Front

Kevin C. Cucumber is extremely popular in the jellyfishing community, being the leader of the Jellyspotters. He is a sea cucumber, as his name suggests—but he doesn’t resemble the marine species of his kind. He became the main antagonist of “I’m Your Biggest Fanatic, ” which is the first episode he appeared in.

Information at a Glance

  • Full name: Kevin C. Cucumber
  • Birthday:  May 12, 1990
  • Home Location: Barrel House, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
  • Occupation: Leader of Jellyspotters
  • Most Memorable Moment: I’m Your Biggest Fanatic, Patrick the Mailman

Kevin C. Cucumber: Appearance, Personality, and More

Kevin C. Cucumber and his fans
Image from Sponge bob Fandom

Appearance: Is He a Sea Cucumber or What?

At first glance, you’d be confused about Kevin’s look. Given that all characters in SpongeBob Squarepants are inspired by real-life marine species, you’d begin to ask yourself: is Kevin a sea cucumber or what?

While he looks like a vegetable cucumber, he is actually a green sea cucumber. On top of his head is a crown-like structure—these are his feeding tentacles. They are pale yellow with a bright orange outline.

It’s quite weird to see that he also has bright plips, considering that sea cucumbers don’t have such physical features. In the episode “I’m Your Biggest Fanatic,” other members of the Jellyspotters tried to rip his feeding tentacles since they thought it was a crown.

Kevin also wears blue glasses along with brown shorts; he doesn’t wear any shirt or top. He looks cool and hip with his two-tone spectator dress shoes in black and white.

Personality: Obnoxiously Rude

Being the leader of the Jellyspotters, Kevin has this type-A personality. He always thinks of himself as better and above anyone else. He loves to be rude and sadistic to his peers.

Kevin is also treacherous, like Bubble Bass, who would cheat just to win!

His popularity got to his head, and he has a ruthless hatred toward his own fans. He even let SpongeBob perform tortuous tasks when he tried out for the Jellyspotters. This is his way of humiliating and belittling SpongeBob among the whole Jellyspotter club. Some of his fans are even trapped in the abyss at Jellyfish Fields because of him.

He is also ill-tempered and easily annoyed, especially when SpongeBob completes his tasks with ease. Interestingly, he isn’t extremely knowledgeable about jellyfish despite being the leader.

Kevin is also ungrateful when SpongeBob tries to save his group from danger. SpongeBob’s final task was to catch a queen jellyfish—a trick designed by Kevin to make him fail.


Kevin C. Cucumber being proud of himself
Image from Sponge bob Fandom

During his childhood, Kevin was a camper at Kamp Koral. He eventually became the leader of a club named Jellyspotters, not for his skill but because of his fashion sense. Jellyspotters is a league of expert jellyfish enthusiasts. When the club became so popular, Kevin became the mascot of his own line of jellyfish sting ointment.

Being a noob with zero experience in jellyfishing, the club replaced Kevin with SpongeBob, who saved them from the king jellyfish. Soon after, SpongeBob quit the Jellyspotters and mentioned that the lifestyle just didn’t suit him.

Residence: Kevin C. Cucumber’s House

Kevin C. Cucumber’s House
Image from Sponge bob Fandom

Kevin C. Cucumber’s house is truly unique! It’s at par with SpongeBob’s pineapple house, Sandy’s treedome, and Patrick’s rock. I love his jellyfish-themed home, which appeared in the episode “Patrick the Mailman.”

I always thought that Kevin lived with his parents, considering Bubble Bass, one of the show’s antagonists, lives in his mom’s basement.

Exterior: A Barrel House Fit for a Sea Cucumber

Kevin C. Cucumber’s house is a large wooden barrel with another barrel that serves as an extension. The main barrel has a green tiled roof with a chimney and a large round window. It’s also filled with interesting trinkets, like a jellyfish hive on a stick, a green mat, and a huge sticker with the word ‘pickles’ on it.

The extension or small barrel has two jellyfish decoys and baits. It has a rectangular window with a green tiled awning—that looks similar to the roof of the main barrel.

Interior: Filled with Everything Jellyfish

Image from Sponge bob Fandom

I’ve only seen Kevin’s house interiors in the episode “Patrick the Mailman.” At a glance, it’s obvious that he loves jellyfish because his house is filled with jellyfish-related decorations. The walls are covered with his portraits and pictures in Jellyfish Fields.

His house has four rooms:

  • The library: This room has a large fireplace with a bookcase filled with books and jellyfish decorations
  • The kitchen: The open-layout kitchen is equipped with bamboo furniture, a refrigerator, an oven, and cooking utensils.
  • The living room: This is my favorite spot; I like the color combination with the purple couch and a blue and purple rug.
  • The large trophy room: This is obviously Kevin’s favorite spot. He takes pride in his trophies and jellyfishing achievements. The room also has jellyfish nets, suits of armor, a gramophone, and a chandelier.

