Pinhead Larry Guide: From Dream to Meme

I love a good meme, and Pinhead Larry from SpongeBob SquarePants is probably one of my favorites. But to really understand those memes, you should review a Pinhead Larry guide.

While I’ve watched the show multiple times, I didn’t know much about Larry. Sure, we never meet the real Larry, but you can learn a lot from the episode that features him.

As you watch SpongeBob SquarePants, consider the details we have on Pinhead Larry. Share these facts with your fellow SpongeBob fans!

Bottom Line Up Front

Pinhead Larry is a criminal from Sandy‘s dream as she hibernates. When SpongeBob and Patrick impersonate Larry and Dirty Dan, things go awry exactly how you might expect.

Pinhead Larry Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Pinhead Larry
  • Birth Date: not listed
  • Birth Place: Texas
  • Nickname: Pinhead
  • Death Date: not listed
  • Age When Series Starts: not listed Sandy
  • Zodiac Sign: not listed
  • Siblings: none
  • Children: none
  • Partner/Spouse: Dirty Dan (partner in crime)
  • Most Memorable Moment: When Sandy has a dream about him
  • Actors Who Played: not applicable

Who Is Pinhead Larry?

Pinhead Larry is one of the more obscure “characters” in the SpongeBob SquarePants universe. We first hear about him when Sandy has a dream while hibernating.

SpongeBob and Patrick sneak into’s treedome during the winter despite her video telling them not to. Sandy talks in her sleep about how she’s going to destroy Dirty Dan and his partner, Pinhead Larry.

She’s supposedly a sheriff in her dream, so it’s safe to assume Pinhead Larry is a criminal. Of course, we know he doesn’t work alone, and I’d guess Pinhead Larry’s more of a sidekick to Dirty Dan.

Also, Sandy appears to be dreaming she’s in Texas, so that’s probably where she and the two criminals are. For better or worse, we don’t know much about Pinhead Larry aside from that.

Role of Pinhead Larry in SpongeBob SquarePants

Pinhead Larry may not appear on screen, but he plays a significant role in one episode of the show. Of course, SpongeBob and Patrick are idiots as always.

They overhear Sandy talking in her sleep, and they learn about Pinhead Larry. SpongeBob then role plays as Dirty Dan and calls Patrick Pinhead Larry.

That gets the two friends to play like the criminals more. All of this doesn’t wake Sandy up, but she hears them in her sleep and starts to sleepwalk and thus hurting the sponge and starfish.

Pinhead Larry’s Appearance

Unfortunately, we never find out what Pinhead Larry looks like. I’d imagine he has a pointy head like his nickname assumes, so Patrick probably serves as a good visual representation.

Many of us can picture the iconic image of Patrick looking like Larry. He wears a thin black bow around his neck, and he has one big front tooth with the other tooth missing.

Patrick’s eyes also look a little crazy compared to his normal facial expressions. You can see him furrow his forehead, and the point of his head completes the look.

Of course, the real Pinhead Larry is probably either a squirrel or perhaps a human. But the starfish is the best look we get into this character.

Survival of the Idiots Plot

larry pinhead survival of the idiots
Image from Spongebob Fandom

The first half of season 2, episode 9 is “Survival of the Idiots.” This is where we get to learn about Pinhead Larry and his hi-jinx with Dirty Dan.

If you want to understand this mysterious criminal, you should learn about the plot of the episode.

Ignoring Sandy’s Request

The episode starts with SpongeBob and Patrick racing to Sandy’s treedome. They’re excited to play with their friend, and they enter the drain system between the doors of her home.

Sandy is smart and has set up a video for the two friends to watch. In it, she explains that she’s hibernating, which is a long sleep throughout the winter.

Like you might expect, Patrick decides to hit the button to enter the main part of the dome. This is like when he messes with the tartar sauce trap and lets Man Ray out in another episode.

SpongeBob tells Patrick to stop, but he can’t control his friend. Sometimes, I think SpongeBob maybe shouldn’t hang out with the starfish, or at least not as often.

Playing in the Snow

As they enter the dome, the two friends see that it’s snowing, and they start to play. Patrick learns that snow is water, so they take off their water helmets and explore.

Of course, this is when they hear something come from the tree where Sandy‘s sleeping.

Sandy’s Dream

SpongeBob and Patrick go into Sandy‘s bedroom and listen to her talk in her sleep. Here’s where we find her sleep talking about Dirty Dan and his friend Pinhead Larry.

Of course, the sponge and starfish act out a scene as if they’re Dan and Larry. At first, it doesn’t seem to bother Sandy, but the two idiots crank it up a notch.

Eventually, they disturb Sandy to where she sleepwalks. They end up outside of the tree and in the yard, and Sandy asks which one is Dirty Dan.

When they answer, she beats up her friends, which I’d say they deserve. Luckily, Sandy goes back to sleep, and SpongeBob and Patrick can’t wait to get out of there.

Frozen In

Patrick and SpongeBob get to the door, but they can’t get out. SpongeBob says the handle is slippery before realizing it’s frozen, so they can’t leave until the spring weather melts it.

Of course, the sponge and starfish don’t have any fur to stay warm. They decide to steal Sandy‘s fur while she sleeps, thinking she won’t notice or care.

Revenge of the Squirrel

Luckily, spring arrives quickly, but Sandy wakes up and sees the friends wearing her fur. After figuring out what they did, she gets mad (rightfully so).

The episode ends with SpongeBob and Patrick wrapping themselves around Sandy to keep her warm.

