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We all know SpongeBob as goofy, happy-go-lucky, and sometimes he can be a bit clueless. He is very loving and just wants everyone’s approval. And in this episode, “Not Normal,” which is episode 4 of season 6, we can see how all he really wants is to fit in. He goes through transformations just so that he can make everyone happy, everyone but himself. Today, in my Normal SpongeBob guide, we will have a closer look at this episode and see what leads to SpongeBob becoming normal and whether he will stay like this forever. So let us get on with it. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Do you love watching SpongeBob? Me too! And in this guide, we will see the changes SpongeBob goes through to become normal. Will he stay like this forever? Read on to find out!

Acts that Happen that Cause SpongeBob to Change from Abnormal to Normal

The sun comes up, and another day is here! Squidward is still sleeping. But he quickly gets woken up by SpongeBob, who is laughing and running up and down his pineapple house, being his crazy goofy self. 

Squidward does not have any of it and shouts:” STOP! What are you possibly trying to do this time?” SpongeBob replies and says he is not trying to do anything; he is just having a decent morning. Of course, Squidward doesn’t agree and says that SpongeBob is screaming like a banshee. What does SpongeBob do next? He shows Squidward how a banshee really sounds. 

Squidward shuts SpongeBob’s mouth and then tells him that there are two kinds of people, people who are normal, and then there’s SpongeBob. 

SpongeBob is surprised and caught off guard by Squidwards’s statement, and he looks kind of sad. Squidward then shouts at SpongeBob and tells him that maybe he should start acting more “normal.” 

SpongeBob looks confused and heartbroken at the same time and repeats Squidwards’s statement of “not normal” in a questioning voice.

Squidward goes back into his house and tries to go to sleep again. But of course, this isn’t possible as SpongeBob wakes him again and is now sitting on him on his bed. 

SpongeBob then asks Squidward,” how does one become normal?” Can you guess what happens next? Squidward’s reply is literally kicking SpongeBob out of his house and telling him that he can start being normal by staying away from him. 

It is here where SpongeBob’s transformation basically starts. As he starts questioning what is wrong with him and says, he needs to understand “normal.” 

What Helps SpongeBob to Understand “normal.”

Image from Fandom

He watches a videotape on “How To Be Normal For Beginners.”

The videotape takes SpongeBob on a “Journey to Normality.” This video shows SpongeBob what to do to be normal, or should I rather say what to do to be boring?

The video shows the following:

  • That normal people live in houses and neighborhoods that look the same
  • Everyone’s appearance is the same
  • Everyone has the same job
  • They all communicate the same and say things like,” Hi, how are ya.” 

Basically, everyone lives the same cycle on repeat with no changes. 

After the Videotape, What Does SpongeBob do Differently?

Image from Fandom
  • He is quiet and not his irritating old self
  • He now says the phrase, “Hi, how are ya?”
  • Instead of saying his normal quirky things, he tells Squidward about the lovely weather they are having.
  • He ends his conversation with, “See you around.”
  • He now makes the Krabby Patties “normally” by putting an order in on his computer and printing them.

How has SpongeBob’s Lifestyle Changed?

  • SpongeBob now has a normal house with grass, a path to his door, and even a fence.
  • He now has a normal job where he works on his computer and prints.
  • He also has changed the way he talks by using phrases such as:

“Hi, how are you?”, “Lovely weather we are having,” and “See you around.”

How did SpongeBob’s Appearance Change?

  • The holes in his face disappeared, and his face got a smoother look.
  • The shape of his face also changed and became less “squared.”
  • After 3 weeks, his face had more of a round shape to it.
  • His buck teeth were now gone, and he had perfectly straight regular teeth.
  • The form of his nose also changed to a more normal-looking one.
  • He had big shiny cheeks.
  • His arms and legs also became more normal-looking.

What do SpongeBob’s Friends Think About his Transformation at the Beginning? 

Squidward is confused initially and doesn’t believe SpongeBob when he says that he has taken his advice and is now “normal.” Because he expects him to say something quirky like he always does, he wonders what is going on with him and why he acts so strange. But after a while, he gets used to the “normal” SpongeBob and is the happiest he has ever been. Because SpongeBob doesn’t irritate him, and he can have normal intellectual conversations with him. 

Mr. Krabs is overjoyed because SpongeBob is making more Krabby Patties with his computer, which means more customers. And more customers equals more money for Mr. Krabs. And we all know that Mr. Krabs is obsessed with money.

How do Things Change Over the Next 3 Weeks, and how do SpongeBob’s Friends Feel Now?

Firstly Mr. Krabs is very upset with SpongeBob because he loses customers because of the printed paper Krabby patties. He then tells SpongeBob that he needs to put his heart into the Krabby Patties and make them how only he knows how to make them. Mr. Krabs then tells SpongeBob that he should stop being dull and sends him home till he is able to make the Patties like he used to. 

On his way home, he sees Patrick. Patrick asks SpongeBob where he has been. SpongeBob then tells Patrick that he has become normal. Patrick doesn’t really know what this means and asks SpongeBob if he wants to go Jellyfishing. SpongeBob declines because he says he would rather do something that is “normal.”

