SpongeBob Cousin Guide: What Happens When Cousin Stanley Comes to Visit

Suppose you are a SpongeBob Squarepants maniac just like me. In that case, I’m sure you have seen the episode Stanley S SquarePants, episode 100 B of Season 5, where SpongeBob’s cousin Stanley comes to visit him. Many things go down in this episode quite literally, and today I bring you a SpongeBob Cousin Guide so that you can get some finer details on what exactly happened in this episode.

cousin stanley

Bottom Line Up Front

SpongeBob is a funny and goofy character that we all love, but what will happen when there are two of him? Will it be for the better or for the worse? In today’s SpongeBob cousin guide, I spill the tea on what happened in this episode of SpongeBob, so get some snacks and read on to find out what happens when cousin Stanley comes to visit SpongeBob. 

When Do We First Meet SpongeBob’s Cousin?

The episode starts off when SpongeBob opens the door of his pineapple house and sees that someone has left him a package. SpongeBob is super excited and picks the box up. The package is very heavy. He finally gets the package into his house with sweat and determination and puts it on his little green table. 

He opens the package and is greeted with a “hello.” SpongeBob jumps in fright and screams. A taller version of SpongeBob with black hair pops out of the package. And says, “It was very cramped in there.” It is then that SpongeBob realizes it is his cousin Stanley. Instead of a hug, they do a funny yodel to greet each other. 

meeting of sponge cousins

What Brings Cousin Stanley to Bikini Bottom? 

Stanley reveals to SpongeBob that their Uncle Sherm said that he needed to come to visit him and had a note from him. He retrieves the note from one of the pores in his face and hands it to SpongeBob. 

Apparently, Uncle Sherm is sending Stanley to live with SpongeBob because “he can’t hold down a job” and “he ruins everything he touches.” Uncle Sherm says that he can’t take it anymore and believes that SpongeBob can “straighten him out.” SpongeBob tells Stanley that he is always welcome by him and that his pineapple is Stanley’s Pineapple. 

How Does Stanley’s Appearance Differ from SpongeBob’s 

  • Stanley is longer than SpongeBob and has a more human-looking body, whereas SpongeBob is squared.
  • Stanley has black hair, whereas SpongeBob does not have any hair.
  • Stanley’s teeth are close together, and one tooth is longer than the other, whereas SpongeBob has a gap, and his teeth are more squared.

What Does Stanley Do to SpongeBob’s House?

  • Firstly, he goes to SpongeBob’s refrigerator and says, “Wow, you’ve got your own refrigerator. I’m not allowed near the fridge at Uncle Sherm’s”. He then throws everything out of SpongeBob’s fridge, and SpongeBob ends up with a brown stain on his face. SpongeBob doesn’t do anything and just says that he doesn’t need to clean the fridge out now.
  • Next, Stanley uses SpongeBob’s Bathroom, and then water starts coming out underneath the door. SpongeBob just says, “well, it was bath night.”
  • Then Stanley goes to SpongeBob’s TV, starts switching between the channels, and tells SpongeBob that Uncle Sherm doesn’t allow him to watch TV. When SpongeBob asks why, the TV explodes. Stanley answers SpongeBob with a “That’s why.” Here, SpongeBob becomes sad but just says, “that’s okay; there is nothing good on TV anyway, nothing.”
  • Stanley sees SpongeBob’s Photo frames on the wall and asks him if he works at Krusty Krabs. SpongeBob then shows him photos of what he is in charge of.

SpongeBob shows Stanley the following photos:

  • SpongeBob is in charge of turning the front door key.
  • One where he is serving customers
  • One where he performs sanitary maintenance (basically cleaning the toilets)
  • And lastly, one where he makes Krabby Patties which, according to SpongeBob, is the best job in the world, and he says it is his calling. 

Stanley then says he wishes he had a calling. And SpongeBob answer’s him and says that he just hasn’t found his purpose in life yet. 

spongebob shows his work photos

How Does Stanley Get Along with SpongeBob’s Friends?


