Mr. Krabs House Guide – Everything You Need to Know About the Anchor Home

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Mr. Krabs’ house guide may clear some things up for you as it did for me. Fictional homes always fascinate me, and Mr. Krabs’ house is no exception.

This anchor-shaped home is an enigma. After all, Mr. Krabs’ house is hollow, whereas most anchors are solid. It is unclear how this anchor is hollow and why Mr. Krabs lives in it, making it even more interesting. The nautical house is fascinating, to say the least, which is why I’ve learned everything I can about it.

Krabs’ Home Now

  • Made From: an old anchor
  • Year Dropped: unknown
  • Size: around two feet tall
  • Address: 3451 Anchor Way or 2219 Anchor St.

Mr. Krabs has lived in his home with Pearl for a long time now. He and his daughter live in the anchor home. The home has six windows in the front and one wood door with a window in it.

Sometimes, the house has a large chain attached to the top. The chain isn’t always present, but when it is, it’s partially buried, so we don’t know how long it is. Since the chain is removed in some shots, it is unlikely the anchor is still attached to a boat. However, that would be quite the plot twist. 

Krabs’ Childhood Home

Mr. Krabs lived with his mother when he was a child and the home of Betsy Krabs – his mother – to this day. The home is a pink anchor that is short, squatty, and cottage-like. To date, it has appeared in three episodes.

“Sailor Mouth”

In “Sailor Mouth,” SpongeBob learns a curse word, not knowing it is inappropriate. When SpongeBob is told by Mr. Krabs that it is “the eleventh of thirteen vulgar words” that he shouldn’t say, SpongeBob tries to stop saying it. When Mr. Krabs decides to make him paint the Krusty Krab after he slips up, the tables are turned.

Mr. Krabs accidentally says all thirteen bad words, causing SpongeBob to tell Betsy Krabs. As punishment, Mr. Krabs must paint Betsy’s house. This is the first time we see the house.

“Mid-Life Crustacean”

In “Mid-Life Crustacean,” SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs go on a raid to steal panties. They sneak into Betsy’s house and take panties out of her chest of drawers. Somehow, Mr. Krabs didn’t recognize his own mother’s house. In this episode, we see Betsy’s living room and Mr. Krabs’ race car bed from his old bedroom.

“Enemy In-Law”

In “Enemy In-Law,” Plankton spies on Betsy and eventually abducts her with a large robot. He does this because he believes he is in love with her, so he turns Karen off. The two start dating, but it breaks off when Plankton proposes, Betsy turns it down, and the plan to steal the formula is revealed. In the episode, we see Betsy’s bedroom.

Rooms We’ve Seen in Mr. Krabs’ House

Mr. Krabs

We have seen a handful of rooms in Mr. Krabs’ house throughout the series. Whether or not we’ve seen the entire thing is unknown. However, if we create a diagram, we can assume that we’ve seen at least almost every room.


The basement is a room that has a washer/dryer area and a workbench. However, another basement is shown in a different episode where Mr. Krabs makes soap. So we can assume it is large, has many uses, and is even often rearranged.

Root Beer Cellar

This may be the same room as the basement, but it may also be a separate cellar where Mr. Krabs makes root beer. There are dozens of barrels full of root beer.

Living Room

The living room is shown in many episodes. It is large and contains a lot of valuable knick-knacks. Though not the same in each episode, the living room features a vending machine, a doll-a-rama, a TV, chair, and more.

Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are together as an open-concept room. This is the simplest room with a simple kitchen, a table, and a chair. You can also see a counter and fridge in another episode.

Krabs’ Bedroom/Bathroom

Though there is a large master bedroom and bath on the second floor, Mr. Krabs is seen sleeping on a hammock on the right side of the house. It is unknown why he sometimes sleeps on a hammock and sometimes on a standard mattress. He keeps his money in his pillow when sleeping on the hammock.

Pearl’s Bedroom

Pearl’s room is on the left side of the house. It has a large Boys Who Cry poster and a bed. It is a classic teen girl room with pink flowers, a shell alarm clock, a bright carpet, and a landline phone.


The balcony can be seen from the exterior of the home. It can also be seen when Pearl and her friends have a slumber party and visit the balcony, throwing stuff off of the roof.