Roles in the Show: Jellyspotter Leader?

Kevin C. Cucumber also became a recurring character in SpongeBob Squarepants. Every episode makes you hate him even more! He is just a mean and rude sadist, though it’s really interesting to see his backstory.

I love how he interacts with the main characters and how his bullying tactics always backfire on him. He also made minor appearances as a background character in a few episodes. Now, let’s discuss every episode Kevin C. Cucumber appeared in.

SpongeBob SquarePants

I’m Your Biggest Fanatic

I’m Your Biggest Fanatic - sponge bob hitting himself
Image from Sponge bob Fandom

This is Kevin’s debut episode, where he meets SpongeBob and Patrick at the Biannual Jellyfish Convention. SpongeBob’s obsessive fanboy behavior significantly bothered Kevin, but he took advantage of SpongeBob’s naivety to join the club. He gave out ridiculous and harmful requests, including jumping off the building or even hitting himself.

SpongeBob continues to complete the task with ease, and Kevin ends up getting stung by a school of jellyfish too many times. He gives out the final task for SpongeBob: catch a queen jellyfish as live bait.

A seemingly suspicious queen jellyfish arrives at the scene; however, it is revealed that the Jellyspotters were only using an animatronic. Kevin lure and taunt SpongeBob into believing that it’s an actual queen jellyfish. Suddenly, a king jellyfish appears and falls head over heels for the animatronic queen jellyfish. The king jellyfish started to attack the Jellyspotters when he realized that it was just a robot.

In hindsight, Kevin proves to be a coward who could defend his club from the king jellyfish. SpongeBob’s bravery wards away the king. The Jellyspotters rips off his feeding tentacle, assuming that it was a crown, and puts it on SpongeBob.

Lame and Fortune

Kevin only made a minor appearance in this episode. In fact, the only body parts seen in “Lame and Fortune” are his legs and infamous shoes inside Chum Bucket. It is noticeably in a lighter shade of green compared to his skin color.

Jolly Lodgers

This is actually one of the most recent episodes in the show. Airing on July 31, 2019, Kevin appeared on Jolly Lodgers at the Hotel Halibut as part of the 36th Annual Jelly-Fisher Convention. He got to meet his fans and get pictures with him. At the end of the episode, he later runs out of the fumigated hotel.

Patrick the Mailman

Patrick the Mailman
Image from Sponge bob Fandom

Kevin’s appearance in the episode was quite significant. SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at Kevin’s house, delivering a jury duty summons. However, every time they try to send the envelope through his mail slot, he throws the mail right back at them.

The duo really tried their best to get Kevin’s attention; they even rang the doorbell, but Kevin insisted that he didn’t want to receive the mail and slammed his door shut. SpongeBob suggests leaving Kevin’s house and moving on to the next house.

However, Patrick disagrees and refuses to proceed—he tries to stuff himself inside the box while ringing Kevin’s doorbell. This time, Kevin comes out to collect the box, only to find Patrick emerge from the box offering the summons. Enraged and annoyed, Kevin activates a booby trap to throw Patrick off his doorstep.

Patrick remains persistent and decides to suit up as Santa Claus. He sneaks into the house through the chimney. Once he sees Kevin, he offers the summons as a gift, but Kevin isn’t easily fooled. The two keep fighting and chasing each other until they wind up in Kevin’s room.

With an obvious advantage, Kevin grabs the jellyfish net and uses it as a weapon; Patrick does the same thing. Both are now engaged in a duel. In the end, Patrick forces Kevin to get the summons.

Upon checking the summons, Kevin noticed that the summons was actually for Bubble Bass. He shouts for Patrick and SpongeBob before angrily tearing the envelope.

Interesting Trivia Facts about Kevin C. Cucumber

Kevin C. Cucumber is among the most remarkable characters in the show despite not being one of the main characters and only appearing in four episodes. Learning about the Jellyspotters and Kevin’s backstory truly gives you a better overview of his motivations and aspirations.

While I don’t particularly like his character, I could actually understand Kevin C. Cucumber—he is like an average kid trying to fit in by bossing around everyone else. Of course, I couldn’t wait to see more episodes in which he’ll appear. But for now, let’s check out some interesting trivia facts about Kevin C. Cucumber.