When Squidward realizes there are two SpongeBobs, he immediately moves out, puts his house up for sale, and throws his moving boxes in a Bikini Bottom Movers van. 

squidward leaves his house


SpongeBob asks Sandy to show Stanley how to be a scientist. As she goes to greet him, Stanley trips over a rock, and the edge of his tooth rips Sandy’s spacesuit. She is shot up into the air. 


Patrick asks Stanley what he is good at, to which he replies “nothing,” and then Patrick says, “Let us see how good you are at doing nothing.” Patrick tells Stanley to sit in his chair made from sand and “empty his mind and clear it from all thoughts until he is doing absolutely nothing.” He tries but then freaks out and yells that he can’t do it. 

Patrick then tells him that he isn’t worthy of instruction and tells him to leave his presence.

Stanley is sad and says that he can’t even do nothing right and then starts crying. SpongeBob’s watch goes off, and it is working time, so he takes Stanley with him to work. 

sad stanley

Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is very happy to see SpongeBob and says, “There is my lil money maker.” He then picks him up, gives him kisses, and asks if he will make him a lot of money today. Mr. Krabs then says what he would give if only there were two, but he doesn’t finish his sentence because he then sees that there are, in fact, two SpongeBobs standing in front of him. 

Mr. Krabs then does the following to see if what he is seeing is actually true:

  • He looks at Stanley to see if he looks like SpongeBob — he does
  • He smells Stanley, and he smells like SpongeBob
  • Mr. Krabs then picks Stanley up, licks him, and says he tastes like SpongeBob.

Mr. Krabs then asks SpongeBob if his cousin is a hard worker, just like him. SpongeBob is hesitant to answer the question and looks at Stanley, who is begging him to say yes. SpongeBob is breaking out in a sweat, swallows the lump in his throat, takes a breath, and answers, “Yes, sir.” Mr. Krabs then tells Stanley that he got the job. 

What Goes Down at the Krusty Krab?

SpongeBob shows Stanley what to do and what the responsibility of the job is. When Stanley touches the cash register, it explodes, and you can see SpongeBob trying to put out the burning money. Mr. Krabs smells the burning money and rushes out and falls on the money, and then rolls on it to put out the flames. 

Mr. Krabs starts crying and asks SpongeBob who is responsible for this. SpongeBob takes the blame and then gets put on probation by Mr. Krabs. SpongeBob is, at this point, very irritated and angry with Stanley because now he is put on probation because of him. 

How Does Stanley React When the First Customer Appears? 

He starts to take photos with the customer. He wants to remember these moments forever, just like SpongeBob does with the photos on his wall.

stanley takes pic of customer

What Photos Does He take with the Customer?

  • He first takes a normal photo where he is smiling, and the customer looks very uncomfortable.
  • The second photo is with funny hats.
  • The third photo is of them in diving suits.
  • The last photo is a wedding photo, and Stanley asks the customer that they pretend to be mad at each other. The customer is livid and explodes. 

Stanley then says he can’t wait to get the photos developed and leaves the restaurant with a long line of customers waiting to be helped. When SpongeBob looks out of the order window, he sees this long line of customers and Stanley nowhere to be found. After the customers are gone, Mr. Krabs goes into the kitchen to discover it is a mess and SpongeBob is on the floor. He then asks SpongeBob what the meaning of this is and tells him to take some pride in his work. 

SpongeBob Tries to Open Up to Mr. Krabs.

After Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to take pride in his work and comments on how Stanley, for example, takes photos with his customers, SpongeBob goes to Mr. Krabs’ office to come clean about his cousin. However, he doesn’t because Mr. Krabs asks him if he had lied just to help his cousin get the job. SpongeBob quickly starts sweating, shivering, and says no. Then Mr. Krabs says it is good because there were plenty of family members who did not make the cut.

spongebob decides to open up to mr. krubs

What Horrifying Event Happens Next That Makes SpongeBob Lose His Mind? 

SpongeBob goes into the kitchen to tell Stanley that he can’t keep covering for him. Then he freaks out because he sees that the thing he holds nearest and dearest to his heart is broken. It is his Spatula. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob that he will order a new one the next day.

