A Detailed SpongeBob SquarePants “SpongeGar” Guide: A Tour To The Past

As a kid, SpongeBob Squarepants was one of my must-watches. It gave me so many good laughs and giggles, plus I cannot stress enough how many lessons it gave me as a child. Even now, as I write and research about the show, I am mesmerized by the show’s technique of making the episodes informative and fun at the same time.

Each episode has a new story and a new meaning. It was always fun to anticipate what the upcoming episode holds. The killer comedy gave birth to a lot of memes. This show is iconic! Everything from SpongeBob’s distinctive laugh and Patrick’s stupid moments. They all live rent-free in my mind, and I love it!

Each character in the show has their own personality, which adds to the uniqueness, and they never overpower or outshine each other. The stage is shared equally among the main characters. Talking about dramatic personae, let me introduce you to today’s topic. SpongeBob’s “SpongeGar.” Without further ado, let’s get into the content.

SpongeGar Guide: Bottom Line Up Front

SpongeGar is one of the fan favorites of the show. He is the pre-historic version of SpongeBob, which is very obvious by his looks. His introduction in the episode “Ugh” is hilarious, and I am in love with his overall look. The character definitely blended in with the theme exquisitely. We’ve had a lot of new characters introduced in the show, but it’s not every day that we see one from a hundred million years ago.

Key Information

  • Name: SpongeGar
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: None
  • Residence: Pre-historic Pineapple
  • Pets: Pre-historic Gary
  • Related Characters/Connections: SpongeBob, Primitive SpongeBob, Patar, and Squog.
  • First Appearance: Season #3, Episode #54
  • List of Episodes the character appeared In: Ugh and Atlantis SquarePantis.


Image from Spongebob Fandom

First, don’t confuse SpongeGar with Primitive Sponge and Spongy Spongy, both of whom have similar character designs. Like his well-known descendant SpongeBob, “SpongeGar” is a sea sponge. He has blue eyes with a unibrow that is probably home to tons of lice. He has three freckles on his cheeks. He has a long nose, which is curved at the end. To make it cuter! SpongeGar has a pink ape-like mouth with a single buck tooth sticking out. 

I personally found his clothing very classy. I love vintage clothing! Do you? He wears a caveman outfit with only one shoulder. SpongeGar lives in a pineapple in pre-historic Bikini bottom. He is friends with his neighbors Patar and Squod, who are ancestors of Patrick and Squidward.

Personality And Character

SpongeGar, according to the show, has proven to be very eager and curious. He is a lot more vocal, unlike his ancestor “Primitive Sponge,” who didn’t really have a language to communicate with. SpongeGar has also proven to be much more clever.

He, amongst his friends, discovered fire for the first time. He indulges in stupid activities and loves to cook and annoy Squog (Squidward’s pre-historic ancestor), like SpongeBob and Patrick. I think, like his descendant, SpongeGar is also a funny guy who loves to hang out with his friends and make memories.

He is a significant addition to the show and is loved by many, including me. With his cute little tooth popping out, it’s impossible not to like him. Now that I’ve tried my best to paint a picture of SpongeGar’s personality in your mind, why don’t we get into his role in the story?

Role In The Story Plot

Image from Spongebob Fandom

SpongeGar was introduced in the show as SpongeBob’s pre-historic ancestor from a hundred million years ago. That’s quite a lot of years! The character introduced us to life in pre-historic Bikini Bottom and has appeared in the episodes titled “Ugh” and “Atlantis SquarePantis.”

Since I’ve laid down all the basics, why don’t we get into some storytelling? I’m not going to start writing a novel. We’re just getting into the synopsis of the episodes SpongeGar appeared in. 

Episode: Ugh: SpongeBob SquarePants B.C. Before Comedy

“Ugh” is the 54th episode of season 3, and it was released on 5 March 2004. The main characters in this episode are SpongeGar, Squog, and Patar. They are pre-historic ancestors of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick.

The Pre-Historic Vibes

Image from Spongebob Fandom

The episode starts with us having a bird-eye view of random houses in California. The narrator with that weird french accent introduces us to another SpongeBob special. He tells us this is not a usual episode as we are taken back to Encino, California, as it was a hundred million years ago. The modern-looking house the camera was pointing at then turns into a stone house, from back in time. We are then introduced to the host, “Patchy the Pirate.” He “yee-haws” his way into the camera. Very lame if you ask me! Anyways, he shows up dressed as a caveman on a dinosaur. 

