Red Mist Squidward Guide

SpongeBob is my all-time favorite cartoon, and I’ve enjoyed the show with my friends and family since childhood. There is no doubt in my mind that SpongeBob is the best cartoon show out there! Watching it is not only a way for people to entertain themselves but also learn informative life lessons.

For instance, the cartoon provides impeccable guidance on maintaining friendships and being nice to others. Looking back at it, it’s overwhelming how well the team entertainingly portrayed real-life scenarios.

The show has introduced hundreds of characters to date. Most of them are loved and adored by many of us. We have seen characters labeled from crime-fighting superheroes to disastrous villains. Today, I will be talking about one of these characters. The dramatic personae introduced in today’s article is “Red Mist Squidward.”

Red Mist Squidward: Bottom Line Upfront

Red Mist Squidward made a small appearance on a SpongeBob episode titled “SpongeBob in RandomLand.” The character is a parallel-universe version of Squidward, and his scary replica, if I must say! He lives behind one of the doors in RandomLand. If one wasn’t chaotic enough, introducing another Squidward was a brave choice.

Key Information

  • Name: Red Mist Squidward
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Unknown
  • Residence: RandomLand
  • Pets: None
  • Related Characters/Connections: Squidward
  • Appearances In the Show: SpongeBob in RandomLand

Physical Appearance

Red Mist Squidward is the alternate-universe version of Squidward. Therefore, they look very similar. Red Mist Squidward is a sea octopus, obviously! He is turquoise in color and has a long broad nose curved at the end. However, there are a few things that differentiate him and Squidward.

Red Mist Squidward has humungous, circular, and horrifying eyes. He has black pupils and blood-red irises that make you want to stay ten feet away at all times. They are nothing compared to Squidward’s small maroon eyes and hair-raising!

There is another distinctive feature that separates both of the characters. Red Mist Squidward has thick layers of mascara around his eyes, and it is also seen dribbling down like blood from a fresh wound. His vibe resembles a female lead in a teen movie after her breakup. Even though we couldn’t see anything except his face. I am in love with his overall look. 

Personality and Character

Red Mist Squidward’s personality and character are difficult to determine. With only one scene where he only stares at the camera with no dialogue. There is not much to say about his personality.

Role In The Story Plot

Red Mist Squidward was introduced in the episode “SpongeBob in RandomLand.” He appeared along with several other beyond usual Squidward look-alikes. However, he caught the most attention. He didn’t choose fame; instead, it chose him!

Red Mist Squidward is known to be Squidward from an alternative universe. They look similar to a certain extent when it comes to applying mascara. Red Mist Squidward is, unfortunately, bad at it! Anyhow, let us get into detail. By that, I mean the synopsis.

SpongeBob in RandomLand

SpongeBob in RandomLand
Image from Wiki Fandom

“SpongeBob in RandomLand” is episode 15 of season 12. This episode is a relatively new episode, released in 2019. The main characters are SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. 

Who Gets the Phone

Squidward Admiring Himself

The episode begins with the scenic view of Krusty Krabs. Squidward is admiring himself in a hand mirror even though there isn’t much to admire! Plus, that pout was killing me. The phone on the counter rings constantly. Squidward rolls his eyes towards the telephone annoyingly. He says, ” Can someone please answer this phone? I am busy.”

SpongeBob kicks open the door and storms in. The poor door’s having a bad start to its day. SpongeBob storms out of the freezer. He is covered in ice, and he is seen with an ice beard and two blocks of ice stuck on his feet. It makes me wonder if Elsa from frozen is hidden somewhere in the freezer. He throws the sausages he is holding and says, “I’ll get it, Squidward.”

To get to the counter, he attempts to do a jump. Unsuccessfully, he lands on Squidward’s face, and it gives him purple eyes. SpongeBob lands on the ground but struggles to balance himself. He slides all around the diner. He touches down on Squidward’s face once again. Yikes! 

Do We Deliver

Squidward and Mr. Krabs Arguing

His face was smeared on the telephone, and Squidward answered it. The customer makes an order to which he replies, “I’m sorry we don’t deliver to that neighborhood.” This is where Mr. Krabs comes in. This dude lives for money! He appears out of nowhere and says, “Who doesn’t deliver to what neighborhood?” He snatches the phone out of Squidward’s deformed face and looks at him angrily.

Squidward shakes his head aggressively to regain his senses. He then rubs his head and says, “We don’t deliver to RandomLand.” Mr. Krabs asks for an explanation for that claim. He says he’s heard “that place is crazy, and no delivery fish has ever returned.” It was hilarious to see his eyes get longer and longer. It’s a great talent!

Mr. Krabs explains to Squidward his business strategy. He brings up a chalkboard and says, “Squidward! Just because it’s a preposterous neighborhood, where the laws of nature change randomly, and the people are all Cuckoo, don’t mean Krusty Krab won’t attempt to take their money.” He winks at Squidward and gets the customer’s order. He agrees to get the order to the customer in twenty minutes.

