Spongebob Valentines Day Episodes Guide

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A SpongeBob Valentines Day episodes guide can help you understand this holiday in Bikini Bottom. The holiday only has one featured episode, but it has stuck with me for twenty years.

SpongeBob is the epitome of the Valentine’s Day happy single. While many single people get a little down during this time of year, SpongeBob shows how they can be in love with love. 

I know he helped me through some rough Valentine’s Days. He may be annoying, but at least he knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way. So let’s take a cue from the King of Friendship.

Valentine’s Day in Bikini Bottom

  • S1, Ep16 – Valentine’s Day
  • S1, Ep11 of The Patrick Star’ Sitcom’ Show 
  • Book – The World’s Greatest Valentine
  • Book – SpongeBob’s Secret Valentine

Valentine’s Day occurs on February 14 in Bikini Bottom, just as it does in our world. It is celebrated much like our Valentine’s Day is celebrated with little to no difference in the way most citizens honor the day.

SpongeBob tends to go overboard, but I know a few people who give a Valentine’s Day card to every person they know. He even gives a few special gifts to friends who mean a lot to him.

Other than that one episode, there are a few canon references to Valentine’s Day in Bikini Bottom. Each time, SpongeBob is the star, making Valentine’s Day special to everyone he meets.

SpongeBob Valentine’s Day Episode

Chocolate Baloon for Patrick

The SpongeBob Valentine’s Day episode is called “Valentine’s Day.” It is the 16th episode of season one. The episode begins with SpongeBob giving Valentines to all his friends.

He then speaks to Sandy about getting Patrick a very special Valentine’s gift. He wants to get his friend a hot-air balloon made of chocolate. Sandy is off to get the balloon while SpongeBob tells Patrick he has a special surprise in store.

Patrick’s Anxiety

Patrick and SpongeBob at Valentine's Day Carnival

This makes Patrick anxious, so to hold him off, SpongeBob takes Patrick to the Valentine’s Day Carnival. Patrick thinks this is his gift, but SpongeBob tells him that there’s something even better.

Patrick keeps asking what his gift is, so SpongeBob calls Sandy to find out how long she’ll be. She’s on the way, but just then, aggressive scallops attack her. Of course, since it’s Sandy, she’s fine, but she says she’ll be late.

Patrick’s Disappointment 

Sandy tells SpongeBob to meet her at the Ferris wheel. When they get there, Sandy isn’t there, so SpongeBob calls her. The scallops attack again, and cause the balloon to lose air. That’s when plan B comes in.

SpongeBob tells Patrick his gift is a “friendly handshake,” making Patrick pout. Whenever Patrick learns SpongeBob gave everyone else Valentines, he goes crazy and destroys everything he can at the carnival.

Patrick’s Rage

Baloon Arrived

Just as he’s readying to attack a group of unsuspecting people, Sandy floats in with the now fixed chocolate balloon, led by the scallops. SpongeBob tells Patrick to turn around to see, but he won’t.

When he finally does, he sees the chocolate balloon, and jumps on it, eating it and popping it. Afterward, he tells SpongeBob that he didn’t have to get him anything.

SpongeBob Valentine’s Day Books

The SpongeBob books are separate from the comic series and are rather standalone stories that kids keep on their bookshelves. There are two Valentine’s Day books that are licensed to SpongeBob. 

One is unique, while the other is a spin on the Valentine’s Day episode of SpongeBob Squarepants. It’s fun to spot the differences and to read the unique story, so I can’t pick a favorite. 

The World’s Greatest Valentine

The World's Greatest Valentine
Image from Wiki Fandom

The World’s Greatest Valentine is a spin on the SpongeBob Valentine’s Day episode. This is the way many of the books work. While some are unique stories, some use the storyline from specific episodes.

The Valentine’s Day book has a few differences from the episode. This is what you may notice has changed in the book that was inspired by the episode. Maybe you can spot even more.

  • The “scallops” are now called clams
  • Squidward’s reply to SpongeBob’s gift is, “Why don’t you go play in shark-infested waters?”
  • Mrs. Puff crashes and inflates on one page
  • Simple color changes (can you spot them?)
  • Patrick goes even more insane
  • The crowd had a heartfelt reaction to Patrick getting the balloon 

SpongeBob’s Secret Valentine

SpongeBob's Secret Valentine
Image from Wiki Fandom

The book begins with Gary and SpongeBob playing fetch when the ball hits Sandy. SpongeBob asks if Sandy wants to play but she says she doesn’t have time. She has to make a special valentine for the following day.

SpongeBob – being SpongeBob – thinks the valentine is for him, so he starts making one for her. He wants it to be big and flashy in case she is making him a big valentine too.

SpongeBob’s Dilemma

While he is crafting the valentine, Patrick comes in and thinks SpongeBob is making a mistake. Patrick disagrees with the gift and says when “a boy gives a girl a valentine, it’s a really huge deal!” He thinks that if SpongeBob and Sandy get closer, SpongeBob won’t have time for him anymore.

SpongeBob disagrees but he doesn’t want to make Patrick sad. He asks Squidward, but Squidward doesn’t respond. So he asks Mr. Krabs, who – after realizing it wasn’t about Pearl – tells SpongeBob to go spy on Sandy.

SpongeBob’s Bad Decision

SpongeBob does so and sees Sandy making a huge valentine that impresses him. She smells SpongeBob and chases him, but SpongeBob gets away. He goes home to make Sandy a valentine.