He then tells us that the following episode takes place in pre-historic times. He states that pre-historic times were the best as they were simpler. For instance, you could draw on the walls without getting beaten. However, Potty the parrot comes to his offense and says that pre-historic times were “lame.” They then began to argue about what SpongeBob thought of the era. So much so that when Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob what is going on. He says, “I have got the strangest feeling that somewhere a pirate and a parrot are arguing about me, and the parrot is winning.” He is a quick-witted parrot indeed!

Slime And Squog

Finally, bubbles appear on the screen as the cartoon begins. We are taken to Bikini Bottom or whatever it was millions of years ago. The scene makes its way over to SpongeGar’s house. It is shaped like a pineapple, except it is much more crooked than SpongeBob’s present house. SpongeGar is asleep in his room when a bunch of horrendous-looking fish make a loud sound similar to SpongeBob’s alarm. The vibrations cause a rock above him to fall, waking him up.

He puts the rock back and wears his clothes before heading out of his house. He then calls on Gary to come out while holding onto his leash, and he pulls on it without getting any response. You’re probably thinking, why is cute little Gary not coming out? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him in this episode. He was almost as big as SpongeGar’s house. A dinosaur at sea! As Squog watches both SpongeGar and Gary walk in front of his house, he is angered by the slime trail Gary leaves behind.

Squog rushes down to complain but is stopped as he ponders the consequences. Let’s just say he does not want to be crushed by a giant snail. For his defense, he grabs a weapon and heads out. While complaining, Squog accidentally steps on the slime trail and slides into Patar’s rock. Patar comes out and walks towards Squoq. He is covered in slime. Patar smells him. He even tastes the snail slime and adds some salt to it for better taste. 

Squog fumes up. Patar realizes the person covered in slime was Squog and hugs him, well, more like chokes him, because Squog clearly couldn’t breathe. SpongeGar calls Patar over for a hug, and they do their secret hug routine. It included a lot of violence. Don’t try it at home! Squog makes fun of them before he steps on the slime again and slides back into his home. SpongeGar forms a bubble using a log, and Patar claps in excitement.

Is That Fire

Image from Spongebob Fandom

They soon realize that it rains whenever they clap. SpongeGar and Patar keep playing with rain until lightning strikes the log and it catches fire. They both fall to the ground in shock. Squog sees the fire and goes outside. The three friends gather around the new invention. Squog sticks his hand inside the fire, only to burn it. SpongeGar and Patar follow in his footsteps and do the same. A perfect example of dumb and dumber here, ladies and gentlemen!

Their sense of pain might’ve been on vacation cause they had their hands in the fire for pretty long before they felt it. They start jumping around in agony. Patar finds his burnt hand tempting and seasons it with salt before putting it in his mouth. He refused to share his hand with SponeGar and went away from the two to enjoy it alone. SponeGar and Squog both stared in utmost desire to try it. I guess they’re all crazy at this point. 

SpongeGar then sees something edible planted a few feet away. It looked like a mushroom with a flower on it. He grabs them, but they accidentally end up in the fire. Squoq scolds him as Patar tries to eat his hand. Squog hits Patar with a wooden stick. SpongeGar gets an idea and grabs the stick from Squog and stabs it into the burnt mushroom. He then eats it. SpongeGar starts running in amusement as Squog stares at him.

SpongeGar then offers Squog the other mushroom, and he is stunned by the turnout. The three sit next to a bonfire and prepare food for themselves. They ate various things, including a wooden stick and a crab.

The three are seen jumping around the bonfire before the french narrator appears again. He asks us to stay tuned.

Lame Or Cool

Patchy the Pirate takes over the screen again and tries to prove how “cool” the pre-historic times were. He rubbed two sticks together, hoping to create a fire, but soon ran out of stamina and gave up. He brushes it off by saying that maybe the wood does not catch fire. But Potty uses his laser to light it on fire, proving Patchy wrong.

They are now keeping a score of who wins each time. Patchy brings in a real-life caveman who is frozen in a block of ice. Potty brought in a futuristic robot. The caveman touches the robot, which starts shooting lasers at him. One even hits his butt! Potty gets a score every time he is hit. Patchy now accuses him of ruining the caveman show.

