Cursed Spongebob Guide: Episodes & Memes

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I sometimes find connecting sweet Spongebob with a cursed version challenging, but he exists. Moreover, he’s one laugh-a-minute guy in trending memes. So, I’ll share his other version in the cursed Spongebob guide because there’s much to know about the multi-layered character.

My family loves Spongebob and the Bikini Bottom characters. We enjoy digging into what creates the various legends behind Spongebob, making the episodes, lore, and merch much more meaningful for our family. Furthermore, there are some cautions to take with cursed Spongebob and children, but I’ll share the details.

Meanwhile, cursed Spongebob is waiting to turn unsuspecting fans into laugh-a-minute crowds with the funniest memes. So, let’s learn more about the other side of Spongebob.

cursed spongebob

Cursed Spongebob: Bottom Line Up Front

I can’t help thinking about the adorably goofy face of Spongebob when I remember his character. However, there are more layers to Spongebob’s original character. I never thought about the lore behind the show years back, and my kids likely don’t worry too much about it. But I’ve been thinking a lot about his cursed legend.

So, I’m excited to share the many episodes and memes related to cursed Spongebob, allowing you to meet a new era of funny. Cursed Spongebob has no specific origin, but many episodes led to an array of exciting memes. A series of unfortunate events will help you understand the best cursed Spongebob memes.

Meanwhile, I’ll share the many fun memes you’ll find. But first, let’s check the quick facts about cursed Spongebob.

Quick Facts about Cursed Spongebob

  • Origin: Spongebob’s unfortunate connection with various curses throughout numerous episodes
  • Related Characters: Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, Madam Hagfish, The Flying Dutchman, and more
  • Influential Episodes: I Was a Teenage Gary and 14 more
  • Favorite Meme: Cursed Spongebob Popsicle Meme 2
  • Favorite Game: Spongebob Squarepants Tracks of Terror

A Complete Guide to Cursed Spongebob

Cursed Spongebob is unlike his buffed or emo versions because he’s the source of many fun memes and episodes. So, let’s learn everything about how Spongebob earned the title of cursed in memes before we dive into the fun array of memes available.

spongebob cursed

Cursed Spongebob Episodes: A Happy-Go-Lucky Sponge Goes Bad

Goofy Spongebob doesn’t necessarily turn into a cursed monster in episodes. Instead, he becomes the center of everything when curses occur in Bikini Bottom. The poor little sponge brings home a cursed pet, runs from a flying beast, and begs a witch to lift the hex she placed on his workplace. However, this starts the cursed story.

You’ll find various memes and games for cursed Spongebob. They don’t originate from a specific episode where Spongebob loses his marbles. Instead, the collection of bad things that happen to Spongebob turns into the lore behind his cursed version. Fans believe the poor sponge should’ve lost his cool long ago, and I agree.

So, let’s see which episodes influenced Spongebob’s cursed lore, designing the infamous cursed Spongebob origin. I’ll share the episodes from the start of Spongebob’s famed journey, showing how each episode darkens the goofy sponge more. Spongebob should be much darker than he is with every cursed encounter.

S1 E13 Spongebob’s I Was a Teenage Gary

Spongebob’s cursed scenes began in season one when he turned into Gary after a plasma injection. Everything about this episode screams horror. The storyline resembles The Fly horror movie pretty closely. Spongebob’s transition into Gary is gruesome and looks like something you’d see after a hex befalls the character.

S1 E17 Spongebob’s Rock Bottom

Some of Spongebob’s initial cursed encounters don’t seem frightening. Instead, this episode shows the poor sponge with hexed luck stuck in a town called Rock Bottom. The episode can teach children about being in unfamiliar places. Still, it’s creepy nonetheless, making it another cursed experience for Spongebob.

S2 E33 Spongebob’s Shanghaied

The Flying Dutchman is a typical running gag in Spongebob episodes, appearing in the first season as a supporting character. However, Spongebob faces him as an individual hex in the second season and will continue to feel the Dutchman’s curse in other seasons. Finally, he becomes a standard hex for Spongebob.

S3 E4 Spongebob’s Nasty Patty

Mr. Krabs is part of many curses that befall Spongebob, including where they bury the health inspector alive in this episode. Poor Spongebob has an innocent nature, but he’s also susceptible to the manipulation of other characters like Mr. Krabs. In addition, Mr. Krabs has a natural curse, greed.

S4 E8 Spongebob’s Squidbob Tentacles

I can’t think of any harsher punishment than Spongebob fusing with Squidward. Indeed, Spongebob thinks Squidward is a friend, but we know better. This episode curses poor, innocent Spongebob by accidentally fusing the character with Squidward. The episode was so horrific that some countries cut some scenes.