Pinhead Larry Fun Facts

If you like this episode a lot, you may want to learn some fun facts about Pinhead Larry. He’s about the furthest you can get from a main character, but that doesn’t make him boring.

Even the small amount we learn about him is interesting. I want to know what sorts of crimes he commits and how he got into that life.

While I can’t answer those questions, I did learn some fun stuff about Pinhead Larry. Here are some interesting facts you can share with others as you watch “Survival of the Idiots.”

A Real Criminal?

If you only watch “Survival of the Idiots,” you may wonder if Sandy makes up Pinhead Larry. However, you can watch the episode “Shopping List” from season 11.

larry pinhead shopping list
Image from Spongebob Fandom

That show features a scene with the graves of Pinhead Larry and Dirty Dan. Of course, that reveals that Larry is a real criminal, at least in the SpongeBob universe.

But it does make me wonder how he died. Maybe he got the death penalty for one of his crimes, or perhaps he just got old and died of natural causes.

I’d guess it has to do with his crimes since his and Dan’s graves are next to each other. Or maybe they were more than criminal partners…

Location Changes

I mentioned earlier that it seems like Sandy‘s in Texas in her dream about Pinhead Larry. However, that wouldn’t make sense since we see his grave in the show later.

It’s possible Sandy dreams she’s in her hometown but with characters she’s met underwater. Let me know if you think Pinhead Larry is from Texas or Bikini Bottom.

One of Many Larrys

Pinhead Larry is far from the only character with his name in SpongeBob SquarePants. Larry the Lobster, the Goo Lagoon lifeguard, is probably the most well-known Larry.

However, there’s also Larry the snail, who SpongeBob gets after Garry seemingly starts to prefer Patrick. There’s another snail named Larry who appears in the episode with the snail race.

Pinhead Larry isn’t the only off-screen Larry as SpongeBob has a cousin by that name. We never see the character, but SpongeBob thinks Plankton trapped the cousin when he calls Gary “Larry.”

Turned Into a Meme

SpongeBob SquarePants is the origin of dozens of amazing internet memes. One of those memes is of Pinhead Larry, specifically when Patrick makes his Larry face.

People use the “who you callin’ pinhead?” line as the basis for tons of creative images. Some have turned the image into a fake Pokemon card, while others have dressed up like Pinhead Larry.

larry pinhead fake pokemon card

I love how fun you can get with this meme, and you can do something new with it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sharing your favorite Pinhead Larry memes from other creators.

Available Merch

If you want to wear or display Pinhead Larry, you can do so. I don’t think Nickelodeon has released official merch for the character, but that hasn’t stopped fans.

You can find a few listings on Etsy for pins, paintings, and 3D prints of the criminal. I bet you could even ask someone on Etsy to custom-make something for you if you don’t find merch you like.

Of course, you could also make the merch yourself. You could do a screen print on a shirt, or you could create a meme and print it out to display on your wall.

A Final Fantasy Character

I’m not much of a gamer, but I came across a listing for a Final Fantasy character named Pinhead Larry. I can’t tell if it’s an official character or not.

There’s a chance a SpongeBob fan created the character in their favorite video game. However, I still think it’s fun, and it could give us an idea of how the human version of Larry could look.

This character seems to be pretty tall, and he wears a long white coat with red accents and a brown belt. It looks like he wears some sort of mask on his face which would make sense if a criminal doesn’t want to get caught.

Not All Squirrels Hibernate

sandy hibernation
Image from Pinterest

I found it interesting that Sandy hibernates because not all squirrels do. The ground squirrel will hibernate, but most other species don’t have a long slumber.

Squirrels will usually stock up on food and water for the winter. But they’ll store the food in their tree nests so that they don’t have to go out and search for food during winter.

You can think of it like how you might stock up at the grocery store before a big storm. I couldn’t find specifics on what species Sandy is, so her hibernation may or may not be realistic.

What I did find is that hibernation is much different from sleep. I find it hard to believe that a squirrel would talk and walk while they’re hibernating, especially since their body temperature drops, and their metabolism slows down.

But without Sandy‘s dream, we never would have learned about Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry.

FAQs About the Pinhead Larry Guide

Question: Is Pinhead Larry a reference?

Answer: In SpongeBob SquarePants, I don’t think Pinhead Larry is a reference. However, the episode has a lot of fans, so others have started to reference the character in real life.
In that way, Pinhead Larry is a reference. But he’s not necessarily a reference when we first hear about him in Sandy‘s dream.

Question: What episode is Pinhead Larry in?

Answer: Pinhead Larry never makes an appearance on screen, but we first learn about him in “Survival of the Idiots.” Sandy talks about how she sees Larry and is going to get him and Dirty Dan.
While he doesn’t have a huge role, we can see his grave in the episode “Shopping List.”

Question: Who plays Pinhead Larry?

Answer: Arguably, both SpongeBob and Patrick play Pinhead Larry at one point. Patrick plays the character first, but he soon decides he wants to be Dirty Dan.
When Sandy is attacking the two characters, she believes Patrick is Dan and SpongeBob is Larry. As far as the actual criminal, no actor plays him.

Final Note on the Pinhead Larry Guide

pinhead larry merchandise
Image from Spongebob Fandom

If you just started season 2 of SpongeBob SquarePants, you should read a Pinhead Larry guide. Then, when you get to the 9th episode, you’ll know what criminal Sandy is going after in her sleep.

Be sure to consider some fun facts about the character, like how you can buy merch. That way, you can really prepare for the episode even if we never see the character on our screens.

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