  • Kevin’s “crown” is actually a part of his body! That’s why it hurt when the Jellyspotters forcefully removed it from his head.
  • Notice how Kevin’s middle initial and last name, “C. Cucumber,” is also pronounced as “sea cucumber” —a smart and fitting wordplay on his character.
  • In the episode “I’m Your Biggest Fanatic,” Kevin gave SpongeBob eight particular tests, which are the following:
    • Catch a jellyfish
    • Catch two jellyfish
    • Catch twenty jellyfish
    • Let a jellyfish eat jelly off your face
    • Catch a jellyfish blindfolded
    • Stand on your head and catch a jellyfish
    • Be a live bait and capture a queen jellyfish
  • Kevin owns a product, eponymous to his name Kevin’s ointment. The jellyfish ointment helps quickly heal any jellyfish stings.
  • Kevin, along with the members of the Jellyspotters, wears the same eyeglasses.
  • When Kevin tasked SpongeBob to catch 20 jellyfish, 18 more rushed inside his net. The same 20 jellyfish come out to sting Kevin when he kicks SpongeBob’s net.
  • “Patrick the Mailman” is Kevin’s first major appearance after season two’s “I’m Your Biggest Fanatic”—that’s 21 years later.
  •  In the episode “Jolly Lodgers,” many characters from “I’m Your Biggest Fanatic,” like Dr. Manowar, the Jellyspotters, a picture of Big Lenny, and Kevin C. Cucumber, made a cameo appearance at the 36th Annual Jellyfishing Convention.

It’s Time for Meme Review: Top Kevin C. Cucumber Memes

Image from Tumblr

Adult Swim’s shows are among the best adult animated cartoons in existence! I Rick and Morty, and of course, the iconic Pickle Rick! The first time I saw this meme, I couldn’t help but chuckle. I

love this meme because of the show’s crossover. Without any context, you’d still have an idea about the characters, considering their animated icons.

The comparison is uncanny yet funny. I’m not quite sure though, if Pickle Rick is way better than Kevin C. Cucumber. Is he? Well, you’d easily assume he is, but Rick’s obnoxious and loud personality might rub you the wrong way. Meme rating: 8/10

Image from Pinterest

Before searching for the best memes about Kevin, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. It was like happenstance to see this picture of Kevin after seeing dozens of girls with lip fillers. Imagine my reaction! I find this meme top-tier! Kevin’s lips and reaction are just hilarious, and the caption makes it even funnier! I’d rate this meme thicc/10.

I was really idealistic and dreamy after graduating from college. I was quite excited to be an adult—to work and live on my own. Interestingly, many people would ask me about my plans. Some of my college mates are building their families, and they share the struggles of family life. I believe seeing this meme just hits a certain spot! It’s a bit funny but extremely realistic. Life after college is tough, and I’m just enjoying every bit of freedom I have. So, I rate this meme too old for me/10.

Kevin C. Cucumber is probably that friend who only wears designer clothing; he’s a whole vibe. This right picture is relatively accurate to Kevin’s look. I’m really not keen on designer stuff; let him do a fit check—his clothes scream uncoordinated and ugly. LOL. Meme rating: 7/10.

I want to keep it wholesome, but since Kevin’s color is green forgive me for this green joke of a meme. I find meme among my top favorites because it just slaps. It took me a while to realize what it meant, but when I did understand the meaning behind it was just purely comedic! It’s funny how sugar babies are also considered an investment for rich sugar daddies. Meme rating: 6.9/10.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kevin C. Cucumber

Question: Who is Kevin C. Cucumber’s voice actor?

Answer: The voice actor of Kevin C. Cucumber is Dee Bradley Baker. He also voiced several roles, such as Perch Perkins, Squilliam Fancyson, Bubble Bass and more than 50 SpongeBob Squarepants characters.

Question: Where does Kevin C. Cucumber live?

Answer: Kevin lives alone in his house. He actually has an impressive home in Bikini Bottom. With four spacious rooms, his house is probably every jellyfish enthusiast’s dream.

Question: Why did Kevin C. Cucumber become the leader of Jellyspotters?

Answer: Kevin’s backstory was heavily explored in Kamp Koral. It was revealed that he became the leader of the club because of his fashion sense.

Question: What does SpongeBob say to Kevin in their first meeting?

Answer: SpongeBob is delighted to see Kevin. He keeps repeating these words, “Hi, Kevin. I’m your biggest fan.” during their first meeting. The clip also became a popular internet meme/GIF.

Kevin C. Cucumber: Jellyfish Enthusiast or A Fraud?

I don’t really have strong opinions about Kevin as a whole. Unlike Bubble Bass, his rudeness and obnoxious behavior are tolerable, considering he also gets punished for it(e.g., getting stung by a swarm of jellyfish.) I like his witty name and unique character design that just fits well in the SpongeBob universe.

The irony of his character being the leader of Jellyspotters and ending up being a fraud is quite fascinating. While Kamp Koral explores his childhood, it would be great to see how he became a jellyfish enthusiast or a fraud.

I wouldn’t be surprised that Kevin C.Cucumber would become a mainstay antagonist in the series! The boy’s got some potential. I’d surely keep an eye on him in the upcoming episode. What about you? Do you like or hate Kevin C. Cucumber?

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