S4 E15 Spongebob’s Bummer Vacation

Did you know that Spongebob suffers from human hexes? It’s true because the sponge has a workaholic curse. He obsesses over work and can’t think of anything else to do with himself when Eugene forces him to take a vacation. Admittedly, this isn’t a spooky curse, but it’s to which many workaholics can relate.

S5 E19 Spongebob’s Spongehenge

Spongebob’s cursed encounters become evident in season five again. First, the poor guy becomes an outcast after he attracts jellyfish to the sounds of wind blowing through his pores. So, his curse has another problem that makes him stand out, driving him to live in a cave until he designs a Stonehenge that attracts the jellyfish.

S6 E11 Spongebob’s Krabby Patty Creature Feature

The Krabby Patty Creature Feature episode was one of the creepiest experiences for my family. Spongebob and Sandy must make new Krabby Patties, which somehow turn every customer into morphed monsters resembling burgers. Once again, poor Spongebob drags a fellow Bottomite into the cursed encounter.

S7 E5 Spongebob’s A Pal for Gary

This hexed episode is when Puffy Fluffy becomes Gary’s new pet friend. Still, the sinister monster grows enormously, bullying the poor snail. This episode is another cursed situation for the poor sponge and his pet. Spongebob and Gary must face an evil monster determined to eat little Gary and Spongebob.

S7 E7 Spongebob’s The Curse of Bikini Bottom

Do you know what makes me feel sorry for Spongebob? Quite simply, Spongebob always feels the burn when a curse floats through Bikini Bottom. This episode sees The Flying Dutchman return as the main antagonist, launching hell on the whole of Bikini Bottom. First, however, he exposes poor Spongebob to another hex.

S7 E26 Spongebob’s Curse of the Hex

The next hexing episode is when Madam Hagfish curses the Krusty Krab after they turn their creepiest customer away. Unfortunately, Spongebob suffers from her curse with everyone else in the Krusty Krab. Meanwhile, they can lift the hex if Spongebob and Mr. Krabs return with a unique item from an evil eel.

S8 E10 Spongebob’s Ghoul Fools

This episode brings The Flying Dutchman back to the show as a supporting character. Meanwhile, Lord Poltergeist haunts Spongebob as another hexing storyline. The Dutchman merely shows his face to reclaim his treasure chest. However, Spongebob is the center of another curse surrounding Bikini Bottom.

S8 E17 Spongebob’s Planet of the Jellyfish

Sometimes, Spongebob’s curse is those bad things that happen to him and his Bikini Bottom friends. For example, this episode sees Spongebob’s friends turned into alien jellyfish with black, lifeless eyes. It’s a semi-horror episode I would consider part of Spongebob’s cursed variants, even if he doesn’t turn into a jellien.

S9 E9 Spongebob’s You’re Fired

Spongebob’s cursed encounters don’t always involve bizarre characters. Instead, this episode brings to life a real hex encounter many adults face. Spongebob loses his dream job at the Krusty Krab. As a result, it turns the happy-go-lucky character into a moping mess. I’d feel the same if my job was hexed and lost.

S11 E16 Spongebob’s Ink Lemonade

There are times Spongebob takes a cursed persona, like in the Ink Lemonade episode. Spongebob and Patrick realize that Squidward’s ink is delicious and milk him by scaring the poor guy. This episode undoubtedly shows a darker side of Spongebob, making it a close contender for a cursed Spongebob variant.

Cursed Spongebob Meme Guide

The more you learn about Spongebob’s cursed influence in the show’s episodes, the more you understand the cursed Spongebob memes. Of course, any character will lose their mind if surrounded by hexes. However, cursed Spongebob’s evolution began popular meme trends.

In addition, cursed Spongebob memes can also mean any show image related to an unwanted scenario. For example, the Cursed Patrick Star Meme is highly questionable to the show for easily recognizable reasons. Therefore, the creator calls it a cursed Spongebob meme because it’s not logical or positive. But it’s funny.

cursed patrick star meme

Meanwhile, let’s not forget Spongebob’s nightmare popsicles that became the epicenter of cursed jokes.  However, cursed Spongebob memes can range from cute and clean to insane and creepy. So, look at memes with caution. I’ll only share the fun cursed Spongebob memes. So, let’s see the 13 laugh-a-minute memes.

Bad Back Cursed Spongebob Meme

bad back cursed spongebob meme

Spongebob’s unfortunate life is the center of many fun memes like this one. It’s a funny meme that reminds me of how I feel some mornings. I swear I sleep as Spongebob looks in this cursed picture because my back always hurts. Meanwhile, poor Spongebob takes the swing with a cursed joke, making him look horrific.