Episodes Featuring Mr. Krabs’ Home

Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs’ house appears in quite a few episodes. Although I won’t be able to list every episode it appears in, I can list the ones I – and a few others – can remember. If you think of some that I missed, that’s great! I love a good Easter egg, and a missed appearance gives me the same feeling as finding a hidden egg.

Season 1

  • Episode 8: “Squeaky Boots” – this is the first time we see Mr. Krabs’ house. It appears at the beginning of the episode as Pearl’s birthday party is taking place. There are many ships – and other things -in bottles.
  • Episode 12: “The Chaperone” – in this episode, SpongeBob takes Pearl to the prom. He is seen picking Pearl up from her house – which is Mr. Krabs’ house. We see the full exterior this time.
  • Episode 15: “Sleepy Time” – when SpongeBob keeps invading people’s dreams, he eventually makes his way to Pearl’s and Mr. Krabs’ dreams, which they are having at their house.

Season 2

  • Episode 36: “Krusty Love” – Mr. Krabs falls in love with Mrs. Puffs in this episode and spends a lot of money on her. We see him crying at home after realizing what he is doing.

Season 3

  • Episode 46: “Snowball Effect” – Mr. Krabs’ house is shown briefly as Bikini Bottom is scanned, covered in snow.
  • Episode 46: “One Krabs Trash” – Mr. Krabs has a yard sale at his house in this episode. It’s the one with Smitty Werben Jaeger Man Jensen’s hat.
  • Episode 50: “Wet Painters” – in this episode, where SpongeBob and Patrick paint Mr. Krabs’ living room, we see the most of the house that we’ve seen thus far. We even see a fireplace in a vision of consequences, but it may not be canon to his house.
  • Episode 55: “Mid-Life Crustacean” – this episode also shows a lot of the house. We see Mr. Krabs’ room, his dining room, and more as he goes through a mid-life crisis.
  • Episode 58: “Plankton’s Army” – we see Mr. Krabs’ house at the end when he runs home in a hurry after Squidward guesses where the Krabby Patty Secret Formula is hidden.
  • Episode 59: “The Sponge Who Could Fly” – in this special episode, SpongeBob stops by Mr. Krabs’ house where he is working out back. The house is not featured.

Season 4

  • Episode 62: “The Lost Mattress” – when Mr. Krabs refuses to buy himself a new mattress, SpongeBob does it for him. But he throws out the old one not realizing it was full of money.
  • Episode 65: “Selling Out” – after Mr. Krabs retires – temporarily – he goes homes and wanders around bored. Pearl eventually kicks him out of the house and tells him to go do something.
  • Episode 71: “Whale of a Birthday” – in this episode, the gang throws Pearl a sixteenth birthday party. We see her sleeping in her room and more from the house she lives in.
  • Episode 73: “New Leaf” – in this episode where Plankton attempts to steal the secret formula again, we briefly see Mr. Krabs on the phone at home.
  • Episode 79: “The Pink Purloiner” – when a jellyfish goes missing, many residents search for it. Mr. Krabs makes an appearance while watching the announcement at home.

Season 5

  • Episode 88: “Money Talks” – after hearing the phrase “money talks,” Mr. Krabs comes up with a plan with the Flying Dutchman- at his house – to talk to money.
  • Episode 90: “The Krusty Plate” – when SpongeBob is left alone at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs checks on the restaurant from his window at home.

Season 6

The Slumber Party Spongebob

  • Episode 110: “The Slumber Party” – we see a lot of Mr. Krabs’ house, especially Pearl’s room in this episode where Pearl has a slumber party with her friends.
  • Episode 119: “Overbooked” – Mr. Krabs asks for help to fix his telescope at his house. This is part of the list that SpongeBob’s friends have for him to do, leaving him feeling overwhelmed.
  • Episode 123: “Truth or Square” – the house is only seen briefly on a surveillance camera at the Krusty Krab.

Season 7

  • Episode 127: “Growth Spout” – in the episode, we see Mr. Krabs’ house often as Pearl is having a growth spurt at home. We see the kitchen, bedrooms, and more.