The next day SpongeBob learns that Sandy’s valentine was made for her mom rather than for him. This makes things awkward, so SpongeBob tries to hide the valentine when he visits Sandy

SpongeBob’s Friendship

Sandy finds out that SpongeBob made her a valentine and says “thanks” by challenging him to a karate match. SpongeBob finds out that giving the valentine didn’t ruin any of his friendships, and he spends the rest of the day sparring with Sandy.

Gifts Given on SpongeBob’s Valentine’s Day Episode

SpongeBob Giving Out Valentine Gifts

While SpongeBob gives Squidward, Plankton, and Mrs. Puffs cards, he gives something special to two of his friends. However, I do commend him for giving Plankton a tiny heart.

You could easily replicate these Valentines in real life with construction paper. If you want cheap SpongeBob-themed valentines, then you can cut the hearts out in the same color that SpongeBob used. 

Chocolate Heart Bubble

SpongeBob blows Sandy a chocolate heart bubble with chocolate syrup. She catches it and eats it immediately. But this isn’t her only gift, but rather a small token of appreciation.

This is not easy to replicate, but you can make chocolate balls that look the same. There are plenty of ways to do this, but I recommend getting a mold and using baking chocolate.


SpongeBob’s real gift to heart-shaped Sandy is an acorn with an arrow in it. This sweet gift is thoughtful because no one else would want it but Sandy. She – a squirrel- loved it.

You could either make one of these out of foam and paint it. Or, you can find a real acorn that is heart-shaped and glue tiny stick arrow ends on each side. It would be small, but “life-sized,” really.

Chocolate Balloon

The big gift of the episode is a chocolate hot air balloon that Sandy spends the episode trying to get to Patrick. It is seen throughout the episode but not given to Patrick until the last scene.

I can’t think of a way to make this happen unless you have a lot of extra cash to spend on it. But you can rent a hot air balloon, which is one of the most romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

Hints About Valentine’s Day (Easter Eggs, Anyone?)

There is only one featured Valentine’s Day episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. But it is either seen or mentioned twice other than the special episode, letting us know what goes on this day of the year.

Every international and some national holiday has appeared on SpongeBob. There are a few Halloween and Christmas episodes, so it’s strange that there’s only one Valentine’s episode. But at least we have these Easter eggs. 

Going to Squidward’s House on Valentine’s Day

In Breath of Fresh Squidward, Squidward awakes to find SpongeBob and Patrick in his room at 3:47 am. He asks why they are there, and SpongeBob tells them they go there on every holiday, including Valentine’s Day.

While we don’t see them there on Valentine’s Day, we can assume that they appear each year, and we never see them. Poor Squidward. But at least it took him this long to wake up.

Valentine’s Day Carnival

The Valentine’s Day Carnival takes place every year. The decor and theme change to suit each holiday, and we even get to see Patty and SpongeBob go on a Valentine’s Day date there in “To Love a Patty.”

The episode is quite awkward, so if you’re one of the many that cringe the entire time, you’re not alone. SpongeBob takes Patty on dates, and the Valentine’s Day one isn’t even the worst one.

S1, Ep11 of The Patrick Star’ Sitcom’ Show 

Patrick with Heart Shaped Rock

In the new series The Patrick Star’ Sitcom’ Show, Patrick celebrates Valentine’s Day. In the episode, Patrick holds a heart-shaped rock when SpongeBob walks up behind him with a greeting.

Patrick misunderstands and thinks SpongeBob is trapped in the rock, so he smashes it to “get SpongeBob out.” When he finds out that SpongeBob is okay, he gives him the rock dust that was once a heart.

The episode continues the same as the Valentine’s Day special with the chocolate balloon. The only difference is the audience noises and that it only features the scenes with Patrick.

Valentine’s Day Behind the Scenes 

On February 14, nearly every year, an episode of SpongeBob premiers somewhere. The first airing (American debut) happened for Valentine’s Day/The Paper and Old Man Patrick” in 2018. 

Another significant occurrence is the birth of storyboard artist John Trabbic in 1982. He’s been working on SpongeBob episodes and movies since 2016 and hasn’t worked on an episode since 2020.


Question: Which Episode is SpongeBob Valentine’s Day?

Answer: The Valentine’s Day special is Season 1, Episode 16. It’s the first half of the episode, and it aired on February 14, 2000. There hasn’t been a Valentine’s Day special on SpongeBob since.

Question: Which Episode is Paired with SpongeBob Valentine’s Day?

Answer: The Paper is the other half of episode 16 of season one. It’s the episode when Squidward litters on SpongeBob’s yard. The paper then becomes valuable to SpongeBob, and Squidward tries to get it back.

Question: Does SpongeBob Have a Valentine?

Answer: To SpongeBob, all of his friends are his valentines. But he doesn’t have a romantic love interest. It was hinted in the Valentine book to be Sandy, but it turned out they were just friends.

Question: Why is There Only One Valentine’s Day Episode of SpongeBob?

Answer: This is never disclosed. There may be more episodes in the future, but perhaps because of a common stance against Valentine’s Day or the lack of involvement for children, the producers decided to nix future episodes.

Question: Are There SpongeBob Valentines?

Answer: Yes. There are SpongeBob Valentines, but they may not make any new ones available in stores each year. You may have to hop on eBay or another auction site to get them.

Significance of Valentine’s Day on SpongeBob

Although Valentine’s Day only appears in one episode where it is the focus, SpongeBob Valentines are a common theme. That’s why there have been a few issues of SpongeBob valentines available.

SpongeBob Valentine has been a licensed and non-licensed theme for twenty years, from tins to lollipops. On the show, it may only appear once in a memorable way, but we all have something to learn from the way SpongeBob celebrates Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It’s for letting everyone in your life know how much you care. Unless it’s a weekend, then it’s for watching Netflix and eating takeout alone, right?

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