Who Takes The Fire

Image from Spongebob Fandom

SpongeGar, Squog, and Patar are still seen collecting stuff from all around to eat. Patar eats his clothes, and SpongeGar slurps the leaves of a whole tree like noodles. They are seen eating anything and everything that comes their way, even Krabby Patties made out of sand!

After countless travels to and from the bonfire, those three are seen lying around the fire with their bellies ten times the size. Soon, they get up and say their goodbyes. While heading back, they all stop in sync. Squog runs back and holds the log to take the fire with him. SpongeGar and Squog start fighting.

It started with slight pushing and turned into bats being slammed into each other’s heads. After all, all is fair in love and fire! Patar sees an opportunity and takes it. He grabs the log and starts running away. It’s not too late before he is stopped by the two. Patar gets scared and throws the fire into the air. SpongeGar finally gets hold of it and starts sprinting. Then this cycle starts where Patar snatches it from SpongeGar, Squog from Patar, and so on.

This process carried on for a long time. It involved SpongeGar falling into a trap, Patar being scared by a monster painting, and Squog being desperate. They got so busy tricking each other that they forgot about the invention. The log started rolling away from them, and they began chasing it. Soon enough, the chaos settled down as it stopped in place.

All of them grabbed the log and went about pulling it towards them. It was only until the sky rumbled and commenced pouring rain. The fire that brewed violence had now combusted into thin air. After seeing the log covered in water, the three fell to the ground hopelessly. SpongeGar looked at Patar with tears in his eyes, and they hugged while crying.

Squog gets up and starts screaming at the two idiots. He took out his bat to hit them, but before he could do anything, he got struck by lightning, leaving him charred. SpongeGar and Patar took out their sticks and prepared food on Squog’s steaming body.

A Pleasant Surprise

Patchy is sitting outside alone, and Potty invites him back inside as he has a surprise for him. Patchy the Pirate goes inside, and to his surprise, the caveman can now play the drums. Both the robot and the caveman sing a song for the audience.

 Potty gifts Patchy a T-Rex, and it begins to chase him. The episode ends with him being eaten alive by the T-Rex as Potty enjoys his popcorn. What a great episode it is! It was perfectly thought-out and executed. I fell in love with SpongeGar’s involvement in this episode. 

Episode: Atlantis SquarePantis

Image from Spongebob Fandom

“Atlantis SquarePantis” was marked as episode number 92 on season 5 of SpongeBob. It was released on 12 November 2007.

The Perfect Picture?

The episode begins as SpongeBob blows bubbles while Patrick uses a camera to take a picture. Ironically, the bubble pops before the picture is taken every time. After several tries, Patrick smashes the camera in anger. SpongeBob tells him it’s not the camera’s fault, and it’s just the nature of the fragile bubble. SpongeBob then uses a microphone-shaped soap circle to demonstrate by singing a song.

The moral of the song was that every bubble pops at a given time. Very inspiring! Don’t you think? SpongeBob tries to blow a bubble that will last the whole day, and Patrick watches in amazement. Soon enough, it became vaster than those two combined. They are then seen rising into the air trapped inside the bubble.

The Gold Amulet

Both of them start panicking as the bubble enters a cave, colliding with a sharp gold object before bursting. SpongeBob and Patrick decide to take the discovery to the Bikini Bottom museum to find out what it is. As they reach the museum, they stumble upon Squidward, who assumes the two are trying to steal it.

Later, he figures that the two have found the missing half of the Atlantian Amulet. Squidward starts explaining the amulet, and Mr. Krabs and Sandy join in on the conversation. Squidward says that it is the key to untold riches as it leads to the lost city of Atlantis. It was known for its inventions and weapons.

The Path To Atlantis

Squidward joins the two pieces together. The amulet attaches to a bus next to them which causes its doors to open. The bus driver is a robot. The vehicle is fueled by “song.” Everybody starts singing, and it is soon revealed that Plankton has also managed to come along on this trip. Hidden, of course. He has an evil desire to steal weapons.

The bus crashes into the city’s topiary garden as the song ends. They meet LRH (Lord Royal Highness), the king of Atlantis. He introduces the group to the riches and art of the city while Plankton makes his way to the weapon storage unit. He takes control of a tank and begins his scheme.

Dreams Come True

Image from Spongebob Fandom

Mr. Krabs fills his pockets with money at the vault. Sandy finally visits the science lab and plays with a device that turns household objects into ice cream. Every child’s dream. Squidward, after much anticipation, gets to see the art gallery as he had dreamed.