Cursed Patrick Star Meme

Do you know what curses Patrick Star’s meme in this image? It’s that Patrick is fishing for fellow Bottomites in Bikini Bottom. His fishing license shows that he may catch fish, which are technically his fellow Bottomites. So, this cursed Spongebob meme is a hexed image rather than a bash at poor Spongebob.

Cursed Spongebob Earbuds Meme

cursed spongebob earbuds meme

You’d think Spongebob never catches a break from the curses Spongebob memes, and you’re right. Someone created a Spongebob meme showing how the poor guy experiences a “normal” incident, as many of us do. Meanwhile, the joke’s pun is on Spongebob’s misfortune again. Nonetheless, it’s funny because it’s common.

Cursed Spongebob Fortnite Meme

cursed spongebob fortnite meme

Why shouldn’t Spongebob have some fun by inflicting cursed experiences on other Bottomites? Fortunately, the crossover Fortnite and Spongebob memes do just that. Spongebob makes his fellow Bottomite feel his heart beat into his throat by hiding in a mailbox, representing the Fortnite bushes.

Cursed Spongebob Popsicle Meme 1

cursed spongebob popsicle meme 1

Cursed Spongebob has a trending meme as a popsicle. The most tragic thing about these memes is how the poor Bottomite looks. However, they make some of the best cursed Spongebob memes, even though they hex poor Spongebob’s style. This popsicle meme is a simple joke from a teacher’s perspective.

Cursed Spongebob Popsicle Meme 2

cursed spongebob popsicle meme 2

Meanwhile, my favorite pick is the bad-mood cursed Spongebob popsicle meme because I can relate to it. This Spongebob popsicle meme hits the target of how I feel when someone tells me to smile after a bad day. So, I can feel Spongebob’s pain as you see it in the poor, melted character’s face.

Cursed Spongebob Popsicle Meme 3

YouTuber Brent shows another cursed side of Spongebob popsicles in his video. Admittedly, you’re lucky to find a normal Spongebob popsicle that doesn’t look cursed. So, Brent must be the unluckiest guy to find six eyes on his Spongebob popsicle, inspiring him to see how many he can curse Spongebob with in the video.

Cursed Spongebob Puppy Meme

cursed spongebob puppy meme

Meme artists love hexing poor Spongebob by finding funny ways to describe his unfortunate scenes from the show. Spongebob’s terrible experience turns into everyone’s joke in this meme, but that’s what makes memes enjoyable. I promise no dogs were harmed in the making of this meme. In addition, it’s funny for pet owners.

Cursing Spongebob TikTok Meme (13+ only)


#meme #fyp #cursed #spongebob #follow #dank

♬ Better Call Saul TV Theme – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Voidoid

Finally, someone created a meme about how Eugene’s hexed influence backfires on him when Spongebob blows his top, cursing every word under the sun. Pees Nees is the meme creator, and some fans might say it’s similar to the Sailor Mouth episode. However, there are slight differences with the original twists.

Warning: This meme is fun and has influence in a specific episode. However, the episode is censored, while the meme isn’t. So, please don’t open this around children. However, it will be the worst cursed Spongebob meme I share. So, don’t worry about more coming.

Eaten Alive Cursed Spongebob YouTube Meme

String Anime is a YouTube channel focused on a meme showing a different story in the cave during the Planet of the Jellyfish episode. Instead, they show Spongebob going insane inside the cave, melting away with gruesome animation. Spongebob’s curse in this episode would likely have turned the poor guy crazy.

Fan-Created Cursed Spongebob Meme YouTube Episode

Sea Bear is a creepy episode created by YouTuber Pamtri, using unique animation to recreate Squidward, the hexed character. The episode feels like something from a horror movie from the start. Then, Spongebob and Patrick show up as a horror-themed character duo that makes your skin crawl even more.

Secret Formula Cursed Spongebob YouTube Meme

YouTuber Meat Canyon designed a cursed Spongebob meme that perfectly depicts his obsession with work and how it will unravel his innocent nature. The video shows a gruesome Spongebob and Squidward, which fits the cursed theme because Spongebob will do anything to continue working, even fusing with the fryer.

Spongebob’s Worst Day Ever TikTok Meme


This is, without a doubt, SpongeBob’s worst day ever 🥲 #memeanimation #softbodyanimation #spongebobmeme #spongebobedits #spongebobchallenge #spongebobcursed #nightmares

♬ original sound – Softbody Simulation Dude

Soft Body Simulation Dude took Spongbob’s cursed memes to another level by creating an original animation. It’s the ideal example of poor Spongebob taking the hit of every awful experience by making him fall down a cliff. Of course, Spongebob hits every obstacle while descending. Meanwhile, the animation is next-level good.