Whose Cuckoo Enough

Squidward looks at him in shock as Mr. Krabs smacks the phone on his head. He grabs the phone and replies in neglect. “Well, I’m not Cuckoo enough to go to RandomLand,” he says. SpongeBob slides on a slab of wood and jumps off. During the time when he floats in the air defying all laws of physics. He rotates his upper body while making weird noises.

He rubs his ice feet together, which results in snow formation. Just as the snow touches the ground, he lands right between Squidward and Mr. Krabs, Superman style! Mr. Krabs now has someone crazy enough to go in mind. SpongeBob puts his foot on the edge of the counter. He states, ” So… what are you two yenters talking about!?”

Squidward flicks his foot resulting in him stumbling and falling. Squidward laughs as his nose squeaks like a children’s toy. Now… how many of you are aware of karma? More snow was hanging around in the air, and the snow piled on him, causing him to disappear.

SpongeBob’s Embarking

SpongeBob Delivery Man

Bubbles appear on the screen before Mr. Krabs puts the order in SpongeBob’s backpack. SpongeBob swallows it whole, but it somehow goes through his body to his back, safely. I’m impressed! He salutes Mr. Krabs and says the delivery will be successful.

A cuteness overload occurs as his cheeks go red and his eyes sparkle. He rocks back and forth, asking, “how do I get to RandomLand?” After that, Mr. Krabs tells him that no one knows how to go to RandomLand. He tells SpongeBob to walk around “Randomly.” He says this as the background goes pitch black and spooky music starts to play. It can’t be that bad, can it? 

Now you’re probably thinking, Spongebob must be shaking in his boots. It’s the opposite! He smiles and says, ” Oh, that’s how I usually get around.” This dude is fearless or maybe just careless. In a funny way!

Mr. Krabs looks dumbfounded as SpongeBob twirls, barks, and jumps around. If this is walking around randomly, he might as well start a dance routine!

I love how innocent he is! SpongeBob stops after his so-called random activities and says, “how’s that?” Squidward replies by pointing the cash register at his face and opening it. The drawer hits and takes SpongeBob out of the diner along with it. Squidward laughs maniacally, saying now he’ll get lost for sure.

Mr. Krabs agrees and tells Squidward to go with him. The smirk on Squidward’s face fades away after he processes the statement. He hands the register over to Mr. Krabs and tries to escape in a panic. He tries to deny it, but Mr. Krabs manages to throw Squidward out using the cash register. The scene ends with Mr.Krabs laughing in amusement.

Poor Squidward

SpongeBob proceeds to walk randomly. I mean, he jumps around like a spring cut loose. Squidward walks in a straight line with his shoulders hanging in disappointment. SpongeBob wiggles his body on a fence and even rotates a cloud in the sky. He made his way to Squidward while doing arm waves and wearing a skirt made of leaves. He tells him this thing isn’t working. Just as he finishes saying that SpongeBob disappears into thin air. 

Squidward panics at first but then realizes his wish has come true. SpongeBob has disappeared! He then pretends to be shocked by his disappearance and states, “Oh no! SpongeBob has disappeared. Whatever will I do?!” He then wears a skirt like SpongeBob and starts dancing in joy. However, he ends up vanishing as well.

Welcome to RandomLand

Squidward and SponeBob in RandomLand

He then appears on screen disoriented. He has his chest for his head and his cap for his nose. Squidward then floats on top of an enormous fish. A gigantic monstrous hand is seen flicking him off the fish. The fish eats the hand. Squidward slides down, screaming, but SpongeBob starts honking behind him.

They both fantasize about driving, and Squidward tells SpongeBob to go around. SpongeBob listens while Squidward starts yelling again.

They are thrown into a series of drainage pipes that lead them to a circular enclosed glass. The glass contains an unidentified liquid. The two are then sucked into another channel which leads them into a bunch of chemicals. They are released through a tap de-shaped once again. Once they return to normal, Squidward points out that they’ve reached RandomLand. 

Their speech is affected as they cannot seem to form proper sentences. Squidward then tells SpongeBob to follow his lead so they can find the customer. SpongeBob is amazed by the random people of RandomLand. Squidward follows a map but still ends up at an unknown place, and SpongeBob notices an exit right by them. This place is filled with illusions!

Whose Food Is This

Hatching Out of an Egg

SpongeBob and Squidward hatch out of an egg laid by one of the residents. SpongeBob points toward a ton of riders already present there. They were looking for their customers as well. A weird woman with one eye floats next to them. She asks for the bag. Squidward pursues to give her the bag, but SpongeBob denies it. He asks the lady to order for herself while holding a phone to her.

The lady seasons the phone and eats it. She then sticks her tongue out to tease SpongeBob and Squidward before flying away. Squidward is left covered in her saliva. He annoyingly asks SpongeBob to hand him the address, and the paper says 86 ScrewBall Street. 

After Squidward says the address, the paper suddenly catches fire and leaves behind a hole. They both end up finding ScrewBall street and start knocking on random doors, and they even find an upside-down house. While SpongeBob talks to the owner, the flying lady appears and steals the delivery of food.