This makes SpongeBob even sadder and angrier, and he comes out with the truth and says that Stanley broke his spatula and burned Mr. Krabs’ money. SpongeBob then tells Mr. Krabs that he has been covering for him because Stanley can’t do anything right.

What Idea Does Mr. Krabs Come Up with When He Hears That Stanley Ruins Everything He Touches? 

He tells him that he knows the “perfect job” for him. The next day Stanley starts working for Plankton at his Chum Bucket restaurant. Plankton is so excited and confused at the same time because why would Mr. Krabs let his best worker’s relative come and work for him?

He soon realizes why when his restaurant explodes and goes up in flames. The episode ends with Stanley saying “sorry, boss” to Plankton. 

chum bucket restaurant explodes

Summary of Things That Stanley Ruined

  • SpongeBob’s refrigerator
  • SpongeBob’s toilet
  • SpongeBob’s TV
  • Sandy’s spacesuit
  • The Krusty Krab’s cash register
  • A customer who exploded with madness from all the photos that he took
  • SpongeBob’s Spatula

SpongeBob Cousin Memes

This meme is quite funny because we can see the SpongeBob logic, which does not make sense. Stanley is SpongeBob’s cousin and the only one that looks like him; not even SpongeBob’s parents look like him. Can you see the irony? 

spongebob logic

This is funny because Stanley is the Bikini Bottom version of “Bad luck of Brian.” He can’t seem to do anything right. 

bad luck brian of bikini bottom

I imagine this meme represents someone who goes to the fridge early in the morning and opens the refrigerator to see what is there for them to eat. This is how the fridge must feel when it’s opened up, like “UGH, what do you want this time of the morning?”

stanley squarepants format

Interesting Facts: Does SpongeBob Have Other Cousins? 

Yes, in fact, he does. His name is BlackJack, and there is also a SpongeBob episode about him. It is episode 93 C of Season 5. Let me enlighten you with some BlackJack facts. 

  • The episode BlackJack is where BlackJack gets out of jail( he was sent to jail because of littering). 
  • SpongeBob receives a note from BlackJack stating that he will visit SpongeBob’s parents. SpongeBob then visits his parent’s house. He finds a second note that BlackJack left him saying he will visit their grandmother. 
  • SpongeBob then visits BlackJack’s house because he is afraid that BlackJack has kidnapped his parents. When he gets there, he hears a scream from his mother coming from the basement. When SpongeBob looks at what is going on down in the basement, he sees that his parents aren’t in any danger and are, in fact, having a party for BlackJack, who has just been released from Prison. 
  • Blackjack still wants to beat up SpongeBob like he did when they were younger, but the difference now is that SpongeBob isn’t scared of him anymore and stands up for himself. The other difference is that BlackJack was bigger than SpongeBob when they were growing up. He is now, in fact, smaller than SpongeBob’s foot. He can’t do any harm to SpongeBob anymore. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who are SpongeBob’s three cousins?

Answer: I’m aware of two cousins, namely Stanley and BlackJack. But another name is also mentioned. His name is Todd SquarePants.

Question: Why is cousin BlackJack small in SpongeBob?

Answer: He is small because he stopped growing as he got older (He basically shrunk in size) and was now as small as SpongeBob’s big toe. 

Question: Who played Stanley SquarePants? 

Answer: Stanley SquarePants is voiced by Christopher Guest in the episode of Stanley S. SquarePants. 


You have reached the end of the SpongeBob’s cousin guide. Did you know that SpongeBob had a cousin? Were you shocked by how the cousin acted? I loved this episode as I think that we can all relate to this episode in some way. There is always someone in your family that messes everything up, but you cover for them because you love and care for them.

However, there comes a time when it starts o impact your life as well, and then you need to speak up and tell them that they need to get their act together. I love watching SpongeBob episodes as I believe they are not just entertainment. They have messages behind them. This is definitely one of my favorites apart from “Not normal SpongeBob.” What did you think about this episode?

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