Cursed Spongebob Game Guide

Cursed Spongbob has a few brilliant games, including fan-made and Nickelodeon originals. I’ll include three brief examples of cursed Spongebob games that work well on my laptop for a quick review.

Krusty Zombies Cursed Spongebob Game

krusty zombies cursed spongebob game

A few brilliant Indie games exist for cursed Spongebob, and Krusty Zombies will make you feel like you’re hexing the poor guy. The game is simple. There are zombies everywhere, and Spongebob is at the center of the cursed experience. Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by a horror-themed Krusty Krab with unusual graphics.

However, cursed Spongebob doesn’t get much slack in this game because he receives a bubble-blowing gun with which he must kill zombies. Any zombie fan will know how wrong this scenario sounds. Meanwhile, the game is a first-person shooter with a primarily monotone background.

Krust Zombies Pros

  • Krusty Zombies welcomes cursed fans to taunt Spongebob
  • The first-person perspective is excellent
  • The shooting actions aren’t complicated to master

Krusty Zombies Cons

  • The game’s color scheme isn’t great
  • It’s hard to download the game in a ZIP folder

Spongebob Squarepants Tracks of Terror

spongebob squarepants tracks of terror

Unfortunately, Nickelodeon is still putting Spongebob through cursed situations. The Tracks of Terror game is a fun online experience where players can navigate Spongebob through treacherous tracks on a scary rollercoaster. So, it’s another unwanted encounter for poor Spongebob and his friends.

However, the game is tons of fun. In addition, you can build a new rollercoaster and track to scare the pants off Spongebob. I’m beginning to think that Spongebob’s life is a curse. So, the game isn’t bad, especially for cursed Spongebob fans. Meanwhile, it’s not too spooky. So, children are welcome to play the game.

Spongebob Tracks of Terror Pros

  • Spongebob’s Tracks of Terror game is a Nickelodeon original
  • The game is free-to-play for online fans
  • The entire game works on a flash player and has decent graphics

Spongebob Tracks of Terror Cons

  • The game might be spooky for younger kids under eight
  • The loading screen takes forever to get to the game

Questpants 3: The Curse of the Flying Dutchman Game

questpants 3 the curse of the flying dutchman game

Finally, The Flying Dutchman comes to the video game realm, thanks to Nickelodeon. It’s another easy-to-access Flashplayer game you can enjoy online if you love cursed Spongebob lore. This game is much closer to a quest adventure but includes The Flying Dutchman.

Poor Spongebob and Patrick won’t finish their quests easily with him on their tails. The instructions below the screen are terrible, though. The words have no spaces between them. In addition, the game’s preferred keys aren’t typical of other games. But it’s a game worth trying if you’re a cursed Spongebob fan.

Questpants 3 Game Pros

  • The cursed Spongebob game’s loading screen is super fast
  • The graphics are excellent because it’s a Nickelodeon original game
  • You’ll see another cursed encounter expression on Spongebob’s face

Questpants 3 Game Cons

  • It’s another game Nickelodeon uses to torture poor Spongebob
  • The instructions aren’t always clear, and there are misspellings in them


Question: Does Spongebob Ever Drop the F-Bomb?

Answer: Spongebob isn’t as innocent as he looks, which you know after reading about his cursed version. So, I must drop a bomb on you by confirming that Spongebob indeed says the F-word. Spongebob says the F-word to Mr. Krabs outside Krusty Krab in Sailor Mouth’s episode. Fortunately, the real episode was censored.

Question: What Is Cursed Spongebob?

Answer: Cursed Spongebob isn’t a specific persona but rather a series of unfortunate events that befall the character. For example, Spongebob’s curse is when the wind attracts jellyfish in the episode Spongebob Stonehenge. Various episodes led to the cursed Spongebob funny memes, which is the main part of it.

Question: What’s the Cursed Spongebob Game Called?

Answer: The most popular online game for cursed Spongebob is Spongebob Squarepants Tracks of Terror. The Flashplayer Spongebob horror game is a rollercoaster for players and poor underwater characters. The horror waiting on each rollercoaster track will likely make poor Spongebob feel like he gained a new curse.

spongebob meets flying dutchman

Cursed Spongebob Guide: Conclusion

Cursed Spongebob is much more than a persona like Buff Spongebob. So, he has a list of memes and fun episodes with some creepy elements. Sadly, we enjoy Spongebob’s agony and terror in many episodes inspiring the cursed version. Still, I’ll outright admit that I enjoy the memes.

I wouldn’t get my children too involved in the cursed Spongebob lore and memes because some are inappropriate. In addition, I wouldn’t allow them to surf the memes. However, the games are alright for older kids. Furthermore, I encourage you to play the games and catch up on funny memes if you love a good laugh.

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