The Flying Lady

Encountering Flying Lady

SpongeBob and Squidward start chasing the lady. They go through a lot of trouble, including shaving someone’s head and dressing up as chickens. SpongeBob goes up to the lady and orders her to return the food. The lady says, “where’s your manners? Haven’t you heard of knocking?”

Suddenly! A bunch of puzzle pieces appear and join to form a door. Squidward says, “go ahead… knock.” SpongeBob does so. 

The lady opens the door. She snatches the bag and goes through it. After that, she hands SpongeBob the patty. She runs away with the empty bag after shrinking in size. Squidward starts heading back, but SpongeBob doesn’t know what to do with the food. The door that was behind them now makes its way in front. It then multiplies into dozens of them. Squidward opens the first two doors, where he sees older and weirder versions of him. 

The third door turns out to be a view of Squidward’s room. On the spur of the moment, tv static appears with Red Mist Squidward doing what he does best. Stare! Squidward closes the door abruptly and has a breakdown. He cries because he thinks they won’t get out of here like everybody else. However, SpongeBob is excited because he can finally deliver the patty!

Squidward's Room

Mission Accomplished

Squidward grabs SpongeBob by the tie and starts scolding him. They suddenly see Mr. Krabs going through one of the doors. They begin to follow him. They climb the back of a T-rex before finding themselves back at Krusty Krabs.

SpongeBob taps Mr. Krabs only to find out that it’s not him. It was the customer they were looking for! He was there to file a complaint for late delivery. SpongeBob hands him the patty, and he eats it.

Mr. Krabs is crying at the counter as the order is supposed to be free if delivered late. The flying lady appears at Krusty Krabs, and she blows into the stolen bag and pops it. This marked the end of the episode.

Squidward’s Suicide Meme

Red Mist Squidward Meme
Image from Wiki Fandom

Red Mist Squidward did not only gain recognition through SpongeBob. On April 6, 2010, a former Nickelodeon Studios intern added a story to creepypasta, which is a website containing horror stories and urban legends shared through emails or an online bulletin board.

He stated that the lost episode was supposed to air in season 4 but was not permitted to go on screen due to the petrifying symbolism. The story is believed to conclude with Squidward Tentacles killing himself with a shotgun. 

However, A still picture of Red Mist Squidward was used in a series of memes starting in 2019. The memes were related to a joke/prank called “Don’t ask who Joe is.” To be concise, the prankster asks a question and manipulates a person into asking who Joe is. To that, they reply, “Joe Mama,” translating to “your mama.”

This joke trended a lot on social media. The users who asked questions put scary pictures in their posts, and red Mist Squidward was also used in them. This is how he ended up becoming a meme.

My Opinion About Red Mist Squidward

I’m all about seeing new characters being introduced in shows. I Gotta add that I am picky as well!

The crimson red eyes and the terrible mascara were striking. The first time I saw him, I went into a frisson, but you know how I am! I love scary! The jumpscare marks one of my favorite scenes in SpongeBob. I remember jumping off the couch when I first saw it, and I couldn’t dare sleep! All the fun aside, I was disappointed in the show a little. 

Since his debut in 2019, we haven’t seen Red Mist Squidward in any other episode. Many of the characters I love did not make it on screen again, either. However, this was not the case with Red Mist Squidward! He was supposed to have another episode, and a former Nickelodeon intern revealed it. 

As much as I love the show! I was devastated they even thought of introducing such a sensitive topic. Considering the audience majorly consists of “kids.” People make mistakes, but great are those who fix them at the right moment! I agree with kids being educated on suicide awareness, but it comes at a certain age. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is Red Mist Squidward?

Answer: Red Mist Squidward was a character introduced in SpongeBob by Nickelodeon in 2019. He appeared in an episode titled “SpongeBob in RandomLand.” He is an alternate universe version of Squidward.

Question: Where does Red Mist Squidward live?

Answer: Red Mist Squidward resides behind one of the many doors in RandomLand. This is revealed in the episode “SpongeBob in RandomLand.” In the scene where Squidward opens multiple doors in front of him to find a way out, to be specific.

Question: Where was Red Mist Squidward removed?

Answer: Due to heart-shaking imagery, the appearance of Red Mist Squidward was censored in the United Kingdom in 2019. The scene was replaced with a cute video of Squidward as a baby. This just proves how well the design team did on making him spooky!

Question: What does Red Mist Squidward look like?

Answer: He is very much similar to Squidward in terms of looks. He is a turquoise-colored octopus, and he has a long curved nose. However, unlike Squidward, he has crimson eyes and messy mascara all around them.

Red Mist Squidward Guide: Summing Up

Red Mist Squidward is Squidward’s alternate universe version, who lives behind one of the doors in RandomLand.

He was also part of a meme that trended worldwide. It originated from a creepypasta story leaked by a former intern at Nickelodeon. It was related to Squidward committing suicide using a shotgun. The joke was called ” Don’t Ask Who Joe Is.” 

As far as I am concerned, I loved Red Mist Squidward’s vibe. Seeing Squidward in such a unique representation was mind-blowing! Red Mist Squidward deserved to be a fan favorite, only if it was included in another episode properly. It would be a dream come true! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this piece. Till next time!

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