This makes Patrick sad, and he tells SpongeBob that he knows where to find him if he decides to do something fun. 

He then decides to go visit Squidward. For the first time in his life, Squidward is happy to see SpongeBob and welcomes him into his house. They sit and chat while having some tea. Squidward then tells SpongeBob that “it is okay to be a little different.” 

The next thing SpongeBob says is actually funny because it is so not like him. He tells Squidward that there is a couple of abnormal stuff about him. And he points out the following things:

  • His nose flaps
  • He has odd eyes
  • He also points out to Squidward that he isn’t wearing any pants.

What Makes SpongeBob Realize he has Raken the “Becoming Normal” Thing too far?

  • He has lost his job
  • He has lost his best friend, Patrick
  • He has become too normal for Squidward
  • He just isn’t as happy as he thought he would be

What Does SpongeBob do to get Himself Hack to Being Abnormal Again?

  • He tries “reweirding” himself by mentally readjusting himself, doing some tight clenching, and focusing. His 2 eyes pop out but guess what he “sees” is he is still normal. 
  • He then decides to visit a professional, and you all know who this professional is Jip, Patrick.
  • He asks Patrick if he can teach him how to be abnormal again.

The Lessons Patrick Teaches SpongeBob in an Attempt to Change him Back to Abnormal Again

Lesson 1: He makes him go on a slip and slide in his underpants. – this makes one of the holes on his face come back.

Lesson 2: Next, Patrick makes SpongeBob go jellyfishing. Patrick pretends to be a horse that SpongeBob can ride on while catching the jellyfishes. – This makes another hole on his face come back.

Lesson 3: Next, they lick the sea sand, and he gets his nose back.

Lesson 4: Patrick tells SpongeBob to talk backward – This gets him his stringy arms and legs back.

Lesson 5: Eating the” Secret Krabby Sauce with their feet – This makes his buck teeth return.

With all these lessons, it looks like SpongeBob is going through his “final transformation.” But he just changes back to normal again. 

Final Transformation

SpongeBob and Patrick are crying because they both don’t want SpongeBob to stay normal forever. Just when they are about to lose hope, Squidward stands at the opening of Patricks’s house. And guess what? Squidward has become “normal too.” This scares SpongeBob so much that he changes to his ‘Abnormal self again”. 

The Message Conveyed by This Episode

Sometimes you want to change yourself to fit in and be “cool.” You change your appearance, buy things that all the “cool people” have, and even start doing their activities. But after a while, you start losing yourself; you begin drifting away from your close friends and family members. Only then, do you realize that you have lost way more by becoming someone you thought you wanted to be.

The moral of the story is to be yourself and be happy in your own body, don’t try to change yourself for anyone. You are perfect just the way you are. Because the change will only bring you happiness for a short while, you will end up being sadder than before you made the change.

Being boring, weird, or abnormal is fun! Just think how the world would be if everyone looked the same and did the exact same thing. Life would be boring and would have no meaning. You give meaning to this world! So don’t change yourself just to fit in. 

What Stood Out to me From this Episode?

Changing yourself to make others happy won’t make you happy. You should stay true to yourself because there are people who care about you and who love you just the way you are. So there is no reason to change. 

Fun Section

Normal SpongeBob Memes

Do you want some funny memes that you can send to your friends and family and get a laugh on and even relate to? Well, I have the perfect memes for you!

Hi, How are Ya?

You can send it to your friends and family who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Being sarcastic, Hi, how are ya? 

Trying to be normal while fighting depression and trust issues

I think most of us can relate to this meme. Like when you meet new people and want to show that you are normal. Still, you are fighting everything inside your brain, but you don’t want to scare them away, so you act normal and suppress those feelings. 

Old SpongeBob can’t come to the phone right now

I love this meme because it is used as a reference to the song of my favorite singer Taylor Swift “look what you made me do,” Where she says, “the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s dead.” In this meme, SpongeBob says the old him can’t come to the phone right now because now he is normal. 


I hope you enjoyed going on this SpongeBob transformation journey with me and learning the ins and outs of this episode. With this “Not Normal” SpongeBob episode, we can see that the episodes are not just episodes but have a deeper meaning behind them. I hope you took away a message from this SpongeBob episode that you are perfect just the way you are and don’t need to change for anyone. What section of this guide did you find interesting? Let us know in the comments below. Feeling Krabby today? Go watch some more SpongeBob episodes; it will definitely cheer you up! Happy Watching!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What episode does SpongeBob become normal?

Answer: SpongeBob becomes normal in episode 4 of season 6.

Question: What does SpongeBob say backward in the normal episode?

Answer: In this episode, the caption below says they are talking Gibberish, and it translates to the following “Hey, Patrick,” “I give up,” and “To get to the opposite side.”
He says this because he gives up being normal and wants to get to the opposite side, but is back to being Abnormal again.

Question: How long are SpongeBob episodes?

Answer: The regular SpongeBob episodes are usually 11 minutes long. Special episodes can be anywhere from 22 minutes to 44 minutes. How cool is that? 

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