Season 8

  • Episode 159: “A SquarePants Family Vacation” – in the episode, SpongeBob invites each friend, individually, to get something they love most. He invites Mr. Krabs at the crustacean’s house.
  • Episode 160: “Patrick’s Staycation” – Mr. Krabs is seen using mouthwash at his house near the end of the episode. He goes to bed and finds SpongeBob is asleep in it.
  • Episode 161: “Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation” – the scene at the beginning of the episode is in Mr. Krabs’ house, where he is showing them a slideshow of his adventure at a coin-minting factory.
  • Episode 164: “Barnacle Face” – on the night before a school dance, Pearl is ridden with barnacles. The episode follows SpongeBob as he helps her remove the barnacles.

Season 9

  • Episode 186: “Safe Deposit Krabs” – in this episode about “free interest,” Mr. Krabs’ house shows up a couple of times. The first time is when SpongeBob rushes to tell Mr. Krabs about it.
  • Episode 196: “Married to Money” – in the episode, Plankton creates a lady made of cash that Mr. Krabs begins to date and eventually marry. Pearl argues with her dad about the relationship at their house.
  • Episode 197: “Mall Girl Pearl” – the episode begins with Pearl Krabs in her room. The episode then follows Pearl, who spends much of the episode in her house, downstairs and upstairs.

Season 10

  • Episode 209: “Plankton Gets the Boot” – Plankton visits Mr. Krabs’ house momentarily – after Karen kicks him out of the house -at the beginning of the episode. But the door is slammed in his face.
  • Episode 210: “Burst Your Bubble” – Mr. Krabs is seen washing his boat in Daisy Duke cut-offs outside of his house.

Season 11

  • Episode 217: “The Check-Up” – when Mr. Krabs refuses to get his yearly, SpongeBob and Squidward secretly give him a check-up, sometimes doing tests at his home.
  • Episode 233 “Whale Watching” – the house appears in the beginning when Pearl’s boyfriend drops her off. Squidward eventually arrives to babysit Pearl while Mr. Krabs leaves to play cards.

Season 12

Plankton's Old Chum

  • Episode 246: “Plankton’s Old Chum” – in the episode, SpongeBob and Plankton go to Krabs’ house to pour chum under the carpet. They do this because Plankton convinces SpongeBob it’s a holiday tradition.
  • Episode 247: “One Trick Sponge” – when SpongeBob looks for someone to share his trick with, he goes to Mr. Krab’s house, who turns him down as it is not lucrative.
  • Episode 248: “The Krusty Bucket” – Plankton gets a hair sample from Mr. Krabs while the latter is showering at his house. Plankton then creates a fusion of himself and Krabs called PlanKrab.
  • Episode 259: “My Two Krabses” – Mr. Krabs is in a tanning booth in his room at the beginning of the episode. He is later invaded by SpongeBob and Patrick trying to help him get ready for his date with Mrs. Puff.
  • Episode 260: “Knock Knock, Who’s There?” – in the episode, Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob housesit for him.


Question: What is Mr. Krabs’ Address?

Answer: Mr. Krabs lives on Anchor Way/St. However, there have been two different addresses given. His driver’s license has said “3451 Anchor Way” and “2219 Anchor St.”

Question: How Big is Mr. Krabs’ House?

Answer: Considering the size of the characters, it is safe to assume the anchor is a little less than two feet tall. This means that it came from a small boat rather than a pirate ship.

Question: What Episode Do They Paint Mr. Krabs’ House?

Answer: In season 3, the episode “Wet Painters,” we see SpongeBob and Patrick paint the interior of Mr. Krabs’ house. This is likely the most famous appearance of the home.

Significance of Mr. Krabs’ House

Mr. Krabs’ house is an anchor. This could be significant as Mr. Krabs is one of the few characters who are aware of who the fishermen are and what they want.

Many ships that sail out into the ocean are in search of crabs rather than sponges, squids, or starfish. So it’s quite enlightening to see that Mr. Krabs is the one who decided to live in the anchor. It isn’t a family home as this mother lives in a different house. 

The home is also the only man-made home in the series – that I am aware of – as everything else was made by the sea creatures or nature. Out of the entire cast, Mr. Krabs has the most similar mindset to humans – perhaps due to his knowledge of humans.

He also adopted a whale – who is somehow extremely small. Pearl may represent the trait that Mr. Krabs has of wanting everything to be as big and expensive as possible, just like his heavy once human-owned house. But of course, this could also all be a coincidence, right? 

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