The king leaves SpongeBob and Patrick unsupervised with the “World’s Oldest Living Bubble.” This marked the biggest mistake made in cartoon history! The two friends appreciated the sight before them, and Patrick took a selfie of them standing in front of the bubble. To everybody’s shock! The bubble pops right after Patrick takes the picture.

The Catastrophe

Both SpongeBob and Patrick are left petrified. They rush back to dinner and insist on returning home. Patrick reveals their secret. The king tells them it was just a prop for tourists and shows them the real bubble. Patrick takes a picture with it, but sadly it popped, just like all the other ones.

The king is frustrated and calls the guards to seize the five guests. Sandy uses each group member as a weapon to fight them off. Just as they’re about to leave, Plankton arrives with his tank. Plankton shoots the group and the guards with what he thought was a missile. But in reality, it ended up shooting ice cream. The poor guy failed once again!

The king decides to keep Plankton in the museum as the new national treasure and lets the group go back home. They sing a song on their way back.

SpongeGar did not have screen time in the cartoon episode. Although, he did appear in the end as they showed the making of Atlantis SquarePantis. No new scenes were introduced, and they used one of his scenes from the episode “Ugh.” However, I’m glad to see him back on screen again. 

My Opinion About SpongeGar

I’ve written so much about him in the headings above. I’m pretty sure you know what my opinion is about SpongeGar. I am in love with him. I think the design team did a perfect job of making him look ancient. I just can’t get over his cute little buck tooth popping out. His unibrow and clothing also added a lot of personality to the character.

I was utterly impressed by the representational skills of the author. SpongeGar had qualities similar to SpongeBob but also a uniqueness of his own. It was pulled off in a very professional and tricky manner, and it is commendable. He got a lot of screen time in “Ugh” but only appeared in one scene of “Atlantis SquarePantis.” It was disheartening not to see SpongeGar shine in the spotlight again. 

SpongeGar took over the show, despite starting in only two episodes. There’s no wonder why so many people love him! SpongeGar made an impact on many SpongeBob fans. If only we had gotten more episodes of him.


Question: Where does SpongeGar live?

Answer: SpongeGar is one of SpongeBob’s ancestors from a hundred million years ago. Just as his descendant, SpongeGar lives in a pineapple in pre-historic Bikini Bottom.

Question: What does SpongeGar look like?

Answer: SpogngeGar is shaped like a sponge. Yellow in color. He has a thick unibrow, blue eyes, and three freckles on each cheek. Along with an ape-like mouth with one buck tooth pointing out. He dresses like a caveman.

Question: What episode did SpongeGar appear in?

Answer: SpongeGar has appeared in two episodes of SpongeBob. “Ugh,” which was episode 54 of season 3, released on 5 March 2004. The other episode was called “Atlantis SquarePantis.” It was episode number 92 in season 5 and was released on 12 November 2007.

Question: Who are SpongeGar friends with?

Answer: SpongeGar is friends with the pre-historic ancestors of Squidward and Patrick, who are Squog and Patar. Cute names, no? They made their debut in the episode “Ugh’ along with him.

Question: Does SpongeGar have a pet?

Answer: Yes! SpongeGar has a pet snail named Gary. Unlike usual snails, pre-historic Gary is a million times bigger. He is approximately the size of SpongeGar’s house. I did not know snails were that big back then.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

“Ugh” includes the three friends discovering fire for the first time. The episode then goes on with them cooking anything they see and eating it. However, a war begins when the time comes to decide who takes the fire home. They trap, hit, and argue with each other, only to find that it starts raining. The fire dies down, and they are left hopeless. Lightning then strikes Squog, and the episode ends with SpongeGar and Patar cooking food using his heated body. This episode is hilarious to watch during a tough day, as it is a beacon of laughter. 

“Atlantis SquarePantis” is an entertaining episode as well. Although, SpongeGar only has one scene in it, which had been reused from the earlier episode he starred in. I wished to see him in more episodes as this marked the last time he was aired in the show. The date is marked as 12 November 2007.

Despite being inspired heavily by SpongeBob, SpongeGar brought a unique and lovable personality to the show, and the fans sure loved him. His looks and get-up were spot-on! I hope you enjoyed your time reading this. Till next time!

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